My Fan-Stastic Girl

It's about a latina girl who idolizes a Korean famous singer Do Kyungsoo he's from a group called EXO. She wished to see him and his concert. She wins a trip to Korea. Finally, her dreams are coming true in till when she really met him. Not only does she get into deep trouble she gets kidnapped with him. Only that at the end she ends up kidnapping him. Which brings love,humor and insanely misunderstandings.


1. My First Love

My first love started a little like this.

So when I was seventeen I came across on my computer K-Pop. Asian boys and girls singing and dancing in groups handsome and beautiful stars I have never seen in my life. Though some people in my hometown are okay looking but not as much as the jewels in youtube. But anyways I instantly I fell in love. My parents always saw me on youtube watching K-pop and since then I've been named Sparks Because my face brightens up when I see them. But really my name is Jaylani Sparks. I am a latina girl mixed with a little of everything I guess. But that's not the point right now the point is I am only in love with one and will always forever his name is Do Kyung Soo he's the cutest squishy Idol ever and he's in a Korean group called EXO. And in the group, he goes by his nickname D.O. Aigooo! his so cute!

Well, I am just so excited because I won a sweepstake to a round trip to Korea for a two-night stay. And I am the happiest kitty in the world. Take note whenever I get too excited I tend to say kitty a lot. I know weird but don't judge I just love cats hehe. I can't believe I am finally going to accomplish my long time dream to go see my Idols concert and see him live. I don't know how I will react but I hope is nothing sluggish like Cookie my pet bird who moves slowly when he walks he's just too kitty old hehe kitty old. But he's just the cutest too. I can't wait I will be the best fangirl ever.

The starting Kitties!


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