A new time

Its the 71st annual hunger games district 9 hasn't seen winners in ten years but when clove is reaped will she bring pride to her district or will she lose her life for a boy


2. Its me

     I was quckly shiffted into my age guop with the rest of the 13 year olds "Welcom welcome to the 71st annual hunger games" luna boom our esscort said. ladies first she always gose quick clove terice oh no that cant be thats me hands pushed me up on stage and i would have to fight to the death what am i going to do. Luna walked over to the boy bowl and picked my crush rylan miller his mom is a victor and he could kill me in seconds. Luna made us shake hands and we were pushed into the justits bulding. No one came and vities me actcepd the old women from the hob she gave me a leaf necklace she said to were it as a token from my districk but after her i was put in the trian seeing jelose looks from other girls that i was going to spend more time with rylan but i think they fogot that i had to fight to the death.

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