Little did she knew that she was the most searched girl in her city.

Her voice was a dead giveaway despite her change in looks.

Her voice could get her killed.

So she got muted.


5. | Begin |


Nevada couldn't sleep.


Her eyes were wide open. She lay still, staring at the water seep through the thin ceiling. She counted up to 100. She counted the drops of water that fell on the ground. She counted her heartbeats until she got bored. She did everything but sleep. Her eyes didn't even droop.


As the time went by, she stood motionless. It was there where thoughts and questions overwhelmed her. Thought after thought. Question after question. Insult after insult.

Why can't she speak? she asked herself. She hated not having a voice. To her, having her voice never seemed that important because she never was the talkative type but she wanted to talk more than ever now. She wanted to tell Anderson how she realized she hated flies. She wanted to tell him about how she enjoyed the outside or how she loved the wind blowing on her face. But she couldn't for she had no voice. No opinion. No say. No nothing.


And she prayed for it to come back the next day.


-          -          -          -          -          -               


Her prayers didn't work. She still couldn't speak.


Anderson told her that for sure it'll be back by tomorrow. She trusted him; therefore she believed him. She just wanted it to be tomorrow so she could say something.


"Now, it won't necessarily come tomorrow," Anderson would say, "It could come back the day after. Don't worry though, I'm sure it'll be back by this week."


Nevada would rub her throat, thinking that it will somehow help her voice come back. She didn't want to communicate through a notebook. She didn't want to live that way.


Anderson told her that they were soon going to be looking for a school.


"But how? I can't speak."


Anderson sighed as he read her neat handwriting, "Nevada, don't worry. It'll return."


"If anything, I'm glad my voice is gone now. I hate socializing."


Anderson chuckled before glancing at his phone, "Well, you have to make at least one friend to help you out. You're not going to be looking like a loser. " he said before answering  the phone and going to a corner.


Nevada smiled. Anderson was right. She won't be able to find her classes on her own, she would need help whether she liked it or not.


"Change of planes. Go put on your shoes."




"You're going to meet the schools principle. She'll show you around."


What? Why? What happened?


"Just go get ready. I'll be outside."


She didn't protest any longer; she saw how flustered Anderson had turned. She went to put her shoes as ordered. Once she was done she raced outside not wanting to irritate Anderson any longer.


"Let's go."



She hated it.


She hated school already. She didn't want to be there, she wanted to be outside enjoying the fresh breeze and the sound of the wind in the background.


Her voice still hadn't returned. She could only seem to say the basics such as; Hi and bye. That's it.


High school isn't how movies portray it to be, at least not always. Small groups were scattered around the hallways, talking and laughing, hugging and even crying. She looked at her feet as she walked looking up once and a while. She was terrified of catching someone's eyes because that would make them think that they could talk to her.


And she knew she wasn't allow to interact with anyone.


"Now listen. If someone tries to talk to you, ignore them. Keep walking, keep doing what you're doing."


Nevada was about to write down her question but the man beat her to it.


"You don't want to end up hurt."


Nevada gulped. Did he just threaten her?


Later that day she asked Anderson, "Why can't I make friends? He didn't have to threaten me."


"He didn't threaten you, Nevada. He means that you'll meet people, and those people aren't always necessarily going to be nice. You could end up hurt, not physically, but emotionally."


"But how am I going to communicate to my teachers?"


"You can talk to them. It's only for educational purpose."


"How about the lunch lady? I have to look at her and point at the spicy chicken sandwich instead of the normal one."


Anderson sighed, "You can do that too. Just not students."


"I don't think he meant that."




"I think he wants to hurt me."


"Go to sleep Nevada. You have a long day tomorrow." Anderson grumbled before walking away.




She thought she looked pathetic because of the notebooks she had to carry. Yeah, students have notebooks but they only have 2 maybe even 3 and that's all. Not Nevada. She had 10 all just in case she ran out. No one but her knew that she had more stuffed in her backpack. She would would stack them up in her locker and leave it there. She thought the man was exaggerating, it's not like she's losing her voice completely. Or is she? She refused to take the notebooks at first, they were so many. They were creating an unbearable pain on her shoulders and she just couldn't wait to put them away. She couldn't throw them away because 1. Wasting paper and 2. The man is scary and dangerous. His brown eyes and his scowl was always printed in her mind whenever she thought of him.


