One Direction Imagine :)

This is just a collection of 1D imagines (or one shots) that I've written. I hope you like them :)


6. Imagine (Harry)

You step into the shower, sighing as the warm water runs down your back, soothing your muscles. You stand there for a few minutes, just letting the water roll off you. Suddenly there's a knock on the shower door and you jolt. You open your eyes to see Harry grinning at you through the faded plastic. You roll your eyes. Your boyfriend could be a dork.
"Can I join you?" he then asks you hopefully, pouting as if it makes him look cuter.
"Mmmmmmmmm, let me think," you reply, considering the pros and cons.
"Okay," you then sigh, giving in to his cute expression. He does a little cheer and quickly removes his boxers. You smile, reminded again how comfortable the both of you feel around each other.
Harry steps in and gives you a playful shove so he can get his time under the water.
"Oi!" you protest, pushing him back. But it's not very effective, considering his strength. He laughs at you and pulls you into his arms. You smile and throw your arms around his neck, enjoying the moment.
"Eeesh, we need to get your hair washed," he then comments cheekily.
"That is probably why the shower was invented," you reply sarcastically.
"Let's me wash it!" he then suggests enthusiastically. You take him up on his offer.
"Look, face the wall and lean your head backwards," he explains and you turn away from him. You can hear him squirt shampoo on his hands. Then he starts massaging your head. It feels really relaxing.
Soon after, he uses the shower head to rinse your hair. When he's put it back, he snakes his arms around your waist. He leans forwards and kisses you on the neck.
"You smell very nice now," he comments politely and you giggle. You turn around and kiss him, wrapping your arms around his neck.
"It's a bit ironic isn't it? Showering is about cleaning yourself and now we're turning it into something dirty," he smirks, pressing you against the wall before he begins his assault on your neck. You lean your head back to give him more access as he presses his lips to your collarbones multiple times.
"So beautiful," he mumbles, going back to your mouth. You can feel his erection pressing against your thigh, but are distracted as soon as his tongue runs along your lower lip. You give him the entrance he is wordlessly asking for and let his tongue roam your mouth. You can't stop your hands from running over his toned torso, feeling the muscles under his skin. There is one thing you know as he hitches your right leg up to his hip. You want him. He's all you want right now. Feeling a bit daring, you let your hand trail down to his erection. You smile when you hear him moaning as soon as you touch it.
"I need you," he mutters against your neck.
"Take it as far as you want," you reply, knowing exactly how he feels.


Okayyyyyyyy there we go. That was a requested one, I don't usually write stuff like that. Apparently I'm not bad at it. *laughs awkwardly*

Anyway I hope you liked it, feel free to comment any feedback you may have for me or any requests x

P.S. I was asked for a part two of this one but I'm not going to post it unless someone explicitly says they'd like to see it cause yeah. All the love.

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