Help me down or leave me dry


4. that was then this is now

-hey guys I'm just going to do the story from Amanda's p.o.v cause it's simpler and almost all of it involves her anyway so enjoy this chapter-


Andy locked the door behind him when we got in the room to keep the others from coming in. He walked over to me and asked me who the guy following me was and why he was chasing me.

Real time

"The guy is my abusive and controlling boyfriend Matt. No matter how hard I try he always finds me. He won't let me break up with him and he's dating another girl." I said with tears threading to fall from my eyes.

Andy had tears staring to appear in his eyes. I felt bad for dumping all this on him in the moment but it felt good to get it out to somebody who wouldn't hit me for my opinions.

"What!! that fucking bastard. How dare he hurt a beautiful woman like u." Andy said. He was starting to go red in the face from anger.

You no that look when ur so mad u can kill somebody. Ya imagine that on Andrew Biersack not good.

"It's ok Andy. He's not the only one though." I reassured him looking down at my feet.

"Who else dose this to u" he said turning me around to examine my bruises on my back.

I heard a gasp of shock come from his mouth.

"I guess u found the whip marks on my back. Those are from my parents." I justified as Andy traced the bruises with his finger gently.

"Why the hell would they do this to u" he said facing me once more.

"Well take a seat and I'll tell u the whole story." I replied dragging Andy over to the bed and sitting down in a chair across from him.

This is the story I told him:


When I was born my parents didnt want me. They wanted a boy not a girl. They kept me anyway so that way when they got a boy he could have somebody to pick on. As I grew up mom and dad lost every child they tried to have. They were so mad that they took it out on a 10 year old. It was then I realized how screwed I would be in the long run.


After my parents beat me for the first time. I went to the school principle for help. He didn't do jack squat. All he did was call my parents and ask if what I say is true. He then told me that I was lying and the bruises and cuts I had were not from them. After that everybody hates me cause I always had bruises and cuts from my parents and myself.


Matt started off as a sweet guy. Always brought flowers and went on surprise dates. That soon changed when my step sister Shaylee came along. He slept with her every night. It was like I was his side bitch and not his girlfriend but he still wouldn't let us break up. His parents told him lies about me. So he started trying to change me. Whenever I acted out he beat me. Whenever I disobeyed i'd get raped. He follows me everywhere. Ive tried to get away from him but he always finds me somehow. It only gets worse everytime he catches me.

-------------thats my story------------

As I ended my tale I looked up from the floor to realize I was crying. I looked at Andy and saw he had rapid tears going down his face dripping onto his shirt.

•Ahem• said a voice from behind me. I turned around to see the rest of the band in room crying. I guess they heard me telling about what has happened to me.

"Omg that is so bad" Ashley spoke up first out of all of us.

"Yeah" the rest quickly agreed.

Andy got up and took my hand bringing me to the group. I didn't no what was happening so I went with it. It ended up being a big teary group hug.

After we all broke apart somebody broke down the door to the hotel room. At the sight of Matt standing in the doorway it overwhelmed me and I passed out cold right into Andy and Ashley's arms. Luckily I fell right between them.

-hey hoped u liked it. What do u think Matt wants. What will happen between Andy and Amanda.-

-I'll get another chapter up in the morning.-

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