The Darkness Awakens

The darkness awakens is a spine chilling story about a little girl called Annie who has been cursed apon darkness but now she has awoke thirsty for human blood


1. The beginning...

It was a dark misty night in the deep dark forest of kaleria with wolves howling at the full moon sorounded by darkness but in the forest lay a child staring off into the night waiting for a victim she was covered with blood from head to toe, nobody knew why she was there but if they stepped even a foot towards her that would be their final step. People call her the monster of kaleria but she a has a name, her name is Annie she has been asleep in the darkness for over 10 years now But she awoke one day her eyes blood red she set out into the village ready to pounce on her first victim, a newborn baby how sickly the baby was in a basket fast asleep not knowing what's coming. Annie snuck into the window of the small cottage the baby was in she licked her lips with a devious smile ready to eat she took a huge bite of the babys neck blood pouring out like a fountain the baby screamed, it tried to scream a second time but nothing...Annie grabbed the baby by the head and ran back into the forest. she put the baby down on a soft pile of leaves she was ready to finish her meal in the forest where no one dared to go but this was not yet the end...


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