Pretty Little Psycho

She was an artist.

He was her muse.

She wanted to capture the perfect picture.

He wanted to capture her heart.


2. Pretty Little Psycho


01 | r e w o u n d

"A normal girl would've lost her mind, would've scratched her head rough in frustration. But not me. I am not normal."


The doors were locked, everyone was sat up against the designated wall in their classrooms calmly while they awaited the end of their practice lockdown. In each class there were boys and girls silently dying of laughter because of the faces made or the delicate whispers made to each other. Teachers silenced them as best as they could; if this was a real procedure they could very well have been injured by drawing attention to their quarters.

The tainted silver knob on the door of class 225 was jiggled as the principal  made his way by, checking to make sure the doors were locked. Faintly you could hear his voice outside. "Hey, you! Why aren't you in class? We're in the middle of a practice lockdown." He grumbled. Following that a dainty female voice sounded, "I'm just making this a little more... Fun." Suddenly there was an eery silence among the halls and classes as the girl pulled out a hand gun and sent a bullet through the principal's well rounded chest. A crackle came through the school's speakers followed by the vice principal's raspy and shaken voice. "Attention: We are no longer in a practice lockdown."

"We are now in a real lockdown. I repeat: We are now in a real lockdown."

That was the day our Pretty Little Psycho left town before she was caught. She had been twelve at the time and her parents simply wanted to protect her; they relocated themselves to Ontario, Canada and sent the child to therapy until they no longer saw her as broken. She was fixed as far as the eye could see.

a b o u t

This is the beginning (obviously) and it is showing why she is called psycho.

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