One Death Too Far

Told through the eyes of Ryder Greyn, a 6th year Ravenclaw. One Death Too Far tries to show the true horrors of the battle of Hogwarts and the toll it took on those fighting.


3. Safe Places

So that was the second death, although the third was soon to follow. As I recovered from that death, I ran. I ran back to my only safe place. I ran to Maisy. It took me a while to find her but I eventually found her in the Great Hall tending to the wounded, as I walked into the hall I saw the third. The third body was someone I knew well, Maggie Abrams. I used to help her study for ancient runes, she eventually got the hang of it and didn't need me. But we stayed friends. Well, until then of course. There she was, lying there. Her eyes glossed over and her face bloodied. She'd have taken a few down with her I reckon. She was a good fighter, Maggie was. A lot better than me and better than most people I knew. By this time Maisy had done all she could and came over to me. The great hall was not yet broken and battered like most of the castle. It seemed like a safe haven to all the fighting. Maisy strode over and took me into her arms. She hated seeing me in pain and I her. Maisy took me away, she took me to a far corner of the hall and just held me awhile. It was nice. It was calm. Well at least till they broke down the door, suddenly death eaters appeared at the entrance to the great hall. There were about 8 of them, and as soon as they were in they started flinging curses. The hall fell to pieces around us. I watched helplessly as a wooden girder fell atop one of the injured students. Who it was I don't know. But it still hurt, death always hurts. So that was the 4th death. And though I wish I could stop the story here and go with the more popular version where it all finishes happily. Sadly it was not the case. The battle continued, and so did the pain. Somehow I ended up outside, and witnessed the real front of the battle. Outside there was everything from giants to spiders to dementors. There was also, of course, death. As there always was. 

It was just as chilly outside as it was when the battle first started. Although this time it didn't feel cold because of the weather. No. It was cold because of the dementors, because of the sadness, because of the death. I always found it strange as a child, "Why did we create the bad magics?" I used to ask my mother, bless her heart. She would always reply with the same, "No little rabbit, bad people create bad things. We didn't do anything wrong, sweetheart." She always knew the right thing to say and yet, on that very day I remember questioning her. Surely, no one could be so evil to create spells that can kill with a single hit. How can anyone in their right mind wish that upon another human. Tracking back along the outside of the courtyard, I certainly found the bad people my mother so often talked about. I found Fenir Greyback, he sat there. Chewing a girls neck like a dog chews a toy. I hid behind a pillar, racking my brain for the most effective spell to use. I wasn't as good on my feet as most people, which is not great in the middle of a battle. And then, there they were. The golden trio...

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