Sons Of Anarchy Female member

This is the story about Sam who is the first female member to join Sons Of Anarchy from Charming by Gemma. She gets the job by her smarts and her ability to hack into any computer file and search for evidence. Jax who is the president of the club doesn't approve of Sam's position in the club. Also Jax ends up wanting to be with Sam and tries everything to break it off with Luke. What will happen?


5. Chapter 5

* at TM clubhouse* 

Sam pov: the boys and i were all at the club house hanging out when Chibs asked about the prospect Kip who we call half-sack

Sam: lighten up on half sack he's working hard to try and become a full member 

Tig: listen we do it for all prospects 

Sam: not for me 

Chibs: princess you was never a prospect Gemma just added you into the club. 

We all were talking when i saw a familiar grey Cadillac pull into the parking lot. It was Luke's car. We all watched as he got out the car and looked at us. I saw Jax stare him down from his bike. 

Luke: hey Sam *smiles* 

Sam: hi Luke

Luke: um my car needs a fix can you help 

Sam: um sure 

I began to walk towards Luke when Jax caught my arm and held me back 

Jax: i'll take a look at it 

Sam: uh Jax its ok i got it 

Jax: its ok and the boys just chill here i'll look at it

I was going to say something when Jax cut me off 

Jax: that's an order *sternly* 

I watch as he walks up to Luke

Jax: what's the problem 

Luke: um its been smoking from the hood, i think the engine is shot or something 

I watch as Jax raises the hood and sees smoke come out 

Jax: holy shit...this is more than just the engine..HALF SACK 

I watch half sack run to Jax and help him with the car. Luke leaves the guys to work on his car and walks towards me when Chibs and Tig stood in front of me 

Sam: *sighs* guys its ok 

They move and i walk to Luke 

Luke: so this is where you work 

Sam: yea kinda 

Luke: um what's with the bikes and jackets 

I pull Luke away from the guys to talk to him 

Sam: was wrong for me to tell you about what i shouldn't be here right now 

Luke: how was i supposed to know you work here 

I watch as Jax looks over at Luke and i. He walks over to Chibs and then walks back to the car and i see Chibs begin to walk over

Sam: these guys are very protective of me 

Luke: yea i can see that...why though

right as i was gonna answer Chibs interrupts

Chibs: ok princess time to time is up 

Sam: i'm sorry *looks at Luke* 

I turn and walk away with Chibs. 

Jax pov: I was working on this dirt bag's car when i see him walk to me and sits down. I guess now is my time to talk and have a little chat with him. 

Jax: How do you know Sam 

Luke: um we met at a bar a few weeks ago..she's a cool girl 

Jax: yea she is

Luke: um how do you know her

i look over at him and see him look at me, i smirk and turn back to the car

Jax: uh we known each other for a while

Luke: how long has she been working here 

Jax: well she's been around my family since she was 15, and she began working here when she was 18 so about 4 like are you two dating 

Luke: um what does she do here anyways 

Jax: she hasn't told you 

Luke: told me what 

Jax: bro she's apart of SamCro

Luke: you're're only saying that because you don't want her with me 

Jax: i'm not lying..but you're right i don't want her with i suggest you keep away from her

Luke: i'll only go when she tells me 

Jax: dude i'm telling you this man to man....she's been through a, the boys, my mom and this club is all she got...she doesn't need any distractions. 

Luke: i'm not a distraction to her 

Jax: look i'm gonna tell you this one time and one time only...whatever you have going on with you and Sam ends here, you will not see her anymore after this...if i were to ever catch you near her *pulls out his gun* you're gonna be talking to this girl right here..understood

Luke: *sighs* yea 

Jax: the way your car is get out of here 

I watch as he goes to pay for his car but i stop him 

Jax: *smirks* on the house 

He gets in his car and drives off. Sam's mine and i would be damned if some douche bag boy gets in the way of that.

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