New life

Bella is a 18 year old who has to move to Australia with her brother Ashton and live their life alone since their parents are dead, what happens when Ashton introduces Bella to his band mates


7. gig


"Umm if you think that changes anything between us, it doesn't I'm with Drew and Tiffany is with Jake, if you said this a lot earlier we wouldn't have found someone else to love, I'm sorry it's over"

"Bella it can't be I still love you, and care about you, and 20 weeks ago was about a month ago, and I didn't know you so don't get pissed at them okay you and Tiffany are using drew and Jake to get back at us"

"Luke you can get out, drive to the gig by yourself, leave and cal wants to stay he can"

I walked out of the room and outside to were everyone else was sitting 

"Hey Michael what time is the gig?"

"Oh it's at 7:00 pm, and ends at 9" Michael had said 

"I can go its 5:00 and I take forever to get ready so I'm gonna go get dressed" they all nodded and goofed around while I went to go get dressed I put my make up on, did my eyebrows, brushed my teeth, put deodorant, combed my hair, and changed into my outfit I was wearing black jeans, a white tank top that stopped at the bottom of my belly button, my Steve Madden ankle boots, and a beanie, I walked out of my room with my keys, wallet, purse, and phone I looked at the time and it was 6:30 and everyone was still sitting outside even Luke was there I opened the sliding door and walked outside 

"That took so long and you might want a sweater is gets chilly over there" cal had said I walked back inside and grabbed my black cardigan, I walked back outside and sat down with the rest of them I've never seen Ashton so complete before, now it's me and Tiffany who have to find our happiness, I look at Ashton and Selena and gave them a smile and Michael looked at me and whispered 'your mascara is running'

I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom to see that Michael was lying I walked out and said 

"Hey Michael did you bring extra clothes?"

"Yea why" Michael asked worried looking up to see me with a bucket of cold ice and water

"remember what you did last time to me?" I said with a devilish grin 

"Uh yea that was so funny" Michael said laughing, I turned the bucket over so fast Michael screamed 

"Why did you do that" he said as he shivered 

"Well you pushed me into a cold pool and ruined my make up and denied to get me new ones, now this was payback and more to come for ruining my true love life, by kicking him out" 

"WHEN DID I DO THAT?" Michael yelled, and Luke looking at me confused 

"When you threw out my make up" I said in an angry tone I walked back inside grabbed the dirty makeup and walked up to him and put foundation all over him, and then walked over to Luke with the $30 and to cal with $20 they both didn't want the money but I walked away from them, Michael said 

"Oh I'm getting my payback I'm gonna push you into the pool again" it was my mistake for standing next to the pool, I yelled 

"WAIT, don't you want to push Luke or cal or ash in, these are NEW STEVE MADDEN ANKLE BOOTS" I carefully took them off and put them on the floor, and my shirt and jeans so I was in my bra and underwear, he grabbed my shoes and threw them in the water while Luke gave me his big sweater I put it on and pushed Michael into the water, and went in and hit him and grabbed my shoes 

"Sorry Luke you sweater is wet I'll wash it"

"It's fine Bella" I got out of the water and changed into my original clothes and ran to my room for new shoes to put on I put on my other ankle boots and it's was 6:50 I screamed 

"Guys lets go unless you want to be late" everyone ran outside Luke, cal, tiff got into my car, Selena, and Michael got into Ashton's car, I drove off first and me and Tiffany talked while the boys played on their phone 

"Hey put on the music, people are tweeting that our songs are playing on the radio" Luke had said, we ignored them I was pissed about my shoes and Tiffany was fighting with cal, and Luke getting annoying about the radio I just had too 

"SHUT UP LUKE" he shut up and so did cal and Tiffany she grabbed her phone and started to text me I read the message then gave her looks which we made up to answer if one of us was driving, I pulled over instead and said 

"Luke drive" he got out and into the drivers seat while I was in the back next to cal and messaging tiff


T- woah you yelled at Luke he is upset now 

B- yea but I don't care, he hurt me first at the mall 

NEW MESSAGE: Calum Hood 

C- why are you so mean 

B- I'm sitting right next to me so say it to my face 

C- I can't I don't want Luke to hear, do you like Michael 

B- what the hell no, he is fun to be around

C- well Luke thinks you do 

B- prove it 


L- do you think bell likes Michael?

C- nah bro she still likes you

L- I don't fucking now I love her but she is around Michael all the time and having the time of her life with him 

"Hey guys were here" Luke had said in a sad tone, I jumped out the back and so did cal I slipped and it broke me shoe 

"These shoes are pieces of shit hold on I have shoes in the trunk" I opened the trunk and took out my adidas and quickly put them on, I walked over to Luke and smiled at him and whispered 'I'm sorry I was pissed about my shoes' he whispered back 'it's fine' I grabbed his hand and walked into the place it was chilly so he gave me

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