She ran away from home.
He's been homeless for a year.
The others tell their story while living their own..


3. Bel



I have to say my day started off pretty good, I had a cup full of change in my hand and I can finally take a break from taking care of Bub. John didn't seem to mind, considering his usually tight-lipped character, one lick from Bub surprisingly broke the barrier. 


" Spare change for a good lad? " The stranger looked at me with disgust and stalked away.


I guess people in this neighborhood aren't that friendly. I'm straying today, leaving the usual area of bustling city and rat ghost to the outskirts of town where all the biggin's live. Here the houses look down on you, your appearance, and everything you are. I stick out my tongue to one of the empty windows and continue down the sidewalk to the frilled out convenience store at the end of the street.

A bell rings as I enter and a loud gasp is heard. The cashier is a soft old lady, with round glasses that make her look adorable. She has a pitying look on her face as she watches me make my way through the cushioned and pink aisles to the fridge located at the back of the store. I pick out a bottle of coke and make my way back to the front where the old lady is still seated watching me with sad eyes.


" Good day, ma'am. I'll just be buying this here bottle o' coke ." I say and proceed to pour out the coins in my cup and counting out the total. 

" Oh darling, no need that. You look horrible! The dirt on your face, your skinny arms, oh my, your ragged clothes! Take the coke, free of charge. "

" Ma'am, thank you but I do insist, it took me so long to take out the total. "

" Boy, I have not left this area of town ever since my injury 30 years ago. I did not think the conditions of society would send a boy like you to the depths of homelessness that he'd have to get out of his usual range and into the wrong neighborhood out of desperation just so he can use the hard earned money on a bottle of coke. I will not let whatever monster humanity has become consume me like the rest. My husband did not die in the war for people to be treated this way! Boy, you must take the coke free of charge or you are just proving to me that you are just letting them get to you. "


Um, woah. I think I need to cry? I've never felt such support in a long time but that was going wayy over the top.


" Ma'am, I thank you for your speech and here I raise a bottle of coke to you and your shop of warmth and support. May you live a happy life the rest of the way, and with that, goodbye. " 

Shooting her a smile, the bell sounds as I step out and her glowing face imprints itself in my mind for the next hundred steps I take. Her words of " bad neighborhood " take me down a road out of the biggins lair where the gravel become dirt and the trees are scarce and almost dying. A lone bus-stop sits in the middle of the sidewalk and a boy too big for his sweater is sitting staring into space. He seems my age, let's join him.

Placing my hiney down on the steel seat beside him didn't catch his attention, he must be in deep ass thought. 


* pop * I stare at him as his eyes shine in concentration to whatever he's thinking. He has lovely lashes and...oh, he's a girl.

* fizz * I take a gulp of coke. 

* glug *


She stands up abruptly, grabs my coke, and tries to drink a shit ton of it in one gulp. At this point, I should be running for my life. Oh god, maybe she escaped from a mental institute.




Well, fuck. 

" Woah, woah. Hey, calm. " My hands shoot up in weak defense in case she tries to hit me with the coke or drowns me in it.

She glares at me and continues to glare at me as she drinks the rest of the coke. I lower my defense. Oh, what a day, I end up having to deal with a troubled teen, like me. You know what, I think I feel like messing with her, maybe I can get something out of it. She looks like some kind of pageant princess ( despite her uneven short hair ). She could've been drunk and took the wrong road home and got stuck here. The coat and pearls tell me that story, and I listen to them. If I return her home, there is a possibility of a reward. I put on my saddest eyes, a voice of defeat and start to protest,

"Ok, have the coke. Just, oh god, that cost me half the money I have."

The change in her face was instant, like watching a chemical reaction. A chemical reaction that lasts long, her eyes bubble over me as she scans my gorgeous bod, kidding. 


"You're lying." she tries.


I almost break but my steel will powers me through.

"No, seriously. A week's worth of penny picking right there in your hands."


A chemical reaction starts again and now her face is Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Fluorine, Uranium, Selenium, and D-d-d.. Basically, she's confused. And to justify my theory she plops back down beside me and sighs.

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