The Colorful Violin

These are some of the sins of the city.
Everyone warned them to stay away, but they pushed off their warnings carelessly.
Some of them are older, raised on the cities enticements. Others are younger, their innocent doe eyes having seen nothing yet.
A junkie who's trying to stay clean.
A artist drowning in the past.
A dealers debt that can't be repaid.
A small town kid, eager to see what sins lay in the city.
All five are about to be tugged into the seemingly innocent word of The Colorful Violin. A shop with a seductive glow that comes with deadly consequences.
All five have been to the underbelly of hell, leaving them with scars and wounds to deep too fill.
It isn't a question IF they will be lured in because it's always just been a matter of WHEN.
Welcome to the dark side of New York.


6. Windowsill and Cigarettes

Windowsill and Cigarettes

Maddox Salvador's P.O.V

I watched, feeling like a stranger in the world of lovers.

It's strange; How people can find each other in this wicked world.

I continued to push food across my plate as Marcos and Robin giggled, shooting each other fleeting glances. His hand rested on her knee as she glanced at me moving her lips.

Take a smoke.


Take a smoke,Maddox.

My thin fingers slightly trembled as I pressed my lips into a thin line. I'm an addict of a different breed now, still an addict but different.

It was strange, it was completely and utterly foreign to me to not feel the voice in the back of my head;If I closed my eyes and concentrated, I could remember faint wisps of a time when I was free. The memories get more and more unclear as time goes on.

"Maddox?" Robin wrinkled her eyebrows together as Macos cocked his head, staring at me hard as if he could see every thought in my mind.

I looked up from the plate I've been staring at, lost in my own thoughts.

"You alright,kid?"

"Yeah, yeah;I just really need a cigarette." I flashed them a apologetic smile, raising my eyebrows at Marcos. He was like an older brother to me, he helped me in ways Robin couldn't;When I had no one.

"Well go have one then, I bet cancer would really love to get a piece of the smoking hot bod." He chuckled as my cheeks flamed, I was never good with how I look. Men are pictured strong, lean, muscular, and confident. I was shy, thin, and as uncertain as they get. No one has ever made me feel desired, the magic glow that Robin and Marcos has just wasn't meant for people like me.

"Oh yeah, Maddox has a whole fan clubs of chicks that come into the shop." Robin added, twirling her fork around as a cheeky grin slide across her face. I let out a sharp burst of laughter as I hacked into my sleeve, a rattle spreading throughout my chest. Red continued to spread across my face as I thought of my clients.

"I-I'm going to go smoke, I'll be back in a few." I mumbled, reaching deep into my pocket and feeling the box, letting out a small breath of relief.

I glanced back at them one more time, seeing the disappointment creep into their eyes. They were the truly the best people I have in my life, they pulled me threw my darkest times and I could never do anything to repay them.

Taking a few short strides to my disorganized room, I went to the window and took out my contacts, grabbing my horn rimed glasses. I pulled the window open, siting half in half out the windowsill. I slipped it between my lips, giving the lighter a few clicks before taking a deep breath when it took.

I put on the glasses, blinking a couple of times.

It was a beautiful night, considering where we lived;A clear dark night, smoke glittering past the full moon that rested right above the building of hazy club, it's neon sign flickering in the darkness. Clubs lined that whole street, a few groups of people moving along the sidewalk.

I watched a particular group, filled with addicts, smoker, and-I squinted my eyes trying to focus on the moving bright spot- a girl, dressed in a bright red top and skirt. Chewing on the inside of my cheek, I nervously looked side to side, taking another drag.

She didn't belong.

It was a simple fact, she was younger than everyone else in the group. She laughed boisterously and coyly fended off the advances of a greasy haired man with thin rat like features. Something wasn't right, she was new.This was her first time, I could tell from the way they were acting. She was ignorant and naive, they gave her drugs and booze because they wanted to see what would happen;She was nothing but entertainment too them. I've been there, no one else should have to experience that.

The man did something to her as the people in the group laughed, she shrieked and squeaked as she moved to the other side of the group.

I had to get her out of there.

She doesn't know any better!

Smashing my cigarette against the windowsill, I jumped out the window and climbed down the shaky metal fire escape. I shivered as my hands gripped the frigid metal as soon as my feet hit the grown I jogged across the street.

"Hey! Hey, man!" Shouting, I weaved in between the people till I reached her. It took me a moment before I recognized her.

The lady from the outside of the shop!

"Hi-hi cutie, I don't think we-we met." Her slurred, blinking her big blue eyes that were bloodshot and glazed. She was drunk and high, a horrid mix for someone who's never been either.

"What did you give her?" I bark, grabbing her hand. A man walked forward, tilting his head and taking a step even closer to us.

"Man, we didn't give her anything;She took it pretty willingly if you ask me."

"What.Did.She.Take." I breathed out slowly, making hard eye contact with him. I quivered with rage and fear as I tried to keep my breathing even. I stood in the background and now I'm in the middle of a confrontation between druggies in the middle of a dark street.

Another guy popped up, the thin man with the beak of a nose and slicked back hair. My forehead was immediately speckled with sweat as my eye twitched.

