Phoebe Remina

On her 18 birthday a girl who has been having dreams about her mother who gave her away once she was born to save her Remina Realm(her mother and fathers land), has found out she has the responsibility to find specific artifacts that will take her back to her parents and save Remina Realm.

The only problem is, creatures called Khorzaars have been on the hunt for these artifacts since she was born and will stop at nothing to find them and take over Remina Realm forever.


1. The Beginning...

“For generations a land on Earth, called Remina Realm had been the home to many innocent creatures, including the King and Queen Remina. They had looked after the land for centuries with the power to keep out any amoral creatures that wished to take over the Realm with a protective shield. But one day the Queen became sick and was heavily pregnant. This caused the shield to break and let any unwanted creatures outside the Realm enter the land.

For a while the King and Queen where able to fight off these creatures, but one day an army of Khorzaars arrived and attacked every Remina Realm creature that stood in their way. The only way to get the shield back and stop these creatures from entering was to give birth to a child with royal blood and send it out into the human world to live a life among humanity. Four priceless artifacts deprived from the Realm were sent with her along with four carers to look after them. The only way for the child to make it back to her home would be to find all four artifacts and taste their own blood drawn with the blade the artifacts create when put together. Only if any other creature got its hands on this blade and child’s blood, they too, could enter the realm.”

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