Winchester's: Legacy, Book 2

This is the follow-up to Saving People, Hunting Things: A sisters Story

Michelle ( Shell ) Elizabeth Winchester is Dean's younger and Sam's older sister. Born December 29, 1981, to John and Mary Winchester. She is a spitting image of her mother inheriting her blue eyes and long blonde hair but don't let her looks fool you. She is a fierce hunter and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Be that as it may, Michelle is the heart of the family business.

Michelle ( Shell ) Winchester has had her and Castiel's baby. Now the race is on to protect her at all cost from the angels who think she's an abomination.


1. The Arrival

Dean's P.O.V.

Dean and Sam had been sitting in the maternity ward waiting area for 14 hours waiting for the arrival of their niece. Castiel would come in occasionally to give them updates. Dean had laid back in his seat just thinking about the events of the last year. It had been a shock when he had found out that they had finally become a couple. Okay, maybe not a total shock. Castiel was sent here to be his angel, but had always favored his little sister, but it was definitely a shock when he found out that Shell was pregnant. After all being a hunter is a dangerous business. MIchelle was determined to make it work though and finally gained his support. Now, here he sat, waiting on the news that the baby was here. He was still worried, but he kept it to himself. He wanted his sister to be happy and he knew Castiel would protect her with everything he had just like he would. Dean remembers when Shell was about 7 years old asking out of the blue where babies come from. He had thought about it a moment. He had told her he thought they came from seeds because he had heard Pastor Jim and their father talking about a hunter who had recently given birth and Pastor Jim had remarked " The seed was planted and now she had a beautiful baby boy. When Dean asked why she wanted to know she had stated she wanted a sister.  For the next 6 months, Shell had tried planting seeds and growing a sister and was disappointed when she never produced one. John had finally sat them all down when he found out what she was doing and explained the whole baby thing. Most of it anyway about needing a man and a woman, not seeds and dirt. Dean smiled to himself. The door of the room opens and Castiel comes in excited

" She's finally here. You can come back in about 15 minutes.

Sam and Dean stand up. Dean shakes his hand, while Sam gives him a hug.

" Congratulations ", Dean says
" Thank you ", Castiel answers " I have to get back now. The nurse will come and get you when you can come back. "

Castiel's P.O.V.

Michelle sat in her hospital bed smiling as she held the new addition to the Winchester family, Mary Grace Winchester. Castiel sat on the bed beside her smiling at them both. Castiel had only felt love like this one other time in his life. The day he had met the beautiful Michelle Winchester and now she had his child. After all the death and  destruction he had caused to create a life was the most wonderful feeling in the world.

" Do you want to hold her Cas ? " 

He looked at Shell her blue eyes sparkling and so full of happiness. He always got lost in those eyes.

"  Can I ? "  he answered nervously.

Michelle began to laugh. He loved the sound.

" Of course,  You're her daddy. "

She carefully handed the infant to Castiel.

" Be sure to support her head. " 

He held Mary close to him.

" Welcome to the world little one. I promise to keep you safe. ".

The baby coos softly.

The door opens to the room and Sam and Dean walk in.

" How's my niece doing little sis  " Dean asked. Then notices Cas holding the baby.

" Hey, don't drop her."

Castiel looks up. " I'm not going to drop her Dean. " 

Michelle  steps in. " Don't be an ass Dean and she's doing great  The Doc gave her a clean bill of health.

Sam walks over to the bed holding a pink teddy bear.

" This is for Mary Grace. " He sits it on the end of the bed.

Michelle smiles " Thank you Sam " 

He leans over and  gives her a hug. " So when can you guys come home ? "

Michelle still smiling. " Day after tomorrow "

Dean walks over to the bed, also giving Shell a hug. " And how are you feeling ? "

Michelle answers, " I feel 8 pounds lighter. "

Sam and Dean laugh .

" But seriously, I'm just a little tired otherwise okay "

" That's good to know ", answered Sam.

" What about you Cas ? " asks Dean.

Castiel does not look up this time. " I feel like I'm on top of the world. "

Castiel's P.O.V.

 That night Castiel sits in the chair and watches Shell as she sleeps. He had done this many times before since he didn't sleep himself. She would fall asleep in his arms and he would lay beside her all night studying the face of the women that had completely changed his way of thinking about Heaven and Earth. Human emotions were so complicated,and he couldn't quite grasp why the Winchester's fought to save humanity, at least not at first, but every trial they went thru, every battle they had won or lost and with her and the Winchester brothers by his side, he began to understand. He got the biggest lesson when he himself was human and he experienced the world exactly as they did. He had retained those memories and experiences even after his grace was returned which came in handy the first time they had made love. He remembers the smell of her perfume, her drawing him in for a kiss and as they embraced whispering in his ear " Do you want me ? " The answer was a definite " Yes ", so he had bedded her, she allowing him the privilege no man ever had before. They had made love for hours and afterwards, when he asked why she would choose to give him  her innocence, she smiled at him and said, " Because I love you. " Now the result of the love they shared was sleeping in a bassinet next to her mother's bed. He vowed to himself that no harm would come to his family. He would die to protect them. Little did he know how soon his vow would be tested.


Dean had arrived at the hospital to pick them up and take them home. As they buckled Mary in the car Dean and Shell were unaware that they were being watched, but Castiel could sense it.

" I'll be right back. "

Michelle looked at him, her eyes questioning

" What's wrong ? ".

" Dean, keep her here' " and walks towards an alley.


Castiel walks into the alley, standing there for a moment listening.

" I know someone is here, show yourself. "

From behind him he hears a man's voice 

" Castiel "

He turns around to see a familiar face.

" Lucifer why are you here ? "

Lucifer sarcastically answered " I'm always where the sins are, remember ? "

Castiel walks toward him clearly annoyed

" I don't have time for games, I have... "

Lucifer finishes the sentence " A baby in the car. Yeah, that's kind of the problem. Must you always be the headline in heaven ? "

Castiel grabs Lucifer, " What the hell do you want ? "

" Relax Castiel, I'm not here to fight, I'm here to warn you. I'm no longer public enemy number 1 in heaven, you are. "

Castiel lets him go,  " That's old news Lucifer "

" Don't flatter yourself Castiel, you were still at number 2 until very recently

" Why ? "

Lucifer glares at Castiel " You know why. "

Castiel studies Lucifers face before answering

" Angels have been cohabitating with humans since the dawn of time. It was frowned on, but never forbidden, so why do they care ? " 

Lucifer stares back at Castiel

" Because of everything else you've done. Apparently, this was just icing on the cake for our brothers and sisters. I'm personally becoming a big fan, I mean you've rebelled in ways I never have. "

Castiel looks at Lucifer, angered by his statement

" They are not my brothers and sisters. They haven't been in a very long time. Every effort I have made to redeem myself has been thrown back in my face. "

Castiel turns to walk away then stops.

" Let them know that if anyone tries to hurt Michelle or Mary Grace, I will kill them without hesitation. ".

Castiel walks back towards the car. Michelle and Dean are standing beside it talking. He can see that the door is open and Mary Grace is inside. Michelle sees Cas coming back and notices the look of anger and worry on his face, so does Dean.

" What happened " Shell asks "

" I'll tell you at the bunker. Let's get out of here "




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