What We Used to Be

•self harm

"Her smile, her laugh, the way that we'd talk for hours on end and never stop..

I loved pretty damn near everything about her."


1. Prologue

The sun slowly sank beneath the ocean, as if another ocean filled with stars took watch over the sky and the beach.

A group of six sat together, eating, drinking,burying food beneath the previously lava like sand, and just talking, as friends always do.

"One more year till we're out of this godforsaken hell."


Eighth grade. Four years ago.

Raina was once again a loner, just as she'd always been. She needed someone to vent to, a friend she could trust. Of course, she trusted her usual friend group, infamously known as The Nerd Herd. But they were too pure for this. She never liked worrying any of them.

Until Al came along.

Al knew everything. She wasn't the most popular in the class, on the surface, at least. But everyone trusted her. And told her everything times thirty-one. This was who Raina needed. Someone who wasn't close to her, though someone who knew what was going on. Someone to vent to.

She didn't need someone to madly fall in love with. She didn't need someone to think about every morning she woke up. She didn't need someone to shatter her heart. She didn't need more drama.

But of course, that's exactly what she got anyway.

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