One Death Too Far

Told through the eyes of Ryder Greyn, a 6th year Ravenclaw. One Death Too Far tries to show the true horrors of the battle of Hogwarts and the toll it took on those fighting.


5. Maicy

And yet this boy, that I had described as no hero. Had gone. He'd left for the forest. The rest of us tended to the wounded in the Great Hall and a few were still out looking for any injured. I think we all knew what this meant. He'd done it. The dark lord had won. A few were still in denial, Maicy included. She would go off and tend to some of the wounded and then return mumbling to herself, "No, no he can't have gone. Maybe he's putting together another army. Maybe he'll beat Voldemort." She did this for hours until dawn came. We were all tired, we'd sent some of our best fighters to have some rest but they had all come back to help within 5 minutes. Ron and Hermione could be seen skittering around from time to time, although when they did Ron could be seen with invisible tears and Hermione was apparently crying outside where the fat lady's portrait used to be. Reminiscing of old times maybe. After all, they had both just lost their best friend.


Maicy, however, still believed. She was convinced that he wasn't dead. When I tried to say that he was she would turn away from me and walk the other way. I had put it down to shock. After all, it'd been a hell of a 24 hours. But when Harry's body appeared in Hagrids arms. Tears weeping down the giants face. Maicy still thought him to be alive, I held her in my arms in that courtyard. The Dark Lord just stood there, a wide grin spreading across his whole face. And when Neville gave his speech, I think we all felt a little tinge of happiness. Although it was crushed by the feeling of pain and loss that spread over us. And then the most amazing thing happened. Harry came back. Leaping out of Hagrids arms you could see the anger burst onto Voldemort's face. Harry darted in between objects and so the fighting broke out again. There were spells flying everywhere. Maisys face has lightened considerably when Harry was found alive and she soon jumped back into the action. Flinging curses and hexes everywhere. I myself was hit with a stupefy curse and sent flying backwards into the wall. Maisy fought off the death eater that had cast it and stood over me, a smile on her face as she offered me a hand up. Then it happened. It was so fast. So sudden. Maisy was dead. Hit by the killing curse. She had no chance. I remember sitting next to her body, swaying back and forth uncontrollably. Tears flowed like a river and yet. I was happy for her in some ways. She was at peace. 

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