Project Hipster

Karma McFarlen is out of the loop. But has never noticed until now. Therefore 'Project Hipster' was born.


1. Chapter 1

"Karma, that is so mainstream" is what triggered my realisation we sat on the grass during lunch soaking up the sun in our regular spot: behind the school. I was wearing a hoodie and ripped jeans with a black headband in my short brown hair Tuesday sat beside me in a floppy vintage hat and was spraying her own homemade perfume and encouraging us to smell it ,the strong lavender scent made me feel relaxed. India made daisy chains from the daisies that were sprinkled sparsely around the field she already wore a daisy crown and had made one for me it had hung loosely off my wrist Tee inspected her daisy bracelet whilst playing music from a band I had never heard of  aloud on her iPod. It was a blissful lunch... like always.

  "hey guys, listen to this it's by Miley" I had said I pressed play on my phone, I closed my eyes and listened to the beat. when silence settled I opened them Tee was staring at me she was the unspoken leader of the group she had her blonde hair in loose pigtails which she always bragged about how she used organic shampoo only on it 'which is what nature intended' apparently, that was all I could think of when I looked at her stony face, Tuesday and India avoided eye contact and carried calmly on with what they were doing although their eyes flicked nervously toward Tee and I "Karma, that is so mainstream" I took in what she said 'was that meant to be an insult?' she turned away and turned her music back on and after that it was like I had just pulled out some high definition glasses, I could see everything clearly I looked at India, Tuesday and Tee the homemade perfume the daisy chains the Indie music and the vintage clothing gave clarity to my whole life. I looked at myself and back at my friends. That very day I arrived home and Googled my findings "Hipster?" I said to myself and here is what I, Karma McFarlen call Project Hipster... 


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