Calum Hood's best friend

------This is a story about Calum’s best friend from back home named Isaiah who happens to be the sister of the Brooks brothers from the Janoskians and who are all apart of a band. Isaiah who plays guitar for the band also sings. When 5sos are looking for an opening act for their new tour Calum calls Isaiah and offers her the job along with her brothers, she accepts and flies to Australia where they are staying at a hotel and reunites with Calum, she also meets the rest of the boys of 5sos. What happens when Luke begins to fall for Calum’s best friend? Will Calum allow it?


2. Chapter 2

​* next day*

  Isaiah pov: the boys and I just got off the plane and are on our way to the hotel where Calum and his badn were staying at. I never met the boys but I heard a lot about them from Calum. I know their names are Ashton, Michael, and Luke. When we arrived at the hotel we checked in and then went to our rooms to drop off our stuff. I decided to go to Calum's room to surprise him. I knocked when a dark blonde haired guy opened   Isaiah: um hi is Calum here  

??: oh you must be Isaiah..i'm Ashton  

Isaiah: oh nice to meet you  

I shake his hand and he leads me inside  

Ashton: Calum  

I see Calum turn his head and his eyes get wide and he gets up, wow he got super tall I open my arms and he comes and picks me up and hugs me tight  

Calum: oh I missed you so much Izzy *kisses her cheek*  

Isaiah: I missed you too *smiles*  

Calum: come i'll introduce you to the boys  

I stand next to Calum and he begins the introductions  

Calum: so you already met Ashton, this is Michael and Luke  

I look up and see a very tall and good looking boy with a black lip ring  

Calum: guys this is Isaiah  

Michael: *flirty* hi  

Calum: NOO!! *looks at Michael*  

I watch as Michael puts his hands up and backs up  

Calum: you know what lets set some ground rules ok..she is off limits understand  

I watch all the boys nod  

??: so where are your brothers  

I guess the one with the lip ring spoke, I think his name is Luke  

Isaiah: oh they're in their rooms, wanna meet them  

the boys nod and follow me out the room where the boys are I walk in and see them playing video games  

Isaiah: guys  

they all look up and run and hug Calum  

Isaiah: so um this is my older brother Beau, my older twin brothers Luke and Jai and our best friend Daniel but we call him Skip and we are the Janoskians, guys this is Ashton, Michael, Luke and Calum aka 5 Seconds of summer  

they all say hi and talk, when Calum decides we should head to a rehearsal stage to do our audition, we head out with our instruments and head off. when we arrived we set everything up and begin  

Isaiah: so this is a new song we wrote the other day called Cheater ready  

Daniel: *on the drums* 1..2..3..4  

we begin playing  

after we finished we saw the boys smiling  

Michael: you guys most definitely got the job..wait where did you learn to play guitar like that  

Isaiah: I taught myself  

Michael: you're really good  

we all hung out the whole day and just chilled. I vibed with the boys but with Luke it was something different. We were more flirting than vibing. I knew Calum would be really mad if he found out about Luke and I flirting and also I heard Luke was going out with Arzaylea. By the end of the day I got all the boys phone numbers and now I was in my room laying in bed when my phone buzzed.  

*text message*  

From: Luke<3   hey...come to my room xxL  

To: Luke<3   why?

From: Luke<3   can you please  

I get up and put some sweats on and walk to Luke's room which happens to be right down the hall from mine, I look around making sure Calum or any of the other boys are out and knock , I watch as the door opens and I step in  

Isaiah: why did you want me here  

Luke: *smirks* to do this  

I feel Luke push me against the door and kiss my neck  

Isaiah: Luke stop  

Luke: come on Isaiah please I like you and I know you like me  

Isaiah: Luke its wrong what would Calum do if he finds out about this  

Luke: he won't  

Isaiah: Luke no..i can't i'm sorry

  I walk out and go back to my room and go to bed tomorrow we are doing promotions and interviews                                                                                                         


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