Calum Hood's best friend

------This is a story about Calum’s best friend from back home named Isaiah who happens to be the sister of the Brooks brothers from the Janoskians and who are all apart of a band. Isaiah who plays guitar for the band also sings. When 5sos are looking for an opening act for their new tour Calum calls Isaiah and offers her the job along with her brothers, she accepts and flies to Australia where they are staying at a hotel and reunites with Calum, she also meets the rest of the boys of 5sos. What happens when Luke begins to fall for Calum’s best friend? Will Calum allow it?


5. Chapter 5

* later that night* 

Isaiah's pov: tonight we were all back in our hotels and i was laying in my bed, when i heard a knock on my door, i got up and opened it and saw Calum. It was weird because it was really late and everyone was asleep

Isaiah: hey whats up 

I let him in and follow him to my bed where he turns and looks at me

Calum: is it true 

Isaiah: is what true

Calum: come on Izzy don't play dumb with me 

Isaiah: what do you mean i don't know what you're talking about

Calum: is it true you have feelings for Luke

I couldn't believe what i just heard

Isaiah: who told you that 

Calum: Izzy stop playing with me...i told you and the boys that nothing was gonna happen between you guys and now i find this out *angrily* 

Isaiah: Cal i don't have feelings for Luke i swear

Calum: then why would he tell me that

Isaiah: what do you mean he told you..what did he tell you

Calum: he told me that i should keep an eye on you and tell you to leave him alone, that he doesn't like you in the way you like him, that you keep texting him and going to his room late at night 

Isaiah: what..that's is such a lie Cal..he has feelings for me

Calum: *sighs* i don't know who to believe right now *sits on the bed*

I grab my phone and show Calum the texts messages Luke was sending me

Calum: that fucker *looks at the messages*

Isaiah: see..i don't like him Calum...i have no feelings for him at all 

Calum: *looks at Isaiah* then who do you have feelings for

Isaiah: um no one *nervous*

Calum:  Izzy come on tell me i'm your best friend..please *smirks*

Isaiah: um *sighs* Cal its complicated 

Calum: let me take a guess..Ashton

I shake my head no 

Calum: Michael 

I again shake my head no

Calum: aw its me isn't it *jokingly* 

I keep quiet and put my head down 

Calum: wait...Izzy *picks her head up* do you have feelings for me 

I nod slowly, tears watering up in my eyes waiting for the words to slip out saying he doesn't feel the same

Calum: as in more than just a best friend

I again nod slowly, i close my eyes to try and contain the tears back when i feel a pair of lips on mine, i kiss back when Calum pulls away 

Calum: i have feelings for you too *smirks*

Isaiah: really 

Calum: yea..i was just trying to figure out a way of telling you but i guess i already did *chuckles* but how about we make this a thing, and make Luke a little jealous play around with him a little bit

Isaiah: you mean make us a thing 

Calum: yea why not 

Isaiah: ok *smiles* 

After hanging out for a bit, Calum got up to leave back to his room 

Isaiah: why can't you stay 

Calum: i wish i could, but if my security guard sees that i'm gone he'll freak, i'll see you tomorrow 

I watch as he leans down and kisses me

Calum: mm i could get used to this 

Isaiah: shut up *laughs* 

He smiles and kisses me one more time before leaving. i go to bed after he leaves happier than ever.



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