Troye Sivan- My experience.

This is explaining how I met the wonderfully talented Troye Sivan <3


2. Part 2.

After being in line for another maybe 5 minutes? A guy walked over and asked who travelled the furthest and if it was anyone's birthday, to which my friend put her hand up and he took her out of the line then he came back and said "I need someone else." 

And he'd seen me crying and knew what happened and my friends held my hand and said "Sarah opened up to him!" and so he was like "Okay can I have you too?" 

So I walk over with my friend and she grabs my hand because I'm still sobbing and we didn't know what was happening. And he says "I'm not actually taking you to Troye sorry guys." and we just shrugged because we'd just met him anyways so it didn't matter. 

We walked into the studio and my friends squeezing my hand trying to calm me down because I could barely walk from shaking so badly.

He took us to the green room and said "Oh we're gonna interview you about being big Troye fans." 

And as a joke I was like "What just for Troye to randomly pop up or hide under the table and flick my leg?!" and they all started laughing and the guy was like "No because legally we need to tell you if he'll be in this segment and he isn't, sorry to burst your bubble but if your that keen I will flick your leg." 

(I was wearing rolled up jeans so I had some of my leg showing.) 

So I was like "I've seen videos of people scaring and pranking their fans before okay? I'm alert to these things." to which he just said the same that there was no danger of Troye doing that to us. 

We pretty much just had a photo shoot with the view from the window and the BN vinyls and CD's that were on the table for decoration until one of the hosts of the show walked in and I was watching the TV in there as they showed clips from when Troye was meeting fans and so when I turned around and saw him there I jumped because I thought that it was Troye. 

He then explained what was happening and we started to get ready until he asked if I was okay and when I told him what happened he asked why I chose to do it (like open up to him) and so I explained it and he was really sweet to me and gave me a hug and my friend was like "Oh my god now I'm getting emotional." 

So we waited for a bit longer and we did a few practice runs on what to say. 

Then it was time for the actual segment to start (keep in mind this was live TV so if we stuffed up, it was to late, almost all of Australia has already heard it.) 

But of course things took a turn...

+++(PART 3)+++

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