Maybe we're meant to be

It was senior year for Camron. What was suppose to be the greatest year of her life. That is until it started to fall apart . Her boyfriend Conner was soon revealed as the jerk he was too her, Her parents are never home , and She's basically the school biggest goody two-shoes.
What will happen when she starts to fall for the school's bad boy Luke Hemmings. What will happen when she Runs off with Luke across the country.


4. Chapter Four

 Camron's P.O.V

                    When I woke up from my nap , I noticed that I was still wearing Luke's leather jacket. I shrugged my shoulders because I an just give it back tomorrow. I then walk down stairs  so I can raid my fridge for food before I do my homework. When I got to the kitchen, my mom was standing there. I was really surprised since she is never this home early from work." Hey mom," I said as I walked past her." Hey darling, how's the first week of school going?' she asked . I shrugged my shoulders and said," It could be better it could be worse....Conner and I actually broke up yesterday." I don't know what I was expecting from my mom. we never really have mother daughter talks. " Aw, well that's his lost...," Before my mom could finish  her phone ranged and she took off for business.

              The next day for school I decided to spice up my wardrobe a bit I wore a white crop top , with a back skater skirt, and black vans. oh and don't forget Luke's jacket. After I finished getting ready and ate breakfast , I went out side to meet Luke. Luke whistled at me and said," You are really sexy in my clothes. "  I blushed as he said that and replied," I look sexy in anything bitch." After I hopped on the bike we took off for school and when we got there, I tried giving him back his jacket. " I believe this is yours hemmings," I said handing over the jacket. He pushed it back at me." Nope , you keep it," Before I could say anything he then says," You're keeping it because I have another one in my locker and now we could be twins in them." I rolled my eyes and said," Whatever hemmings, I'll see you in first hour." I then took off to me locker.

       When Luke came to first, he was indeed wearing the same jacket as me and when he sat down he said," See princess, now we're matching." I rolled my eyes at him and replied," But we both know who looks better." The rest of the school day consisted of me hanging with boys. I even accepted their offer on hanging out at Luke's place. When we got there, the boys trampled their way down to the basement and took claim of the couch. I stood in front with a sad face and said," Where am I suppose to sit." Calum go up and said," My lap." He turned me around and then plopped us both down on the couch. I laughed and said," Only the best seat for me." A movie was turned on and so both Calum and I could see I rested my head on his chest. During this time my head was turned from Luke , but I could feel him staring a hole in the back of my head. When Luke took me home, he seemed pretty mad too . The minute I got off his bike and took off.

               The next day , Luke was his old self again. The boys and I we're all excited for the party and at the end of the school day Luke dropped me off , so I could change for the party. I basically devoured my whole closet unable to find a thing to wear. What do you even wear to a party? I was hopeless. My front door bell soon ringed and I thought it was Luke. I walked down to open door to Calum, who was hiding something behind his back. I raised and eyebrow at him and said," How may I help you?" and then replied," I am actually here to help you. I figured you wouldn't help the party type of dress so I brought you something from my sister closet. It's a short length strapless black dress and I got some of my sisters black heels." I smiled and said," Calum you are a life saver. Come in " Calum made his self comfy as I went upstairs to change and get ready.

             When I was all done I looked into the mirror and couldn't believe at how amazing I looked. The dress admired my curves perfectly and was just amazing. I walked down stairs to hear hoot and hollers from Calum. I blushed and said," So I take that as I look amazing." he looked at me and said," Honey you look fucking hot." I smiled and thanked him. My doorbell than rang and I opened it to see Luke. " Hey Cam--" Luke was stunned by my appearance."  Close your mouth, you don't want to catch flies." He smirked and said," ha ha." Calum then walked over and asked ," Luke did you ride your bike here?" Luke nodded his head and Calum then said," I think I should take her , since she's wearing such a short dress and heels." Luke looked irritated by this but just said," If you feel more comfortable in car than my bike go ahead." I then said," Ya I would, but meet me at the front door so we an party together okay." Just like that light filled his face again.

                 The car ride there was hilarious , Calum and I singed to almost every song on the radio and Calum kept doing funny voices. When we got to the party Calum waited by me at the front door. I was getting many stares from many guys. We waited for what seemed to be 20 minutes when Calum got a text from him saying he didn't feel well. Calum and I then headed in and met up with Ashton and Micheal who we're both came with their girlfriends. Calum then got us a drink and then we hit the dance floor. I got to admit He's such a funny and great guy and oh gosh this is an amazing night. A slow song turned on and I was going to walk away, but Calum said," Be my lady for one song." We danced and it was great. Then out of no where He kissed me and he was an amazing kisser and I kind of kiss back too. Calum soon was thrown off of me and Punched in the face. I looked and saw Luke. I went over to Calum and sure enough his nose was bleeding. I looked over where Luke was , but his was gone. I took Calum to get clean off. " Sorry you had to see that." Calum said to me. I shrugged my shoulders and said," I just want to know why he did that?" This time Calum shrugged," He just get's angry a lot." After Calum was cleaned I left him for a bit to go find Luke. I couldn't find him any where so I enjoyed the rest of my night with Calum.

                      When Calum dropped me off at my house , Something just felt off. I went up into my room and saw a shadow on my bed. I screamed as I turned off the lights. " Calm down Camron it's just me," Luke said. I stop screaming and said," Luke  what are you doing here and why did you punch Calum?" Luke patted down on my bed to go sit next to him. " Speak monkey,"  I said as I sat down. " I came here , because I was going to explain to you why I punched Calum. It's just that... I um mm.... ," Luke stuttered to said. " You what Luke?" I said to him. Than out of now where he kissed my lips really good and said," I like you and it just broke my heart to see you guys kiss okay." I was stunned and didn't know what to say, or do. Luke than go up t leave and said," I'm sorry for punching him, but then again I'm not because I really do Like you." He left for good and I wanted to stop him, but I was too stunned to. I then dropped down on my bed. What am I going to do.



               Hope you guys enjoyed this update. #TeamLuke or #Team Calum.

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