The Darkness Awakens

The darkness awakens is a spine chilling story about a little girl called Annie who has been cursed apon darkness but now she has awoke thirsty for human blood


3. Escape...

Annie looked through the small window she saw nothing but a flickering light inside she opened the window she climbed through...Bang the gun shot echoed through the village gold had done it Annie looked up at her blood coming out of her chest she fainted Gold started to panic she didn't know what to do..she didn't want to kill her just bring the good out out of her. She heard the door unlocking she had to hurry she jumped out of the window and scurried into the forest carrying Annie in her hands the villagers carried guns frying to find Annie to finish her off. Nobody knew that she could have a little bit of good in her. Gold needed to believe that she would come back to her good nature. She knew that her best friend would come back...

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