Exam Time Again

It's exam time again, and for two young boys pushing through high school, the stress gets to them sometimes. | Snippets from the high school life of two dorks in love. | In no particular order, and they're all unrelated to each other. | Enjoy~


7. Holiday Plans

A/N: This one has mild sexual content, although nothing really explicit. I forgot to post this here - my first attempt at entering the heated romance world. Can't say I didn't warn you :)


Exams were finally over, and Adam could not be happier. And in fact, it was the end of the semester, and the end of the school year. It had been one day since Adam had finished his last exam, and he was pretty sure he might have scraped a pass on that one.

Right now he was sitting on a table with Sean, Jason and Liam, talking about what they were going to do over the holidays. All the video games they would play, and all the places they wanted to go to together. The four of them were basically inseparable, and their respective parents had just come to accept that they would occasionally have three extra unexpected guests for dinner.

Their homeroom teacher called for attention, and everyone went quiet.

The teacher started talking about what a happy term it had been, and for everyone to have a happy and safe holidays, and not to get drunk too many times (despite most of the students in Adam’s year being minors, most people got  drunk on Saturday night parties anyway).

Then they handed out the reports, with the specific instruction to not open them up until they got home, and to not pressure anyone else into sharing their results, the usual.

So when the final bell of the day, the week, the semester, the year eventually went, the whole room cheered.

“Have a good holiday, everyone!” the teacher called out, and everyone jumped up and started pushing and shoving their way to the door. Adam and Sean were pushed into each other numerous times, making Adam’s face go slightly red. But he ignored it, and privately enjoyed having Sean that close to him.

Once they were out in the corridors, someone started singing “School’s Out”, and Adam laughed as Sean started joining in. The enthusiastic Irish drummer could not sing at all, but neither could most of the people in the corridor.

A few seconds later Adam and everyone else that knew the lyrics was singing along, and the halls and the yards were filled with a flash mob of people singing Alice Cooper. Adam saw a few of the teachers shake their heads, but they were smiling. The school was small and everybody knew everybody, and everyone was fairly united.

When the song finished, everyone cheered and some people even threw books and papers and hats in the air – even Sean threw his beanie.

The whole school had been in a cheerful mood in the week after exams ended, and for Sean and Adam’s year (Year 11), their reports were the key to moving onto their final year of high school.

The crowd finally cleared and Adam and Sean could finally get to their lockers, with Jason and Liam right behind them. That all chatted happily about their holiday plans as they filled their bags with their remaining books to take home over the holidays. When they finally walked out of the school grounds, Adam breathed what felt like fresh air. No more exams, no more school pressure – just holiday fun.

Sean and Adam fell behind Jason and Liam so they could talk.

“Got any major plans?” Sean asked, sending him a sly grin.

Adam rolled his eyes. “That’s for me to know and you to find out,” he replied, smiling mysteriously back.

(Adam only had one big thing planned for the holidays, but he didn’t want Sean to find that out just yet.)

Sean giggled. “Okay, whatever,” he said lightly.

“What about you?” Adam asked.

Sean surprised him by taking his hand, linking their fingers together. “Only a six-week video game jam with me one and only,” Sean said, winking at him. Their hands swung between them.

Wait, what? Adam thought incredulously. He and Sean weren’t a… a thing, or an item, or a couple or whatever the heck the term was. He didn’t think they ever would be, Sean seemed perfectly content with them just being friends.

Adam blushed and looked away, smiling, but he didn’t take his hand away. “You still coming over?”  Adam asked, trying to keep his voice steady. He glanced over to see Sean’s cheeks turning pink slightly.

Sean rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand. “If ye want me to,” he said, and Adam nodded.

“Of course!” he said, taking a chance and winking back at him. “What would I do without you?”

Sean giggled. “Ye’d crash n’ burn, that’s for sure,” he joked, and Adam grinned, secretly agreeing. His brain reminded him that Sean rubbed his neck when he was nervous, and that he slipped into more of an Irish accent when he was feeling overly happy, angry or stressed. He wondered which one was the cause.

Soon they said goodbye to Jason and Liam, who had gone off in their own directions to walk home, and the other two walked to Adam’s house, somehow still holding hands.

But Adam eventually had to let go to get his key out to unlock the door of his house. He immediately missed the warmth, and struggled not to show it on his face.

From there, the routine was normal. Get loads of food, set up the video games in the basement, scream at each other in the Portal II Co-Op, kick Sean’s ass in Super Smash Bros., completely rage in Super Mario Maker, the usual. Adam’s parents didn’t question it, and his brother never had either.

But eventually (at about 2 AM, but who was paying attention?), while Adam was watching Sean play Undertale, Adam found himself dozing off. His head fell sideways onto Sean’s shoulder-

And suddenly he was wide awake.

He felt Sean momentarily tense up beside him, but Adam didn’t want to move his head away. He saw Sean’s hands placing the controller on his lap, and then he felt soft fingers threading through his hair. It felt so nice that Adam sighed happily. Before he could stop himself, he was burying his head into the crook of Sean’s neck, taking in the sweet scent of him.

Sean’s hand went from Adam’s hair to travel down his back, lightly rubbing over the bumps in Adam’s spine, sending shivers over his entire body. Impulsively, he pressed a kiss to Sean’s neck.