After she had finished stuffing the ridiculous amount of notebooks in her locker, she sped to her first period. English. It was weird how Nevada remembered things quickly she didn't have to chant them over to herself 20 times. She started to go down the hallways that were crowded with 9th graders and 10 graders. Wrong hallway. A bright poster caught her eye. She remembered it, the room had to be here. And there it was. She slightly smiled before walking in.


"Hello! Good morning." The brunette teacher chirped.


Nevada sent her a small smile before picking her seat. Front row? Nah, she'll probably call on me a lot. Back? Hell no, those guy look like a possible nightmare. The middle it is. But closer to the quiet kids. Nevada made her way to the seat on the far left, the one that was also closest the door. As soon as she sat down she scanned the paper that told her all her classes for the day.


English. History. Chemistry. Calculus. Foundations of Art. Foundations of Medicine. Spanish.


She didn't know any of these things. She might've not forgotten how to write, but aside from that she was blank on how those subject worked. She knew the meanings but she just didn't know what one had to do. Were they going to teach her how to write basic English? Like how to greet someone and such? She doubted it. What about History? Teach about how the past worked? No, that can't be. Why learn information that isn't useful now? Or something that isn't necessary to know? She shrugged to herself, folding the paper and into her pocket.




Nevada looked up from her schedule, her eyes meeting dark brown eyes. The girl who Nevada did not know of sat in the seat in front of her. She had a unique color of hair, being bright brown but almost looking red. Her straight hair reached her bottom but the girl didn't seem to mind. She was wearing a long skirt and a simple shirt; she seemed nice.


"Um, hi,"the girl said once more.


If someone tries to talk to you, ignore them.


Nevada didn't want to be rude. What if this girl started to spread rumors about her? The whole school would hate her.


So Nevada did what any other quiet person would do; she smiled.


"You're new here aren't you? I don't recognize you from last year... then again I barely pay attention to the people around me. Don't take it personal though, I just really don't care sometimes. " The girl blabbed.


Nevada faked a small chuckle, nodding and avoiding the girls stare by looking around the classroom. She already knew how the classroom looked but it was the only way for the girl to stop talking to her.


"It might be weird but even though I don't like people, I like making new friends." The girl spoke up; Nevada just smiling.


"So... what's your name? My name is Faye."


Nevada's heart beat picked up in matters of seconds. She couldn't speak because she physically couldn't but mostly because she was prohibited to interact with others.


"Hey, I asked what your name is. Are you okay?" The girl now known as, Faye, asked, "Ah, I see. You're shy aren't you? Don't worry, it's okay to speak. So tell me, what's your name?"


Nevada squeezed her eyes, what was she going to do? The man told her to ignore whoever tried to talk to her. But she couldn't just ignore this girl, how rude and mean would that be? She doubted the man would ever find out, it's not like he was watching her at all times.


Nevada lifted a finger up before taking a notebook and pencil out. Faye looked genuinely confused as she watched Nevada take out the supplies from her bag.


Nevada wrote down the only thing that crossed her mind, "I'm mute."


Faye gasped. She felt sort of bad for the brunette, she couldn't talk.


"Oh... I'm sorry. I don't know what to say..." Faye muttered, looking down unsure of what to say.


"Don't worry. My name's Nevada."


"That's such a pretty name! I haven't heard that one before. Well, I did because it's a state but I haven't heard that name around here - you know what? Never mind, I'm sure you understand."


Nevada laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of her neck. She felt so uncomfortable. She felt her throat closing up even more, she felt as if she couldn't even squeal. It's was as if somebody was tightening their grip around her neck more and more. Absentmindedly, she began to bounce her leg up and down rapidly making the desk shake with it.


"So you have to write on this... notebook to communicate?" Faye asked.


"Yeah... but it could be temporarily but


"Oh, well that's good. I'm looking forward to that day." Faye smiled sweetly, "Here, lets sit together."


Nevada didn't have time to protest because according to the teacher the bell had rung and it was time to start class.


And she was stuck with Faye.




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