Maybe we're meant to be

It was senior year for Camron. What was suppose to be the greatest year of her life. That is until it started to fall apart . Her boyfriend Conner was soon revealed as the jerk he was too her, Her parents are never home , and She's basically the school biggest goody two-shoes.
What will happen when she starts to fall for the school's bad boy Luke Hemmings. What will happen when she Runs off with Luke across the country.


8. Chapter Eight

  Camron's P.O.V

         The rest of the night , Luke and  I just laid down and napped because  today was exhausting for both of us.  During the time ,  I just felt like i was forgetting about something.  At 8 we woke up and went out to eat for some dinner and later came back to my house for him to spend the night. That night, Luke got down in his undies to go to bed and I just simple wore some shorts and a tank top. I felt safe wrapped up in Luke's arms. I felt for once not so different from everyone else.

          Friday morning I was woken up by my parents. I shot up from my bed and when I saw them I freaked out. I could see the anger on their face.  Luke eventually woke up during this time as well. Luke and I were both frozen in fear and then my dad yelled," WE WERE GONE FOR A COUPLE DAYS TO FIND YOU IN YOUR BED WITH A RANDOM STRANGER!" I was scared to speak up , but I replied," This is Luke, and he is my boyfriend." My parents just looked outrage and then my dad said,"  I DON'T CARE WHO HE IS, BUT I WANT HIM OUT OF MY HOUSE IMMEDIATELY AND WE WILL ABOUT THIS LATER." They left my room and I burst into tears. Luke gave me a hug and said," It's okay, everything will be alright." I nodded my head at this and hoped for the best.

       Luke got dressed and I walked him to the door.  As soon as it was shut, my dad called me into the kitchen. I walked in silently and waited for him to speak," I can't believe you would do something like this Camron. Not only did you invited someone over while we we're gone, but you seeping with him! I don't know what to even say. How you date him .I could tell he's a trouble maker, he has a lip ring and who knows what else. What happened to Conner. I liked him. That's the kind of boyfriend you need." As my dad said all of this tears streamed down my face. I eventually decided to say," Maybe if you were in my life more, you would know that Conner and I broke up. He was horrible to me dad, He's the reason both Luke and I have bruises everywhere." However , saying this just made things worse. " Don't tell me how to parent you, See what this boy is doing to you, he is turning you into a brat! I don't want you to see this boy anymore, you aren't allowed any where but school and back from now and until I say so. Now go to your room." 

      I was in tears going to my room, I couldn't believe this.  I was in total tears. When I got to my room , I lock my door and just start to cry into my  pillow. I was mad, my parents could careless about actually getting to know Luke and my Life, and care more about work and what they think they know in my life. I sat up in my bed and notice Luke left  a note on the end of my bed. On the note was his number and it said " Call me when you can." So I programmed Luke's number in my phone and called him sniffling. The minute I heard him say," Hey princess ," I started to calm down.  " Hey Luke," I said while trying to hide my tears from him. Sadly it was useless because he asked me," What's wrong, what happened?" I tried to hold the tears back the best I could but the more I told Luke the more tears poured," My Dad said that.... That he doesn't want me to see you any more....... He also said that I can only go to school and back home from now on." Luke was silent when he heard this. I just had tears streaming down my face. " Princess , please tell me you're not going to listen to them? " I was  Still crying as I said," I don't want to Luke..... I don't want to stop seeing you, but I don't know how this will work if I basically can't leave my house." I heard Luke sigh and he said," How about you come to New York with us Princess, We can run away from this all. Us against the World?" I was shocked to hear this ," I don't know Luke." Luke than said," Well, we're leaving next week Thursday, you have till then to decide Princess . Until then, I know how I could see you still? Until then."

                Luke's Idea involved my sneaking out, which would be a first time  for me. I didn't try sneaking out until Saturday since my parents kept checking in on me all Friday. The night Luke was going to take me to a party, so I put on my party dress from Calum and opened my window which is right by a tree. I dropped my shoes  to the ground since they were heels and slowly made my way down the tree. When I got down I walked severally houses down where Luke decided to meet up with me, so my parents don't hear his motorcycle in front of our house. I hopped on his bike and Luke drove off too the party. When we got there we met up with the guys, who were already drunk . I have to admit watching a drunk Michael trying to dance was really hilarious. The night may me feel a lot better about things, The beer helped a lot too. I escaped the drama of my parents for that one night but when I got back home and t my room things just come rushing back .  I just don't think that I could keep sneaking around to see  Luke, it's too much. The week went by and Luke decided to sneak into my room to see me. 

             On Wednesday , When Luke climbed up to my room  told him that I'll go to New York with him. He was so excited, and he helped me pack that night since It would be hard to do it Later. I packed about three different bags,along with some smaller bags since will be in New York for a while. Luke said that Ashton got his hands on this R.V For the trip since it would be the best way to travel.  Ashton also has a friend who is about 15 minutes outside of the City and is allowing us to stay with him.  Luke called up Calum to come and take my bags to The R.V that night so all they  have to do is sneak me out tomorrow. I have to admit I was scared and nervous and excited all at once.  I could barely sleep that night, and I was second guess everything at once. Who knew what was going to happen on this trip.

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