New life

Bella is a 18 year old who has to move to Australia with her brother Ashton and live their life alone since their parents are dead, what happens when Ashton introduces Bella to his band mates


5. New York


"Hey Bella wake up we can't be late to the airport"

"I'm awake I'm just gonna brush my teeth, and put a big hoodie on, and my adidas and there my outfit"

"You ready bell you've been in the bathroom for awhile"

I got the key to the bathroom and saw her passed out I called 911 and then her brother, I saw how they pulled her out into the truck and Ashton got to the hospital before we did.

**5 hours later**

As Ashton and I were crying, 3 boys walked in and spotted us and walked towards us but one ran up to me I saw cal and I got up and hugged him and kissed him, Luke stayed outside, and Michael went to Ashton to give him a hug and asked

"Hey Tiffany what happened?"

"I don't know she was stressing over something and cried herself to sleep for two nights and I walked in and saw her there on the ground blacked out, hold up I'll be back, HEY drew you made it she would be happy to see you here" I hugged him and we talked until the doctor came out the doctor said 

"Mr.irwin, she is awake but has decided she doesn't want to see anyone and would like to go home in a private jet, and we have got here a private jet and is leaving tomorrow, she would only like for Tiffany to board with her and that's it"

We all walked outside and I went home to get my luggages since there would be a car taking us to the jet, I got 7 missed calls from Luke but I ignored them since he didn't go in to check on her, I know they broke up but so what he should have been a supportive friend, the next day I had her bags and mine and left to the hospital when I first saw her, I ran up to her and hugged her they escorted us to the van and took us to the private jet, the plane ride was quite mainly cause she took her pills which made her sleep once we got to Australia there was a car that took us to the condo, Ashton left one day earlier so he was at the house and her and my breakfast. I walked in and we set our things into the room 

"Bella what happened?"

"I didn't eat all day and was on my phone all day so I got nauseous and fainted, let's go eat"


We walked into the kitchen to eat, but instead I took my food to the living room and sat down and ate I heard the bell ring I got up and opened the door revealing it too, cal, mikey (nickname for Michael) and Luke 

"Hey guys Ashton is eating in the kitchen, I'm gonna go get him wait here"

"Umm no we are here to show you a surprise and Ashton is outside already he didn't approve of it but one of us really wanted you to have it" cal had said 

Cal got tiff and put his hand around her waist, I walked outside and felt hands go around my eyes I grabbed onto them and realized they were Luke's hand, he walked me to the surprise, he whispered 'surprise beautiful' he took his hands off and in front of me was a black jeep, I turned around and walked up to Luke and said 

"Thank you Luke, but why would you get it for me"

"Well if we're still dating this would have been your present and I have one more thing get in the car you too tiff this was from me and cal, we got into my new jeep and Luke drove, he was scared but I grabbed onto his left land, we got out of the car and it was a beautiful beach house and next door too, Luke grabbed my hand and pulled me into one, and cal pulled tiff into the other one

"Luke what is this?"

"It's your new house, it was gonna be ours but yea, and cal is gonna live with tiff"

"Luke I'm sorry I can't, it's beautiful but it will make me feel guilty for breaking up with you when our one month anniversary was close I also had a surprise for you"

"And what is it? Do I still get it?"

"Yes, I never got to say something to you, I love you Luke, and I want to give myself to you"

"Well you still can" he said with the biggest grin he walked me upstairs into a room and laid me down, we made love that night.

I woke up to see Luke hugging me and snoring I got out of his grip and grabbed one of the blankets, wrapped it around me, walked to him and screamed in his ear

"LUKE WAKE UP" and moved back to see him fall off but he ended up falling on me

"Why would you do that" he had said laughing 

"Luke get up I need to get ready" he got up and sat on the bed and went on his phone, I walked into the bathroom, combed my hair, did my make-up and eyebrows, I put on my undergarments, and wore white crop top, black shirt, and my Steve Madden ankle boots, and I was ready Luke saw me and he was dressed, I ran into the bathroom to brush my teeth and put on deodorant, I walked back out, grabbed my phone, keys, and sweater, I saw Luke sitting downstairs and I walked up to him and said 

"I won't move in, unless you move in I want you to live here with me"

"Are you sure bell"

"Of course"

We walked outside and got into the car i drove to the pizzeria and saw cal and Tiffany walking there, I parked the car and grabbed Luke's hand, we walked into the pizzeria, Luke order 3 slices of pepperoni, Calum order 3 slices of cheese pizza, Tiffany ordered a penne Ella vodka, and I ordered the same Luke and I split the bill and we are with our friends and laughed, some girls walked in and said 

"Hey Luke Calum, haven't see you around see you at school in a couple of weeks 

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