I Love My New Brother

Hunter and Cole were always polar opposites. They went to the same high school and never spoke. Things changed when Hunter's mom and Cole's dad got married. These two guys soon learned that they love each other... in a different kind of way. WARNING -- This story will contain explicit language and acts. You might be triggered.


1. I Hate You!

It was the first day of school at Violet Gardens Private School. Hunter walked into the school, and all eyes were on him. He was a tall, muscular guy with brown hair and blue eyes. His step -brother, Cole, quietly walked past him. He's an average sized guy with blonde hair and hazel eyes. Cole is actually really fit, with abs and muscles, but no one ever notices. Cole was shy and picked on a lot, probably cause he came out as gay sophomore year. He was hoping that Hunter would help him this year, but he knew he wasn't. They went their ways and didn't speak until they got home.

It was dinner time, and everyone had served food. They sat down at the table and were silent, until Clarissa asked a question."How was your first day of school." "Fine." "Cole, did anything happen to you today." Asked Randall. "The usual name calling, by Larry, Greg, and Michael." "So all of Hunter's friends. You now as your mother I'm disappointed that you did not stand up for your brother." "He chose to be gay, it's not my fault." Clarissa and Randall gasped. Before they could respond, Cole spoke in a harsh tone. " This is why I never liked him. He's an annoying, rude, homophobic RAT! He never liked me and he never will. I HATE YOU HUNTER!" Cole picked up his phone and ran upstairs crying. "Go apologize right now." Said Clarissa. "Ugh! Fine."

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