never trust a man

Kim Crawford was about to marry Brody but he never showed up at the church and left Kim there. Kim swear that she will never fall in love with a man,Kim leaves Chicago and goes to Seaford and meets a guy name Jack,will she fall in love again? or she still don't trust a man anymore? Will there be a thing call "True love" find out in Never trust a man


1. I swear to not fall in love again

 Kim povs.

Today i'm getting married with the handsome man yep that's right it's Brody me and him dated for 2 years and he ask me to marry him and I said yes and today is it i'm going to be marry with Brody this is my happiest day ever! Eeek! I better change into my wedding dress, bye

End of povs.

Grace:Kim are you excited?

Kim:yea,I’m marrying the man of my dreams!

Grace:Yea,you look beautiful in that dress


Grace:C’mon Kim we need to get to the church

Kim:yea *leaves with Grace*

At the church

Kim arrives but Brody didn’t and Kim was worry

Kim:Where’s Brody?!

Grace:I called him but he doesn’t answer

Kim:What if something happen to him?

Grace:Kim don’t think of that,maybe he’s a little late

Kim:Ok,can someone go to his apartment and see if he’s there?

Milton:I already went there and ask a man where’s Brody? And he said that he saw him with luggage and he told me he left a note for a person name Kim and I took it

Kim:Do you still have the note Milton?

Milton:yea,here *gives the note to Kim*

Kim:*Takes it and reads it*

Dear Kim,

I know it’s our wedding and you wondering where am I? And you might be saying it’s about to start,I want to say I love you with all my heart but I left chicago I hope you understand I’m so sorry you been stood up and you hurt because it’s my fault but I love you


Kim:*Cries*How could you!

Grace:Kim,what’s wrong?

Kim:He left me!


Kim:Brody! *Runs off*

At Kim’s house

Kim:I shouldn’t have known I wasn’t good enough for him! *looks in the mirror*

Kim cried a little longer until she calmed down and took a shower

The next day

Kim driving somewhere and it was a top of a hill she parked the car and took the wedding dress

of her’s and Brody wedding and took of her engaged ring off and placed besides the wedding dress and opens the trunk

Kim:*Shoves the wedding dress in the trunk and close it*I swear I will never fall in love ever again! Men leaves girls at church

Kim Walks to the car that Brody gave it to her as her birthday present and put the whatever it’s call on drive and push it and watch the car burning and leaves

Grace:Where’s Kim?

Jerry:we don’t know?

Grace:she said somewhere but didn’t tell me

Kim walks in

Grace:Kim where were you?

Kim:Somewhere,and I need plane tickets

Kim’s aunt:Why?

Kim:I’m going to a place call Seaford so I need to a plane ticket

Kim’s uncle:Ok

Kim:Where’s Cassie? (Cassie is Kim’s cousin)

Kim aunt:She went somewhere

Kim:Ok,well I better be packing


The next day

Grace:Bye Kim

Kim:See ya Grace *hugs her*

Speaker:Flight 87 is now boarding to Seaford so get on the plane

Kim:I gotta go *leaves*

Kim finally got to Seaford and went to her house when she was little

Kim:Woah! What a mess! The last time I was here it wasn’t messy like now Who done this?

???:Hello,missy what are you doing in my house?

Kim;Your house? This was my parents house when I was little

???:Oh,well my name is Brent,yours?

Kim:My name is Kim Crawford and you need somewhere to sleep because this is my house

Brent:Ok *leaves*

Kim:Yuck,what a mess I better start cleaning *Cleans the room and throws everything Brent had* Done

Kim goes back outside and grabs her luggage and throws it on the bed and unpack

Kim:Wow this bring me memories even bad memories like my parents died by someone *Makes a sad face* *phone rings*Hello?

Grace:Hey Kim

Kim:Hey Grace,what’s up?

Grace:Well....We all going to Seaford and be by your side

Kim:Really?! When are you guys coming?


Kim:ok,well I better go to bed


Kim:Bye*hangs up*

Kim went to sleep and was ready for another day


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