My love for my idiot bestfriend

Yusuke x Kuwabara

Yaoi and maybe Mpreg


2. 2

-Kuwabara's pov -

"Kazuma wake up" I felt my eyes open I looked up and saw Yusuke's face really close to mine. I jumped back in shock and hit my head against the headboard. "Ow jeez Yusuke don't do that" I rubbed my head trying to sooth the pain in the back of my head. I heard a burst of laughter and saw Yusuke on the floor laughing. "Whats so funny Yusuke?" I take a moment to look at Yusuke and see that his hair is much longer and that he has tattoos on his body. "Its just that your face when you woke up was priceless!" He may look different but he is still Yusuke Urameshi this may sound cliche but he is the man that has my heart. "Hello Kuwa is anybody home " I saw Yusuke wave his hand in my face. "Oh I am fine I was just day dreaming" Yusuke seemed content with that answer. "What day is it today Yusuke?"

"Its Wednesday today why?" We both looked at eachother and our eyes widened. "Shit we have to go meet Koemna today" We said in unison. I rush to the drawers and go put on a blue top with a mixture of red , some loose jeans and plain black converses. I look at Yusuke and am breathless he is wearing a green sleeveless top , grey tracksuit bottoms , white and black converses and his hair was left messy and loose he looked breathtaking. I was about to close the door but dropped them so I bent down to pick them up. I picked up the keys I felt eyes on me and looked next to me and saw Yusuke looking right at me. Instead of turning away like some people do he just kept looking at me with a unreadable expression. I broke eye contact with him first and we walked to the park were we were are meant to meet Botan so she can take us to spirit world. We saw that she wasn't here she probably running late because she needs to also pick up Kurama and Hiei.

"Kazu you look nice" I felt my face blush he said that with such a serious face. I felt Yusuke lean closer to me till our faces where inches apart. He leaned into my ear "I wanna eat you up" I felt my whole face and my ears go bright red. "Am I interrupting" I pulled my face away from Yusuke's saw Botan, Kurama and even Hiei trying not to laugh. I looked at Yusuke and he was smiling that usual cocky carefree smile. "Come on boys get on we need to hurry before Koenma gets upset at us for being late again" I got up and climbed on the end of the broom, Yusuke being in front of me, Kurama in front of Yusuke , Hiei in front of Kurama and Botan who was right in the front. After a couple of minutes in a uncomfortable silence we arrived at Koenma's office.

"You guys are on time for once" I got of the broom and went to stand in the on the left of Koenma in the middle of the room. Yusuke went next to me on mynright , Hiei went next to Yusuke and Kurama went next to Hiei. "So why did you call us here pacifier breath?" I was kinda curious too since all he said was that it was urgent. "This isn't a mission it is more of a request and this mainly involves Kuwabara" everyone but Koenma and Botan looked at me in shock heck I am shocked. "What is the request Koenma?" I looked at Koenma waiting for a answer. "The request is that you date this demon for five days" I felt sick what the heck why me to be honest I thought he would pick Kurama or Yusuke. "What do you mean date Kuwabara!" I looked at Yusuke he looked pissed. "Its like I said he wants to date Kuwabara for five days, you can come in now" A man came in he was a couple inches taller that me , he had long straight green hair in a ponytail , orangy red eyes he looked handsome but he was nothing compared to Yusuke.

"So what do you say Kazuma-chan will you do me the honour of being mine for five days and possibly forever" I felt Yusuke grab my hand in a solid grip. "What is your name?" the strange man looked at me and a smile grew on his face. "Oh how rude of me my name is Solcer Mekso at your service Kazuma-chan" he winked at me. I heard Yusuke start to growl. "Kazu you are not seriously going to accept his offer are you" I thought about it for a second its only a five days so its nnot like its permanent. "I accept your request" I saw everyone look at me in disbelief. I was pulled into Solcer's arms. "Why did you accept his request?"

"It is only for five days so its not forever" I looked at Kurama he looked at me with understanding and Hiei just looked annoyed as usual. "Tch you are too nice Kazu make sure to come back quickly" I smiled at Yusuke "Count on it Yusuke" I heard Solcer chuckling "Who said about it being temporary" I felt him grab my hips and he started to open portal. "Kazuma no!" I saw Yusuke reach his hand out to me I tried to grab it but I was pulled away. "Yusuke!" and the portal closed. I was pulled into this cell like room and chained to the wall. "Now my pretty Kazuma you are my mine forever" I felt him grab my chin and pull me into a kiss it felt disgusting. "I am sorry my sweet but I am going to have to continue our fun later" as soon as he left I felt tears leak down my face. Come save me soon Yusuke.

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