I Love My New Brother

Hunter and Cole were always polar opposites. They went to the same high school and never spoke. Things changed when Hunter's mom and Cole's dad got married. These two guys soon learned that they love each other... in a different kind of way. WARNING -- This story will contain explicit language and acts. You might be triggered.


3. Jacob, The Lifeguard

It was Saturday and Hunter, Cole, and Emma went to the back to school pool party. It was the first time Cole had ever went to any social event during high school.

"I know your nervous, but try to make friends. Find a cute guy." Said Hunter. "I guess I'll try."


I walked away from Hunter and Emma with one goal: Find a hot guy. But before that, I have to talk about Hunter again. Damn does he look good. Big muscles, nice pecks, defined abs, chiseled v-line. Woof! Emma sure is a lucky girl. Anyways, I walked over to the pool to dip my foot in, but something caught my eye. One of the hottest men I've ever seen. Bigger muscles, nicer pecks, more defined abs, the most chiseled v-line. I look down at my shorts and saw I had a boner. This is not the time since I'm around all these kids. I couldn't stop staring. He's really hot. I can imagine us going on dates, making out, giving hand jobs, giving head, him fucking my tight hole hard. Oh the hot, kinky, steamy sex. I'm about to come thinking about this. I have to make a plan to meet him. Maybe fake drown, or slip and fall, or run into something. Suddenly, Emma interrupted my thoughts.

"Hey Cole, I see you've met someone." "How'd you know?" You've been staring at him with an erection for 5 minutes. People are looking. He's hot. Like REALLY hot. Go talk to him. Maybe he's gay, or bicurious."

"I'm not good at meeting new people. But I guess I'll try." "You go girl! Get that hot piece of ass!"

I walked over to him and I was nervous. I was sweating a lot. So I jumped in the pool to get his attention. He looked at me. I climbed out and walked over to him with the sexiest strut I've ever done.

"Hi. How are you today." "Fine." "My name is Cole." "Name's Jacob." "How old are you." "19... you." "17." Nice, an older man. "Do you go to school around here." "Yea, I go to UCLA." "Major?" "Biomedical Sciences." What the fuck is biomedical sciences. I have no idea, so I'm just gonna compliment him. "Damn, you're smart." "Yea, I was valedictorian at my school." Now, it's time to seal the deal. "Do you have a girlfriend?" "No, I'm actually gay." PERFECT! "I know the struggle, I'm gay too. I actually came over here because I really like you. I think your hot, smart, have a great personality, hot. So I would like to know, would you like to go on a date." "I'm flattered, I think your cute too, you have a really tight bod, but you're too young." "I turn 18 in November." "I guess that's not to long from now. You got a date. I'll pick you up at 7 on next Friday." "Great!"

I got in the pool and swam over to Hunter and Emma. "I have a date on Friday!" "With who?" Asked Hunter. "The lifeguard over there. His name is Jacob, he's 19, goes to UCLA, and is really smart." "Is he not a little bit old. I don't know what your dad would say." Said Emma. "He doesn't have to know how old he is until I turn 18." "I guess so, but I'm not gonna be the one to tell Randall." "That's ok with me."

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