One Direction Imagine :)

This is just a collection of 1D imagines (or one shots) that I've written. I hope you like them :)


1. Imagine (Zayn)

You wake up, squinting in the bright light that has come to you in form of sunlight. You let your eyes adjust for a minute, then turn to see Zayn next to you, watching you with a smile.
"That's a bit creepy, isn't it Malik?" you joke, giving him a push. He chuckles.
"Sorry, I like looking at pretty things and I must say I like the view from here," he grins, seeing the blush that has settled on your cheeks.
"Shut up," you mumble, giving him a little push on the shoulder.
"I don't think you want to mean that, I'm about to announce that I've made you breakfast," he smirks, shuffling to hide something behind his back.
"I've made you breakfast!" he then squeals excitedly, moving to reveal a tray with toast, juice and Nutella. You laugh at his expression and then pull the tray towards you.
"For two, right?" you question, seeing the rather big amount of food.
"Yeah, I get a little peckish in the morning," he admits, grabbing some toast and smearing Nutella on it. You copy and soon you're both sitting in silence, enjoying the food.
When it's done, you lean back with a satisfied air after he tells you he will put the dishes away. You listen to the clattering in the kitchen and smile immediately when he comes back to join you on your bed again. You can't help it. He just makes you smile.
"Thanks for the breakfast," you sigh, snuggling into him.
"Anything for you, princess," he replies.
"You know, you're a real softie," you say thoughtfully.
"No I'm not, I'm the Bradford bad boy, remember?" he scoffs, looking down at you. You smirk.
"You're a softie and you know it."
"I'm not, I'm really bad," he insists.
"The bad boy thing is just a facade," you sing, ignoring his protests.
But then he turns so he's sitting on you and pinning your hands to the headboard of the bed. You turn silent as you look at him. You shudder involuntarily when he leans towards you.
"Say it again," he whispers. You can feel him smirking against your neck.
"You. Are. A. Softie."
You try to sound resolute, but you know he's got you. He drags his lips up your jawline.
"Want to see how bad I can be?" he then murmurs.


First imagine on here hehe. I hope you liked it. Feel free to comment your thoughts on this and any requests you may have x

(And of course, feel free to vote if you want)

- Laura

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