Calum Hood's best friend

------This is a story about Calum’s best friend from back home named Isaiah who happens to be the sister of the Brooks brothers from the Janoskians and who are all apart of a band. Isaiah who plays guitar for the band also sings. When 5sos are looking for an opening act for their new tour Calum calls Isaiah and offers her the job along with her brothers, she accepts and flies to Australia where they are staying at a hotel and reunites with Calum, she also meets the rest of the boys of 5sos. What happens when Luke begins to fall for Calum’s best friend? Will Calum allow it?


1. Chapter 1

​* In Australia*

  Calum's pov: Here I was with my best friends and band mates at our hotel thinking and talking over about choosing an opening act for our new tour that starts in a couple weeks.  

Ashton: guys what are we going to do  

Calum: hey I got someone in mind

  I look at the boys as they sit up and look at me  

Michael: who  

Calum: my best friend from back home in Sydney, shes in a band with her brothers and best friend they're really good  

Luke: really well call her up and see if she can come and do an audition for us  

Calum: ok   

I pick up my phone and call Isaiah its been a while since I last spoke to her. We were best friends back before I met the guys and then we kinda lost contact but I still manage to talk to her. After the third ring she picks up

  *phone convo*  

Isaiah: talk to me  

Calum: hey baby  

Isaiah: omg hey rockstar...long time no see what's up how are you  

Calum: *chuckles* i'm good how about you  

Isaiah: same old shit  

Calum: um I wanted to ask you something important  

Isaiah: i'm all ears  

Calum: so my band and I are doing a new tour and we need an opening act and I know you and your brothers are in a band and I was thinking maybe you guys liked to audition to come and be our opening act  

Isaiah: what...of course  

Calum: really you'll do it  

Isaiah: yea and plus I need to see my best friend again I miss you  

Calum: I miss you more  

After a couple more mins of talking to Isaiah we hang up and I look at the boys  

Ashton: well  

Calum: they're flying out, they'll be here tomorrow  

Michael: hey Calum is your best frien hot  

Calum: shut up Michael  

Luke: how come you never told us about her  

Calum: I don't know, she's just ...very important to me and I don't wanna lose her, I almost lost her when I joined the band  

Ashton: really  

Calum: yea, Isaiah is very special to me like she gets me, she was there with me through everything and I was there for her but not as much as she was for me and I regret it every day.  

Luke: how long has it been since you last saw each other  

Calum: about 3 years but we still text, just imagine how much she changed                                                                        


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