The Colorful Violin

These are some of the sins of the city.
Everyone warned them to stay away, but they pushed off their warnings carelessly.
Some of them are older, raised on the cities enticements. Others are younger, their innocent doe eyes having seen nothing yet.
A junkie who's trying to stay clean.
A artist drowning in the past.
A dealers debt that can't be repaid.
A small town kid, eager to see what sins lay in the city.
All five are about to be tugged into the seemingly innocent word of The Colorful Violin. A shop with a seductive glow that comes with deadly consequences.
All five have been to the underbelly of hell, leaving them with scars and wounds to deep too fill.
It isn't a question IF they will be lured in because it's always just been a matter of WHEN.
Welcome to the dark side of New York.


4. Heroin and Violins

Heroin and Violins

Robin Hemingway's P.O.V

I craned my neck around, watching Maxie warily as he lite a cigarette and inhaled deeply.

"I thought you quit." It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

He blinked his oddly bright eyes, turning to face me.

Maxie's eyes were haunted, two blue drops swirling in pools of silvery grey. They were eyes that have seen everything and nothing all at the same time.

So tortured, yet so completely and utterly innocent.

Heroine broke something in him;The scariest part was, I wasn't sure how or where.

He breathed out a thick tar smelling cloud before twirling it between his nimble fingers.

"You can't expect me to quit everything at once? Can you Robin?" Maxie puffed out, letting a chest rattling cough echo through the dark street. I sighed, pulling the rubber band off my wrist and tying up my kinky brown hair.

"I suppose not, Maxie, I just-I just," I look a deep breath and looked at the sliver of the boy I met at the tender age of fifteen, "I just don't want a repeat of what happened at the shop; It really breaks my heart to see you like that."

I squeezed my eyes shut tight as I saw flashes of the hot tears that ran down his face and the stoney expression he got right after. That look sent shivers up my spine, it was something no mere man would be able to face.

"I'm sorry Robin....It-It was the first attack I had in a long time...I was....I wasn't thinking....I'm sorry." He met my eyes once again as his other hand traced the name that was curled around his ear.

I pressed my lips together and quickly threw away the though, snatching his hand, just as the far away look began to take hold. The frigid,frigid look as if he might do anything.

"No, Maxie, don't apologize; I know your anxiety gets bad around this time of year. I want you to know, I let you back into my life because you changed; You're not her whipping boy anymore, okay?" He put his shaking hand to his lips as if he couldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth as he took another long drag, nodding his head furiously.

"God, I know, I know." He mumbled as we continued to walk down the cold damp cement to Marc's and I's apartment a block away.

I stole one more glance at him before continuing to walk forward, Marc's words from last night whistling through my ears.

"Robin, I love you....You know I do, I mean I married you-" He chuckled dryly, grabbing my hips and pulling me into his strong embrace, his warm almond shaped eyes twinkling. I snaked my hands around his strong torso as I squeezed him tightly.

"But you can tell, that's guys an ex-tweaker if I ever saw one; Robin, it's just," he angrily ran a hand through his hair, chewing on his pillowy bottom lip.

"I love Maddox, you know I do, ever since he's stayed with us, he's been like.....It's been like Sammy never left.I'm scared, I'm scared you don't have the strength to save that boy. I mean look what happened when you were fifteen-"

I wrinkled my eyebrows, shoving him back at arms length.

"When we were FIFTEEN Marc! I'm twenty-six now and I'd like to think that I'm a little bit stronger than I was ELEVEN years ago!" Crossing my arms across my chest, I felt heat rise in my cheeks as I pitched the bridge of my nose and took a deep breath.

"I had tried to save him, he didn't know-," I let the words die on my tongue as I continued,"Things have changed, Marcos! He's two years clean and it finally starting to pull his life together-"

"Please, Robin, please don't call me Marcos; It makes me feel like I've been slapped."

My hard look softened as I grabbed his strong tan hand, and kissed the knuckles lightly. Marc shook his head, bending down and placing his forehead against mine.

"Maddox just gets this look sometimes......It's like....It just makes me wonder if he's actually clean; It makes me worry for you-us, our life together,because if someone-ANYONE were to find drugs here....Robin, you know this would be it! They don't give second chances." He's voice slowly died at the end, I widened my eyes for a moment as I began to realize what he was saying.

"What do you mean, Marc? Just say it. Just say you think Maddox is on heroin." I said flatly as I exhaled air through my nose and chewed the inside of my cheek.

"Sammy.....You know Sammy O.D....What you don't know is I brought him to the hospital, he started to go himself but didn't make it all the way and called me....Before he, you know." He sighed heavily, as if the whole world rested on his chest. "I have a mark on me now....I...I can't be caught with drugs, it would ruin everything for us,Robin. I don't think, Maddox, is on drugs but if he is;It would be the end."

My jaw went slack as I looked down at my clothes and felt the tips of my ears get red.

He really doesn't believe Maddox's clean;I nearly heaved at the idea that maybe Marc was right. Many moments pasted before I rapidly shook my head;What was I thinking?

Maddox swore to me, to Marc, even begged us to drug test him.

It was different and Marc needed to understand that.

"Just.....Promise me it's different,Robin, okay?"

I sucked in a breath, looking at his beautifully carved features; his strong brow, pillowy lips, hooded caramel eyes, and crooked nose. He was perfect to most eyes, except for that nose; It looked as if it were once prominent but now leaned slightly towards the left.

I jumped on the windowsill, grabbing his shirt and pulling him close; Running my fingers threw his silky ink back hair.

