I Love My New Brother

Hunter and Cole were always polar opposites. They went to the same high school and never spoke. Things changed when Hunter's mom and Cole's dad got married. These two guys soon learned that they love each other... in a different kind of way. WARNING -- This story will contain explicit language and acts. You might be triggered.


2. Friend=$100

Hunter opened the door to Cole's room and found him crying. "Hey Cole." Cole sat up in his bed. "What." He said sobbing. Hunter walked and sat on his bed. "I'm sorry for what I said at the table. It was rude and insensitive of me to say what I said. My dad always talked like that and I guess I thought it was right, but it's not. I hope that I didn't ruin us still being able to be friends." "Thanks for apologizing. My mom used to speak the same way, so I understand. That's why I came out after she left. I knew I would be accepted by my dad. I guess I snapped when you said that. We used to always argue like that. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings." "No hard feelings." Said Hunter. "No hard feelings. You know, when I wasn't feeling good my mom would sleep with me, so..." "Haha! Fine, I guess, but only today."Thank you Hunter." "No problem, brother."


I woke in the morning with Hunter spooning with me. I guess he moved while he was sleeping. I felt his morning wood. I think he's pretty big. But that's just my gay side. I woke him up and he went to his bathroom to get ready for school. I feel like he was trying to be my friend. I really appreciate that. I think I'm gonna grow to like him. We went downstairs and our parents called him back to talk to him. I really hope they are thanking him for what he did. I think today will be a better day for me, probably the best in two years.


Cole woke me up and told me to get ready for school. I think we really made a connection last night. My morning wood touched his ass, so that was really awkward. I went and took a shower, then blow dried and styled my hair, then put on some clothes. Cole and I walked downstairs to go to the car, but our parents called me back. "Hunter, can we speak to you." Said my mom. "Ok." "Cole has been really lonely for the past two years. We think that you can help him. So we'll make a deal... you become his friend, set him up with other people, maybe find him a boyfriend, and protect him at school, we'll pay you $100 dollars a week. If he finds out, the two of us will take the fall." I know I shouldn't, but $100 a week. I'll have $400 by the end of the month. "Ok, I guess I will." I walked to the car and talked to Cole. I think I really boosted his self-esteem. I hope this doesn't go wrong.

They walked into the school, side by side, and people were shocked. Hunter and Cole as friends? The two of them walked to the lockers were Cole saw a pretty girl.

"You know I'm gay, right?" "Yes I know, just talk to her." "Hey Hunter." She gave him a peck on the lips. "This is my girlfriend, Emma."

"Hello, I'm Cole, Hunter's step-brother." "Your my new GBF. I'm gonna give you the best makeover. New clothes, new haircut, you're gonna look AMAZING!"

"You would do that for me?" "Of course I would. I love making new friends."

"I'll leave you guys alone, and y'all keep on talking." Said Hunter. "Bye!" Yelled Emma.

Later in the day, Cole was walking in the hallway when Larry, Greg, and Michael walked up to him. "Listen, I don't want any trouble. Please don't mess with me."

"Why not you dumb faggot." Said Greg. "You're a sissy, and we don't like sissies." Larry said. "Let's show this GIRL how real men act." Said Michael. They started beating him up when Hunter came around the corner.

"What are y'all doing! Get away from him!" Screamed Hunter. They ran away and Hunter sprinted towards Cole.

"Are you okay? Do you need help? Is anything broken?" "I'm fine. Thanks for protecting me." "No problem, I'm your brother. And your friend." "Can I call you my SBF. Step Brother Friend." "Sure, SBF."

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