"Just a blunt, brownies, and a couple beers. This chick of yours likes to party!" He laughed, giving her a shove towards me.

"It's quite a shame you came when you did, we were about to have ALL sorts of fun!" He flashed me a sick, sick grin as she blinked her glass eyes, raising a hand to her lips.

"Leave my g-girlfriend alone!" I sputtered out, hoping they believe the white lie.

"Ooo, I know what YOU'RE doing, sweetie."She coughed into her hand, lifting up the other one as if she was preparing a speech.


I mentally screamed, knowing how hard it was for a clear thought to slip threw all the haze.

"You're such a handsome man. I'm so glad you're all mine."She mewed softly, ranking her fingers down my chest. My cheeks flashed red as I snatched her hand and laced it threw my own, trying to hide the budding embarrassment.

"I'm just going to take her home now, thank you for watching her and taking her out for some fun. She needs to get out every once in awhile!" I forced a harsh laugh as I pulled her out from their suspicion gaze.

"Have a goodnight.......Maddox Salvador."

We were about half-way across the street when I froze in my tracts. A ice cold chill ran threw my veins as everything in my body stopped working. My breathing quickened, anxiety rushed into my head as I felt the world start to crumble.

God, he knows.

He knows.


My heart pounded in my ears as she poked my shoulder.

"Maddox, is it? I like that name." She said dizzily as I forced myself to trudge on.

I was breathing hard and fast, my face starting to go numb from the events that proceeded.


Take a long, slow breath.

Name five things you feel, Maddox.

Taking in a deep strong breath as I compulsive held her hand tighter. I could feel the cool breeze,warm fingers, smooth fabric, silky hair brushing against my arm, and stinging from were some of the ashes fell. My chest slowly untightened as it became easier to walk back to the fire escape.

"How are you doing?" I glanced back at her, observing how far gone she was. Brownies are hard and strong, a little goes a long way and they obviously never let her on to this fact. Blunts and alcohol are two things that I was never stupid enough to mix, one made you hazy and the other made you forget. It was a good thing highs only lasted a good hour or so.

"Just dandy, now that you're here." She said smoothly as I helped her up the fire escape slowly.

It wasn't a question weather or not she was attractive;She knew it just everyone around her knew it as well. She was short and curvy, it wasn't like magazine curvy. She had all the things models are famous for but she also the things they desperately tried to hide;thighs that touched, a stomach that curved outwards, and round apple cheeks. She had a heart shaped face that was all painted and maroon hair flowing in waves down to her waist.

"I'm a dress size 16, just like Ashley Graham! Y'all-y'all looked like y'all wanted to know, Mr.Maddox whatever-your-last-name-is!" She huffed out, tugging her hand from mine. I turned bright red as I pushed up my glasses that have slipped to the edge of my nose.

"N-No! I wasn't! Um, I-I was.......You j-just look familiar!" I pushed out, thoroughly flustered as we both climbed into the window. She kicked off her mile high shoes, plopping down on my bed.

"Well, I think I would have remembered someone like y'all, sweet cheeks."

She rubbed her glowing eyes, staring me up and down as my stomach tied itself in knots. I quickly turned away as I lit another cigarette, puffing on it and blowing the smog out in an even cloud.

Not since Camille, I haven't since I've changed.

Haven't even kissed a single soul, she was my first everything.

"Um, I imagine you want to change-Miss?"

I jumped as I felt arms snake around my waist, hot breath on my shoulder.

"Juniper Grace........You can call me Gracie, Max." She moved a arm, fiddling with the color of my sweater. I tried to wiggle out of her grasp as I turned around, facing her.

"You-You can stay here for the night o-or I can take you home, Gracie."

" I have no where to go, Max. That's why I decided today was the day! Today was the day I was going to meet some of the real sins in this god forsaken city."She sighed, plucking the cigarette from my lips and putting it between her own heart shaped lips. I cocked my head, the high was starting to were off but the drunkenness was still running rampant.

"Have you ever been high, Max?" She made direct eye contact, tilting her head slightly as she knew the answer to her own question. I twitched, wanting to tell her nothing but I found myself telling her something different.


"Do you miss it?"

"Every second of everyday and I'm almost positive I will, forever."

"Weed, Crack, Crank, Heroin, Cocaine,Glass, Ice, Molly,LSD-"

"Can we please stop talking about this?" I pleaded, drumming my fingers on the windowsill. She was too inquisitive, it threw me off more than anything she did.

If she was this bad wasted, how inquisitive would she be sober?

Seeing her made my body crave the high.

The itch was especially bad today.

He could have gave me some, I had money.

Just a little, just enough white china to take the edge off.

"They told me a ton of names for stuff to try today! And to think,I couldn't ever remember what a blunt was called!" She giggled like a school girl, acting like she did something completely outlandish. I coughed loudly, shaking her off and walking to my dresser, pulling out an oversized sweater and sweats that used to fit me before.

"Such a gentleman, I bet you make your girlfriend very happy,Max." I handed her the clothes as she pulled me in a tight hug, every muscle in my body going rigid. She stood on her toes, wrapping her hands around my cheeks and yanking my face down. Heat flushed to my face as I cringed, knowing she could feel my body under the thinning sweater. She quickly pressed her lips against the side of my mouth as felt myself turn a shade darker.

