The Black Parade

Inspired by Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance, in honour of ten years.

My first proper attempt at poetry so it's probably awful.

High five if you can spot all the bad references.

Constructive criticism more than welcome :)


1. ...

The ground was cold beneath my feet

as I helped you to yours and you propped yourself up

against an unmarked cross.



The frankness of your eager smile,

With clear eyes warm and young and open

Your bobbing head, rhythmic and eager,

as your small toes strained to fill my footsteps.


I wonder, what face I wear to you,

My girl; am I your father? Your sister?

Or some long forgotten fantastical companion of childhood

Who only now do you remember how much you missed.

But this face is my key to the way beyond.


The rays of darkness stroking, soft

with prickling breath and numbing whisper

curled around your curls, my girl;

the undue call of  blackest winter.


I smiled at you, as your small hand

Squirmed in my scarred fingers and tugged

me forwards, down the path;

                                                        Be patient, child.


With regret behind and fear ahead,

the black parade of shadows lead

through winding lies and crumbling truth;

and yet you followed me, unquestioning.


And Mother War smiled at me,

Smiled at you;

Then, and only then, my dear,

Did you let go of my hand.


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