A twist on a classic Tale.

I don't believe in fairy tales or happy endings. Because in life you you don't get to ride into the sunset with your knight in shining armor. I stood by that theory ever since my parents died. It gave me sanity.... that was until I moved to Falling Dale, and I began questioning everything I once thought I knew.


1. chapter 1

When my parents died everything hurt. I tried to be the strong one but I broke. If it wasn't for my brothers, I don't think I would have been able to put the pieces back together.

I have seven brothers. My parents desperately wanted a girl, with 8 lucky tries they finally got there wish.

David is the oldest. We like to call him Doc because after dad died he kinda became the father figure of the family. Next is Henry. Henry is always so happy, and will pretty much laugh at anything. Sean and Shawn are twins. They are inseparable and are the best lacrosse players I know. After them is Brendon. Brendon has always been the sweetheart of the family. He has had more girlfriends then I can count. Next we have Dylan. Dylan isn't the smartest but he like Sean and Shawn lives for lacrosse. Lastly is Garret. Garret is the wild child. Before Mom and Dad died he was like the rest of my brothers.Happy, played basketball, and had a girlfriend. Then he snapped.

Oh and there's me. Elena Snow, the baby. I am my brothers "pride and joy". I run track and want nothing more then to run away from all my problems. Sometimes if I run fast enough it feels like I'm flying. I wish I could fly. Then when things get too bad I will be able to leave and no can stop me.

Doc decided that we needed a fresh start so we are dropping everything to move to Falling Dale in the middle on New York.

The drive form Virginia is about 10 hours long.I sleep the whole time. I keep having the same recurring dream. I am stuck in box like coffin. No matter how loud I scream for help, or how much I pound I can't get out. Then suddenly it opens. I am blinded by a bright light and a figure stands before me. Just as I'm about to make out its face I wake up.

"Get up." Henry says shaking me lightly. I wipe the drool from my mouth and sit up.

"Can sleeping beauty help us carry these boxes?" Sean yells. I roll my eyes getting out of the car.

"I'm up." I groan walking over to him. He hands me a box and I nearly fall over. Dang it's heavy.

"Thanks kiddo." He pats the top of my head and walks away. I stumble trying to carry the box and Doc runs over to me. He takes the box.

"Seriously Sean!" He yells. Sean holds his arms out and mouths "What did I do?"

A huge house stands in front of me. It's white with navy shutters. A porch wraps around it. Mom always wanted a porch. I smile to myself.

I walk inside. The wooden floors creek with every step I take. I hear Shawn

and Brendon fighting over rooms.

"Fine Shawn! You can have the big room, but you gonna have to share the room with Sean!" Brendon yells.

"Just because we are twins doesn't mean it's ok for us to share everything."Sean screams back. They better shut up before Doc walks in and beats the shit out of them.

I walk past a room which has Garret sitting inside. He sits on his floor smoking a cigarette.

"We just got here and your already smoking." I say not hiding the disgust in my voice.

"Fuck off El." He says getting up and slamming the door in my face. I sigh I miss the old Garett so much.

I find the room with all my stuff in it. When Doc asked me what I wanted for my room at the new house, I told him I wanted my own bathroom. I remember he laughed and told me he would see what he could do. I open a door that I thought was a closet and am pleasantly surprised to find out he followed through.

I unpack all my stuff, and lay on my bed. Drake beats through my head phones.

I hear my door open and see Dylan is standing in the doorway. I pull out one of plugs to listen to what he has to say.

"We are going into town for dinner.Want to come?" He asks.

"Sure just let me fix my makeup and I'll be down." He leaves and I walk into my bathroom. My mascara is all smudged from my nap in the car.I whip it way and reply it. I dab on some for concealer before going down stairs.

Brendon, Shawn, Sean, Henry, and Dylan all sit waiting for me in the car.I knew Garret wouldn't come.

"Hey where's Doc?" I ask.

"He is still unpacking."Brendon tells me. I have always felt bad for Doc. He grew up to fast. He is only 22 but acts like he is 45. Since he was the oldest he felt obligated to step up and take care of the family.

As we drive into town and the boys fight over who they think they will win march madness. It's only November.

We pull up to a cute little diner, and head to a booth in the the back.The diner serves breakfast 24/7 which makes me hype af. I order a tall stack on pancakes since I haven't eaten all day.

I barely even breathe eating the pancakes.

"Damn El ya hungry?" Shawn smirks and Dylan elbows him in the stomach.

"Shit man!"Shawn groans holding his side and everyone bursts out laughing.

A bunch of kids our age walk in. They stare at us like if they look at us long enough they will know who we are.One boy though catches my eye. He has his arm around some blonde chick. But he looks at me differently then his friends do. He doesn't judge he just looks interested.

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