We'll All Go Together When We Go

Davis is a gay satire song writer. Jack and Leanne are hopelessly in love. Martin has just broken up with Agnes. Mel is new and single and perfect for Martin. As Davis, Jack, Leanne, Martin and Mel enter year their final year of school, none of them expect World War Three to erupt around them.

I should probably say that this is a satire musical and if you are easily offended then you should probably leave the internet now. The songs used were written by Tom Lehrer who is a genius. As I am British, I have adapted some of the U.S lyrics for U.K lyrics. I have also updated some of the songs to reflect the society we live in. I have included videos of the original songs at the end of each song.


11. Scene 11

(Mel, Martin and Davis are in a park. Jack and Leanne enter. They greet each other.)

Mel: Hey, Leanne, are you okay.

Leanne: Yeah, I'm just a bit freaked.

Mel: Why? What's up?

Jack: Don't listen to her. She's just being silly.

Leanne: North Korea just declared war with South Korea and China has issued a statement agreeing with the deceleration of war.

Mel: Oh shit.

Leanne: Finally someone who reacts normally!

Jack: Don't encourage her!

Leanne: Just because you're blind to what's going on in the world around you doesn't mean that -

Davis: Quiet! Look we came out here to have fun so why don't we just forget all this shit that's going on and try to be happy? Okay?

Jack: Okay.

Leanne: Fine.

(Awkward silence)

Martin: Fair play, Davis. This is pretty decent.

Davis: Thank you.

Mel: Let’s play a game!

Martin: What kind of game?

Mel: If you could live anywhere in the world, apart from here, where would you live?

Davis: Greece.

Mel: Okay. Why Greece?

Davis: Well the culture is really interesting, you know? And the food is to die for, the architecture is astonishing. What’s not to like? Oh yeah. And have you seen the Grecian guys? I am telling you now, it is not just the sun that makes is so hot over there.

Mel: Fair enough, but if it was me I’d pick America. Specifically, the Wild West.

Jack: Yes!

(Mel and Jack babble very stereotypically about how awesome it would be to live in the Wild West.)

Leanne: I dunno. It might have been cool to live in the Wild West in like the twenties, but now? I mean, think about nuclear tests and stuff that were done there?

Jack: Along the trail you'll find me lopin'
Where the spaces are wide open,
In the land of the old A.E.C. (yea-hah!)
Where the scenery's attractive,
And the air is radioactive,
Oh, the wild west is where I wanna be.

Mel: Mid the sagebrush and the cactus,
I'll watch the fellas practice
Droppin' bombs through the clean desert breeze.
I'll have on my sombrero,
And of course I'll wear a pair o'
Levis over my lead B.V.D.'s.

Jack and Mel: Ah will leave the city's rush,
Leave the fancy and the plush,
Leave the snow and leave the slush
And the crowds.
Ah will seek the desert's hush,
Where the scenery is lush,
How I long to see the mush-
room clouds.

Mel: 'Mid the yuccas and the thistles
Jack: I'll watch the guided missiles,
While the old F.B.I. watches me. (yea-hah!)
Mel: Yes, I'll soon make my appearance
Jack: (Soon as I can get my clearance),
Jack and Mel: 'Cause the wild west is where I wanna be.





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