"Okay, I promise Marcos Lee Hemmingway."

He grinned before capturing my mouth with his.

"Did I ever tell you how much I love you, Robin?"

I chuckled darkly, wrapping my long legs around his waist as I leaned in, whispering devilishly into my ear.

"You have and I'd greatly enjoyed it if you showed me."

My toes curled at the thought of Marc and the thought of us.

Maddox let out another chest rattling cough as the euphoria begun to slip away like sand in the wind as Marc's doubts rang in my ears.

He really does look like an junkie,doesn't he?

I tilted my head to the side, examining him closely; It's just written all over him, thought you couldn't deny he looks better than he used to, clear of the small scabs that used to be littered across his body. His cheeks still sharp but leaning farther away from the gaunt look they used to have. I scanned his spidery legs that led up to his torso;I wrinkled my bow as I struggled to tell if he's gained away weight;His torso carefully tucked away in a oversized wool sweater with a beaten leather jacket over that. His skin wasn't waxy anymore but he gained color and was back to the pale porcelain, even though he didn't bare the scabs anymore, small scars were sprinkled on his face like stars in a galaxy, nerveless my bet was that even more covered his arms.

I smiled softly, "You look good, Maxie;I mean it, you really do."

He nibbled on the two rings that went through his bottom lip as his cheeks pinked.

"T-Thanks," he brought the cigarette up his lips, inhaling and looking back at me,"I-I think I'll take you up on your offer, I want to do the cover up since today's the anniversary;I know I've been hard to deal with, Robin. Thank you," He looked up, pale grey eyes meeting my deep brown ones. "Thank you for everything you did years ago,I-I don't think I've ever properly thanked you." He said, his voice's rasp more prominent towards the end as his fingers went up and grazed the name again.

I pressed my lips together as I then squeezed his shoulder gently.

Now is not the time nor place to bright up fifteen years ago,Robin.

I got a vivid flash of auroral red splashed against a chillingly white floor as I twitched. Shoving, shoving, shoving those images down into the depths of my memory.

"Maxie, I need-"

I immediately forgot the words as sickening sweet sound, drifted into my ears like honey. It was by far the more beautiful sounds I've ever heard; Dark blues and reds caresses my face and ears, begging me to get closer.

It was hauntingly familiar.

I would have sold my soul to BE the suductive tune that beckoned me closer.

"Do you see it?" Maxie whispered breathlessly before his face went white as a sheet. He wrapped his hand around mine, he's fingers now slick with a cold sweat

"R-Robin! We-we need to go! Now!" He nearly shouted, trying to keep his voice as an urgent whisper.

I licked my dry lips, feeling my whole body throb with need.

"It's....It's a violin,Maxie!"

The reason I knew was unclear but the feeling of familiarity still itched at my brain.

My toes clenched and unclenched as the notes for higher and higher, climbing up a magnificent ladder. The colors change to a dark, dark grey as the note suddenly hit the floor;A deep sensual sound that aroused something deep within me, something I've never felt.

"I need to find it!"

It wasn't a statement, I needed to find the music.


I craved it with every fiber in my being.

Where? Where? WHERE?!

The voice became more urgent as the feeling of knowing overwhelmed me, the feeling to sob pounding at my eyes; It took everything I had not to let the tears flow.

"Robin! Robin! We need to leave now!" Maddox begged, walking in front of me and shaking my shoulders hard enough to snap me out of the spell. I grimaced, grabbing his wrists tightly as I bubbled with rage.

"WHAT! WHAT IS SO IMPORTANT, MADDOX!" I screeched, immediately regretting the moment before, as soon as my eyes rested on his face.

Oh god, what have I done?

He was white as snow, lips trembling, sweat running down his face, and goosebumps everywhere I could see.

"Maxie, I'm-"

"Robin, eleven years ago! Don't you remember?!"

Goosebumps started to crawl over my arms as every hair on my body stood up, the foggy memory starting to clear.

"Jokav Thorne." I said mystified as a sense of dread bleed into every pore of my body.

He still plays just as beautifully as he used too when we were kid, his son, I and Maddox used to just listen to him for hours and hours. Even finding time to in our digital and fast pasted teenage lives.

"He-He died in that car crash! Don't you remember!" He sucked in a deep breath, trying to slow down his rapid breathing.

"The man who's playing is DEAD! His-his son lived with you guys before he ran away, Robin. Didn't he?" Maddox's breathing slowly started slow, as he lifted up and hand and shook it like he was trying to remember something. The eerie music came to a abrupt stop as he continued to shake his hand and look around the dark street. His eyes bounced back and forth trying to find something-anything.

"Quinn Thorne, he always said he wanted to play but his father wouldn't let him touch the violin." I faintly smiled as his memory, dark thick chocolate hair and bright eyes; One a leaf green, the other so brown it was black; His skin so pale it was almost luminescent, his sharp accent holding on to constants and letting vowls flow.

"I know they were foreign but I can never place from where......The point is though, we need to get out of here!" He muttered, brow still slick with sweat, the color starting to return to his cheeks. Maddox grabbed my hand once again and started pulling me in the direction of the apartment.

I closed my eyes and pictured everything I had forget, polishing it like a priceless gem.

How could I have forgot that sound?

How could I forget all this?

To be fair, Robin, it was eleven years ago, anyone could have forgotten.; A voice whispered reassuringly in my ear, assuring me this wasn't my fault.

"Russian, Maddox, they were Russian." I said finally, still lost in though, the music still thrumming in my ears.

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