Sean froze, but didn’t pull away, so Adam kissed him again, and again and again. Sean’s grip on Adam’s flannel tightened and his head tilted back, the air rushing out of his lungs. Adam trailed kisses up his neck, stopping just under his ear. Adam’s eyes fluttered, half-closed, Sean twisted his head around, and then they were kissing.

Adam was in heaven – Sean’s lips were soft and oh god this was perfect. It started out soft, Sean seemingly unsure, but when Adam kissed him back it started to get more passionate, the heat and the love and the want finally showing.

Adam was surprised when Sean moved and pressed him into the couch, practically straddling his lap, but he certainly wasn’t complaining. He grabbed onto Sean’s hips, trying to minimise the space between them, fully closing his eyes and letting touch guide them. Sean groaned into the kiss, making a low noise tear itself out of Adam’s own throat.

Sean gently pulled Adam’s glasses off, putting them on the couch beside them, and then his arms were around Adam’s neck, hands clutching into his hair as they kissed. Adam groaned again as Sean gently parted their lips, and the kiss turned from love and want to love and lust.

Adam had kissed girls before, he’d kissed guys before, but none of them would ever compare to the electric currents surging though his body in this moment. None of them made him want like Sean did.

Sean’s hands moved down to Adam’s chest, and Adam felt the top button on his flannel pop open, Sean’s cool fingers brushing Adam’s warm skin. The hands moved down to undo the second, then the third, and then Adam couldn’t take it anymore. He moved his hands closer together, pressing down just on either side of Sean’s spine, making the younger boy groan. Adam started kissing back down across his jawline and down to the base of his neck. Sean’s hands stopped and he gasped, his head falling back as Adam found that one spot.

Adam moved his hands down and found the bottom of Sean’s shirt and slid his hands underneath it, and he felt Sean shiver underneath him. He gripped the shirt and slid it up, and Sean took the initiative to pull it over his own head and throw it to the side, pressing their mouths together again and continuing where he left off in unbuttoning Adam’s shirt.

Once Adam’s shirt was out of the way Adam moved his hands up and down Sean’s chest and back, feeling every bump and curve, and he felt Sean doing the same to him. One of Adam’s thumbs hit a sensitive spot just above the top of his jeans, and Sean rolled his hips (on purpose or not, Adam wasn’t sure) and Adam gasped.

Sean pulled away momentarily, and Adam looked into his eyes. The ocean blue of Sean’s irises were almost completely swallowed up by the pupils.

“Yes,” Adam breathed out.

Sean kissed him again, mumbling “Oh god, yes,” and grabbing the back of his neck and slid off Adam’s lap, standing up and pulling Adam up with him.

They kissed as they manoeuvred themselves over to the mattress that was kept down here, Sean tripping when he hit the edge and falling backwards, Adam pushing him down.

And the rest of the world faded to black.




Adam woke up the next morning shivering as Sean placed soft, chaste kisses to his chest.  He looked down to see Sean’s pale skin almost glowing next to Adam’s olive-skinned tone. Sean was curled up next to him, and Adam’s blurred vision noticed clothing items all over the couch and on the floor next to the mattress.

He smiled, pulling Sean closer and kissing the top of his grey-brown head.

“Mornin’, sunshine,” Sean mumbled, his breath tickling Adam’s skin.

“Morning,” Adam replied.

They fell into a comfortable silence for a while, Adam tracing patterns into Sean’s shoulder, Sean doing the same into his chest.

“We should really talk about this,” Sean said quietly.

“Yeah,” Adam replied. “I guess we should.”

Silence again, until Adam’s phone buzzed with a notification.

“We should also get up,” he sighed. “Y’know, before someone comes down and finds us.”

Sean groaned. “Don’t really wanna move,” he grumbled, and Adam chuckled.

“Me neither, but I don’t want Liam coming over to look for us and seeing this, if you don’t mind,” he said, and Sean laughed, finally moving off. Adam missed the warmth immediately and fought the urge to pull him back down.

They put their pants on and walked over to the couch to get their shirts. Adam put his glasses on and shrugged the red flannel back on, but didn’t bother to do up the buttons as he reached for his phone, turning it on. It was 11:38 AM. Wow.

He told the time to Sean, who laughed.

Adam saw that the notification was a reminder for his holiday plans, and he smiled as he looked at it. He figured that it was pretty obvious at this point.

“Is it Liam?” Sean asked, moving over to stand beside him.

“No, it was my calendar,” Adam replied, turning around to smile at Sean.

Sean tilted his head a little, confused. “What’s on?”

Adam held it up for Sean to see, and smiled wider when Sean just stared at it for a few seconds. Sean’s eyes flicked between him and the phone screen.

Adam shrugged his shoulders. “I’m sorry, I thought it would’ve been obvious after last night,” he said with a wink, and Sean’s face went red.

But then Sean had thrown himself against Adam, arms around his neck, and Adam stumbled backwards a few steps. Sean hugged him tightly before he pulled back and cupped Adam’s cheeks with his hands, pulling their lips together in a soft and sweet kiss. It was nothing like the ones from the previous night, this kiss was what a first kiss should be like.

So they were having it now, Adam compromised, pulling Sean closer to him. Adam mumbled those treasured three words into the kiss, and Sean replied with four.

Adam couldn’t help but laugh into the kiss in pure joy.


Holiday Plans:

Tell Sean I love him.

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