One Death Too Far

Told through the eyes of Ryder Greyn, a 6th year Ravenclaw. One Death Too Far tries to show the true horrors of the battle of Hogwarts and the toll it took on those fighting.


1. The first of many

It was a cold night when the Potter boy returned to Hogwarts. The air was crisp and looked to scatter whenever you tried to breathe. Harry was a hero to most, not to me though. To me he was a boy born at the right time to the right people, there was nothing special about him apart from that damned scar. And no matter what he may have done, he also brought pain and death wherever he went. I could never idolise him like so many I know do. But that’s beside my point, I come to you today as a storyteller, not as a Daily Prophet gossip columnist. My name is Ryder Greyn, and in my old age I find myself sharing more and more stories of the night the Dark Lord was vanquished from this earth. When Harry came back to Hogwarts I was still a young Ravenclaw lad, I was in my sixth year at Hogwarts. I can remember my days there well, even then I was a tad disappointing for your average Ravenclaw. Just like this story I suppose. I warn you now though, this is far from most of the stories you’ll hear from that day. Unlike them, I tell it how it was, not how they want you to think it was. Anyway, where to start my story. I suppose I should start during the preparation for the battle. McGonagall sent me to the Hospital wing to help gather medical supplies and get them down to the great hall. We got most of them before I witnessed the first death of many that day.

As our school’s defences came down, so did the death eaters. For Jamie it was over within a few seconds, for the rest of us it was an eternity as we saw his body crumple to the ground. As we saw the light leave his eyes and the blood stop pumping around his body. Madam Pomfrey was the only one to react to the attack and cast a swift petricus totalus spell on the killer, leaving him helpless. I’ll never forget that death eater’s face as he killed Jamie. It was twisted, it was somehow happy yet pained all at once. As if he suddenly felt the pain of guilt strike him as the green light struck Jamie. Jamie was a sweet boy; he didn’t deserve death for some stuck up Gryffindor kid running round the castle like a headless chook. I remember the shock eventually wearing off as screams approached me. Madam Pomfrey was busy fighting off two death eaters at once and Maisy was fighting one too. Oh right, Maisy. Well Maisy was my girlfriend of the time, she’d only stayed at the battle because she knew I was. My first love she was, so perfect, so smart, so strong. Yet as I stood there and watched her fighting I saw something else in her that I’d never seen. Hate. Blind, unmetered hate. She fought with everything she had, yelling curses and counter curses and all sorts of spells, some I'd never even heard of. I rushed to her aid, she fought better than me and soon the death eater had collapsed unconscious, as Maisy ran to aid Madam Pomfrey, who had already taken down one, I bound the death eater and ran deeper into the castle. Yelling to Maisy that I'd see her soon.

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