Project Hipster

Karma McFarlen is out of the loop. But has never noticed until now. Therefore 'Project Hipster' was born.


2. chapter 2

"Project Hipster" I said as I scrawled it down in my notepad, second period dragged on as I brainstormed ideas continuously onto my A4 page dedicated to my new project "well done Karma, taking notes for once I see" Mr Oakley said while I made my way to the door I was confused at first but got the gist and played along "yeah, thanks sir" I said walking out of the classroom for recess. Tee and India sat on the grass again. I greeted them but didn't bother to join the discussion on chakras and third eyes. I drew an outfit based on the hipster subculture adding things that I'd seen other people wear. I took some inspiration from Tuesday when she walked up to our little group in a plain white cotton dress with a brown belt and her strawberry blonde hair long with one thin braid to the left of her hair. "Karma, I'm in detention again" she moaned while taking a granola bar out and biting fiercely into it "what happened this time?" I asked shoving my notepad into my bag. "Sir and I were having a debate on whether animal testing should continue, it kind of turned into an argument and then me just cursing and everyone" she said with a mischievous smile "how long?" "Hour and a half" she said and began peeling a tangerine "what's that notebook?, you never take notes in class" she began eyeing up my bag "nothing, I've just decided to be more productive than usual" I said confidently. I knew I was a good liar but my talent seemed to waver in Tuesdays presence. 



"Okay, well I'll take a look at these notes..." she said snatching it from my bag she flipped to the first page and saw my drawings, notes and objectives "...your a real geek when comes down to it aren't you" she said reading my detailed analysis on 'hipsters' "get off, seriously, and... please don't tell Tee" I begged taking it back and ripping the page out I plunged it deep into my bag where I would soon forget about it. "Hey, those were some pretty good notes, even if it's not for school, and if you really want to do this hipster thing..." she said gesturing to me "...then your gonna need some help" Tuesday said smiling "really you'd help me be like you?" I asked packing my things up for next period "who says I'm a hipster?" "please! you practically scream hipster" I retorted. "I'll wait for you after college, at the front gate and we can get started on 'Project Hipster'" she said doing quote marks with her fingers around the words Project Hipster, she walked off with Tee and India to period three I left the school for my free period alone and felt like this could work with Tuesday by my side she was everything hipster packed into one person, and would be perfect to teach me the ways of the Hipsters.


I walked into a bone dry Starbucks, which was the norm for this part of town. I ordered a peach iced tea and sat alone next to the window I looked out in between glances at my phone and noticed a little cafe that was buzzing with customers, Organic Bean it was called the sign was made from a large piece of driftwood and had the name engraved into it. Could this be my new hangout for hipster me? I left my half full cup of iced tea and crossed the road into the cafe there was a line for orders and people taking free tasters of their vegan cookies and brownies a chalkboard was hung behind the counter of all the different drinks and snacks. I finally got to the barista after around fifteen minutes of waiting it was a toned guy with long hair that was tied back into a man bun  he had a stubbly but cute face that smiled at me "what would you like?" he asked tucking back a stray hair 'you' I thought 'no, shut up Karma... okay' I looked at the chalkboard embarrassed by my own thoughts... "what do you recommend?" I said finally looking back to him "personally I like cranberry tea infused with lemon" he said I looked at the price, the most expensive item on the menu "I'll have a brownie thanks" I said and pulled out my purse. I sat down with my brownie, that had been wrapped in an unbleached napkin I looked closely and saw a number clumsily written on the napkin with the words Adrian and call me written below the crooked numbers I looked at him and he smiled at me. My transformation had barely begun and guys who were full on hipster were already throwing their numbers at me... well one guy anyway. I texted Tuesday the luck I just had and an angry text came flying right back at me: HANDS OFF he is SO mine so don't you DARE touch Adrian Karma, T. I ripped up the napkin and threw it in the bin (along with all my hope) and munched quietly on my brownie that tasted quite bitter as I left I felt his stare pierce through me, he must have seen me tear it up.

I walked back to school feeling heavy with guilt, at least he had Tuesday she was into him. I entered my art lesson that I shared with India "Karma!" she shouted over the loud chatter in the classroom I sat next her reluctantly and took my sketch pad out "hey" she closed her eyes and grabbed my hands she immediately dropped them and stared at me "what's the matter?" this habit never failed to freak me out and reconsider my friendship with her "nothing, promise" she put her hands on my shoulders and said "I sensed green, envy or guilt?" she questioned still staring at me with her brown eyes. "Attention class, let's start" Mr Kopper said, saved by the teacher... he took a register and handed out our canvases we had been studying abstract art, which apparently was 'India's area' she had begun to get giddy over the fact that we'd be attempting abstract art for ourselves. "you have the rest of the lesson to come up with a piece of abstract art, I want you to paint what your feeling not what you think is 'pretty', keep in mind the colour wheel I want you to stick with either cold or warm colours, surprise me class B, off you go"  Mr Kopper said returning to his desk there was a short pause and then it began, most of us scrambled to the paints for first choice, I stayed where I was and watched the chaos unfold. It died down and I walked over to get my paints. I stood in front of my canvas and mixed pastel colours I decided to portray my longing for the hipster lifestyle in my art.

"And stop, everybody, don't worry i'll tidy up I know how desperate you are for the weekend" Mr Kopper was one of the best teachers here by far I thought as I left with India for the school gate. "That was so fun wasn't it?!" India said spinning in the hallways she received several dirty looks from others but didn't seem to care " it was okay, and stop you'll get dizzy" she halted her spinning and resorted to skipping instead she was four months older than me but acted like a two year old. We arrived at the gate, India said bye and walked on her own to the bus stop, I saw Tuesday waiting impatiently for me  "Karma have you seen Tee?, she promised she'd be here" Bethany, Tee's girlfriend asked me "no, sorr..." "...can you wait with me" she asked, I had always suspected she had a thing for me but seeing Tuesday walk away distracted me.  "No, sorry, okay bye" I said swiftly and ran to Tuesday. "You took your sweet time" she said when I had caught up to her "yeah sorry, Bethany again" I said adjusting my backpack "ugh, just tell her to lay off, anyway Project Hipster is now underway" Tuesday said with smile.

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