Sons Of Anarchy Female member

This is the story about Sam who is the first female member to join Sons Of Anarchy from Charming by Gemma. She gets the job by her smarts and her ability to hack into any computer file and search for evidence. Jax who is the president of the club doesn't approve of Sam's position in the club. Also Jax ends up wanting to be with Sam and tries everything to break it off with Luke. What will happen?


4. Chapter 4

* Next day* 

Sam pov: today i was at my house doing nothing when i heard the door ring i got up and answered it and saw Jax with his son Abel. 

Sam: oh hey i didn't know you was coming by 

Jax: yea sorry its like a last minute thing but um i gotta handle some business do you mind watching Abel for a bit 

Sam: sure no problem...but what kind of business 

Jax: just club business..ok don't worry about..*looks at Abel* ok Abel you're gonna stay with aunt Sam for a bit while daddy takes care of some things behave ok don't give aunt Sam no problems..ok 

Abel: *nods* 

Jax: good boy *kisses his head* um i'll be back later today to pick him up thanks for doing this i owe you 

Sam: no problem 

I watch as Jax leaves and i look at Abel. It was crazy how much he looked like Jax

Sam: ok monkey what do you wanna do 

Abel: aunt Sam can i watch tv 

Sam: sure bud, come on 

I take Abel to the living room and put on some cartoons for him.

Sam: you hungry bud 

Abel: *shakes his head* 

I take the chance to grab my phone and see a text from Gemma saying she was coming over. 

*an hour later* 

I was sitting with Abel when Gemma walked in

Gemma: hey babe *smiles at Abel* 

Abel: hi grandma

Gemma and i go into the kitchen and sit and talk 

Gemma: hows you and Jax 

Sam: i don't know Gemma he's confusing

Gemma: well he's been through a lot with Abel's mom Wendy to his father and Clay...he's probably having problems 

Sam: i can't help him with his problems, but i know he won't face them alone 

Gemma stayed for a couple hours and then left, Abel ended up falling asleep so i picked  him up and placed him on my bed when he woke up 

Abel: aunt Sam 

Sam: yea bud

Abel: are you and my daddy getting together 

Sam: um i don't know bud why would you ask that 

Abel: because i want a mommy and i want you to be my mommy and take care of me and daddy 

after talking for a bit with Abel he fell asleep again, i went downstairs and sat in the kitchen when the door opened, i grabbed my gun and aimed it at the door way of the kitchen, i was ready to shoot when i saw it was just Jax

Jax: woah woah relax its just me 

Sam: you scared the shit out of asshole *hits him*

Jax: *chuckles* sorry 

Jax and i sit down and start talking 

Jax: how was Abel 

Sam: he was good, he didn't eat much but other than that he was good

Jax: good, thanks again for watching him 

Sam: anytime, but um i wanted to talk to you about something 

Jax: about what 

Sam: so as i was putting Abel to bed he asked me if you and i are gonna get together because he wants a mommy and wants me to be his mommy 

Jax: *sighs* and what did you say 

Sam: i said i don't know 

Jax: i'm sorry about that

Sam: its fine, but like what is gonna happen between us Jax like seriously we been through a lot these last few years 

Jax: i know but i honestly don't know whats gonna happen....i do want to be with you though i know that and i would like you to be Abel's mom but i just got a lot of problems going on 

Sam: i'm not gonna wait for you 

Jax: i didn't ask you to wait....and i don't want you to wait 

Sam: what do you want from me then

Jax: *sighs* i don't know 


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