My love for my idiot bestfriend

Yusuke x Kuwabara

Yaoi and maybe Mpreg


1. 1

"What do you mean you are breaking up with me Yusuke" said Keiko not hiding her annoyance. "It means what you think it means I am breaking up with you" jeez you'd think on how smart she is she could keep up with me. "You can't we are supposed to get married and have kids together" she shouts sounding more like a shrieking banshee.

I roll my eyes. "No we are not I only see you as I sister besides I love someone else" that seemed to have caught everyones attention (Hiei, Kuwabara,Kurama + Keiko). I am so lucky we are in my house so no one will be shouting at me for making a girl unhappy.

"Well then who is she who is the girl who has your heart" I look at everyone else they seem curious to know as well I wonder if they will be surprised. "I am gay so you mean who is the boy that has captured my heart" I looked at the trio next to me and they don't look surprised at my answer odd.

"Your gay you did you three know about this!" They all nodded then Kuwabara spoke "Well it was kinda obvious" Hiei and Kurama nodded in agreement I am shocked was it that obvious. "You still haven't answered my question who do you love now" she demanded.

I leaned up to ear and said "I love Kazuma Kuwabara" I leaned back and I looked at her face it took a lot of effort to not burst out laughing. "I can't believe you left me for a ugly shit like him" as soon as those words left her mouth never in my life have I wanted to punch someone so bad before.

"Shut your mouth Keiko I am glad I left you your a right bitch and what makes you think you have a right to decide on who I love" I felt so much anger towards her right now it was indescribable.

"Fine be with that asshole but don't come crying to me when he breaks your heart" then she stormed out and slammed the door shut good fucking riddance. I turned towards Kurama, Hiei and Kuwabara. "Sorry guys for this I know we were supposed to hangout today but you know right now I kind of don't feel like going out" I felt really bad we have been so busy lately because pacifier breath has been giving us more missions to do lately we rarely can hangout together.

"We understand detective Kurama and I shall be taking our leave we have our own business to attend to" I nodded I am glad those two understand considering it was their idea in the first place for all four of us to hang out. Once those two left it was just me and Kuwabara. "Kuwabara can I tell you something?" I faced Kuwabara considering we are alone this is a perfect moment to tell him.

"Sure Urameshi what is it?" I guess here goes nothing "I love you Kuwabara will you go out with me?" I hope he doesn't reject me. "I love you too Urameshi" I cant' believe he likes me back I had always thought he loved Yukina. "I thought you liked Yukina" I was curios when did he stop liking her. "Well I had realised I didn't like Yukina so I told her and she understood and she said she liked someone else" that does explain on why he isn't flirting with her like he usually does.

"So Kazuma you know how I am a half demon" Kazuma blushed even redder like a tomato he looked so cute I could imagine how he would look under me woah stop Yusuke don't get a hard on right in front of him. "Yeah" I hope he is ready for this. "We are dating now so I have to mark to claim you as my mate and once I do that I am going to stay in my demon form permanently"

"Thats alright with me Yusuke" I nodded I was glad he is alright with this. I leaned into Kazuma's neck and kissed his neck he smelt good he smelled like basil and coco butter. I made my sharp demon teeth out and bit down. I felt Kazuma become limp in my arms so I let go of his neck and laid him down on my bed. I changed into my into something more comfortable and laid down next to Kazuma. "Night Kazuma" moments after I felt into a blissful sleep.

I hope you like this chapter I am sorry if some characters seem ooc.

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