"You're drunk! It's-it's not.....You don't know what you're doing." I muttered as she smirked, pulling back and starting to tug off her shirt. I quickly turned around, feeling my heart race.

"I may be drunk but that doesn't stop me from being a strong independent women who- is kind, not to mention attractive- and wants some action." She pushed out, sounding quite annoyed.

God, she's frustrating!

I ran a hand through my wood colored hair, pulling it back in a messy bun. I nervously tapped my foot on the hard floor, trying to focus on anything else.

"I'm using your bathroom."

"Okay, use whatever you need." I murmured softly, fighting the urge to throw on another layer of clothes.

He recognized me.

That means they stayed in the area.

How could I have been stupid enough to believe they left?!

They know I'm here!


"You can turn around now, prude."

A thousand thoughts ran through my mind as I begged anyone for strength. I had to stay clean! I had too;I've come so far and fought so much. It would break them after all they had done done for me.

Would you trade a moments pleasure for a lifetime of happiness?

Robins voice echoed in my head as I glanced behind me. She looked different without all the paint, clear milky skin, thin arched eyebrows and big cloudy eyes.

She looked pretty, not that she didn't look pretty before.

It was just a different kind of pretty.

I wanted to tell her, when I tried too I found my lips glued together and my mind blank.

"I-I'm going to change.......There's a couple extra blankets if you need them, I'll sleep on the floor."

She parted her lips slightly, staring at me like I was a deer and her a tigress.

"You didn't watch me but you don't mind if I watch you;Do you, Max?"

I grabbed some clothes from the floor, keeping my head down as I walked to the restroom. She was truly everything I was not, even if I did change in front of her she would surely be disappointed with what she sees.

I let out a quick, painful laugh.

"I'm sure you wouldn't want that,Gracie. You're drunk, not to mention coming down from a high."

I slipped into the bathroom, tugging on a Sons of Anarchy shirt and oversized sweats, trying to avoid eye contact with the mirror.

Skinny arms, skinny legs, and scars;Lot's of scars.

Almost as many scars as I had freckles dotting my body, one resting right above my lip next to the arch,another resting on my cheek.

Jagged scars ran across both wrists as I cringed away from the violent memory.

It was when things got bad.

I was selfish.

Hot tears ran down my cheeks before I knew what was happening, I touched them gently looking at the shred of the person I once was. I looked as if, at one time, I was handsome or even average looking. It looked like I was once at one time, just another face in the crowd, a fresh face teenage.

I quickly shook off the eerie, unsettling, disturbed memories as I walked back out to the room. Gracie, tucked herself under the covers and stared at me playfully.

"It would be much appreciated if you just slept in here......With me." She purred, stroking the other half of the small twin bed.

I concentrated on my words with all my might as I tried not to stutter as often as I do when I'm nervous and embarrassed.

"It......It.....It isn't right, Gracie...You're very drunk-

"AND coming down from a h-high as you kindly pointed out, Max;You gentleman." She rolled her eyes as I laid down the blankets and went to shut off the lights.

It was good she wasn't slurring as much as she was when I first got her but you do things you regret when your wasted, I didn't want her to do any of the things I did;She was too innocent,pure. It didn't matter if she wanted to experience the sins of the city, she can do that all she wants;sober so she could at least remember all the memories.

"WAIT!" I jumped as she cried out, just as my hand hovered above the light switch.

"I'm....I'm afraid of sleeping in the dark....Please, just come over here;I won't try anything I swear!" She clutched the blankets, her eyes opened wide in fear as my hands began to tremble slightly;This time not from withdraws of tobacco but from nerves.

I hated sleeping alone.

I perfectly understand why she asked.

I just couldn't understand how she did it;It just slipped out of her lips, she knew I would remember it too. I've told her things that were personal because it's more than likely she'll forget, but she knows I'll remember and still said it. It was just so personal to have someone share your bed,wether they are a lover or not.

"Okay....I-I always hated sleeping alone anyways." I grumbled, walking over and slipping between the sheets. The sparkled returned to her eyes as she cuddled down into the bed.

"I won't try anything.....Unless you want me to,Max."

I blushed against hard, turning over so my back was facing her.

"Did it ever occur to you, Max that I just say these things to get those perfect high cheekbones to glow?"

I started to curled my knees to my chest as I felt an icy foot side up my leg, I felt shivers run up my arms.

"I'm cold!" She said promptly as I scooted slightly away from pure embarrassment.

"I-I doubt I will keep you warm!" I argued, pressing my arms against my chest. My chest tightened as I twitched once again.

"It makes me feel safer, okay? Is that what you wanted to here,Max! I'm not making a move on you.......This time." She chuckled at the end of her tirade, pulling out my bun and curving into my body, burying her nose in the back of my neck.


She moved her other hand so it was wrapped tightly around me as the other ran it's soft fingers through my mounts of waves.


Then for the first time in a long time, I felt protected from the nightmares and memories.

Feelings having been stirred up in me, that I thought died along time ago.

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