New life

Bella is a 18 year old who has to move to Australia with her brother Ashton and live their life alone since their parents are dead, what happens when Ashton introduces Bella to his band mates


20. Fights like always

BELLAS POV (long chapter)

I opened my eyes seeing Luke next to me I stared at him thinking about what I had just done I closed my eyes and thought of everything. 

"Morning princess" Luke had said while his blue eyes stared into mine 

"Luke I don't think what we did was right. I feel bad and ashamed." Luke looked at me mad 

"WHY ARE YOU ASHAMED AFTER EVERYTHING WE HAD GONE THROUGH YOUR SAYING THIS THAT YOUR ASHAMED WHAT THE FUCK BELLA" Luke screamed all of that while I had walked into the bathroom I changed into shorts, tank top, sneakers, and put my hair up i grabbed my phone and left back to my suite.

"Hey babe I'm back" I had said but drew didn't answer back I walked into the bedroom and he wasn't there I called him and he never picked up. I changed into this...... I walked into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, put on moisturizer, and did my daily make up look. I straightened my hair and curled the tips of my hair I looked at my phone and saw I had gotten messages from Tiffany, cal, drew, and Luke 


D: Hey sorry I had to go back to London school started again and I couldn't risk being late, love you I'll call you once I get my things sorted out 

B: Ok no worries 


T: Hey how did it go with Luke. Everything went amazing with me and cal.

B: it went horrible I felt ashamed and he yelled at me but whatever I'm over it I'm gonna tell Drew what I did and live with the consequences even if it means losing my boyfriend and best friend.

T: aww I'm sorry bell. Do you want to move in with me and cal?

B: no I don't want to disturb you guys.

T: no I talked to cal and he said he will think about it okay

B: thanks tiff but If I do move in with you guys the whole time I'm gonna look for an apartment because Ashton hates me.

T: okay anyways I have to go love you 

B: love you bye 

NEW MESSAGE: Calum Hood 

C: hey sorry about what happened with Luke. Luke told me what happened.

B: it's fine I mean everything happens for a reason doesn't it 

C: yea anyways good luck 

B: why good luck? 

C: oh um Ashton didn't tell you 

B: no what the hell are you talking about 

C: everyone falls in love with you. Drew, Luke..... and Micheal.

B: what the hell I gotta go 


M: I really like her but I don't know how luke will react to it 

C: oh man I don't know I have to go I'm sorry just good luck with Luke 
B: oh god what the hell am I gonna do 

C: I don't know but Luke just found out lock your suite room door and your gonna move in with me and tiff we will come by in 20 minutes to help with your stuff 

B: okay thanks cal

NEW MESSAGE: Luke Hemming

L: you knew didn't you

B: knew what

L: that Micheal liked you why the hell didn't you tell me 


I locked my suite door and turned on the TV to watch the news I sat on the couch and watched the news. There was a lot about missing people, murder cases but one caught my eye.

"Incoming news. Luke Hemmings is leaving 5 seconds of summer due to a big argument and fight with his band mate and best friend Michael Clifford. Will all their friendships be ruined? What will Luke's ex girlfriend Bella Irwin think? Was the fight caused because of her? What will Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin do? Will they replace Luke? Or will 5 Seconds Of Summer be over?" I turned off the TV and thought about things for a long time. Was it my fault? 


T: Hey come down with you stuff 

B: why oh yea sorry I'll be down soon

We hung up and I grabbed all my bathroom things and makeup bag and put them into my luggage I grabbed my phone, purse, and key and left downstairs. I returned the room key and paid them what I owed. 

"Hey I have my car so I'll follow you guys" I had said 

"Okay let's go" I got into my car and followed their car once we got there they showed me to my room it was in the basement but I was decorated nice with a kitchen, dinning table, bathroom, living room, and bedroom Tiffany had fixed it all up for me. I unpacked everything and called Luke 

CALLING: Luke hemming

L: What do you want 

B: you left the band what the hell do you not see what cal and Ashton will have to do, they are gonna have to give up on everything because of you and Michael that's the most stupidest thing I've ever seen you do 

L: Stupidest thing I've ever done was fall in love with you 

B: Luke what the hell 

L: No Bella all you've ever done was break up with me every time how do you think I felt when I found out you kissed Michael and he liked you 

B: WOAH I've never kissed Michael what the fuck 

L: that's what he said to me which caused me to beat him up and leave the band 

B: I'm sorry..... I called you to blame everything on you. I'm really sorry

L: it's okay, and I didn't mean what I said before. Falling in love with you was the smartest thing I've ever done. I love you Bella 

B: it was the stupidest thing but it's okay you said it. And I'm sorry for feeling ashamed this morning. I love you too. But I don't think I should move in with you or marry you I'm only 18 and plus Tiffany decorated the basement for me and I feel bad if I just get up and leave. 

L: yea I understand I um sold the house anyways and moved into an apartment 

B: Okay well I guess I'll talk to you later it's late and I'm tired from everything that has happened today.

L: yea of course. Bella are we together again? 

B: can I think about Luke I'm just well I just have to much on my mind right now 

L: okay.... bye 

After we hung up I changed into a pair of grey joggers with a black tank top and fluffy socks. I went to the bathroom to take off my makeup, and do my acne routine so I don't get any acne, and brush my teeth. As I walked out of the bathroom I saw Tiffany standing looking worried 

"Tiff what happened? Is everything okay?"

"No it's not bell. Cal, Luke, and Michael went over to Ashton's to talk and Luke doesn't know Michael is gonna be there and I'm scared Luke is gonna be mad and hurt cal" 

"Tiff why did they plan this right now it's 10:00 pm" 

"Can you change or put on sneakers and a sweater and come with me"

"Yea let me change and put on my sneakers" I walked into my bedroom and put on leggings, a t-shirt, a sweater, and white high top converse. I grabbed my keys, phone, and walked upstairs to see Tiffany outside already I walked out and into my car and Tiffany got in too. I drove to Ashton's and parked my car around the corner so they wouldn't see we came.

"Do you still have the spare key?" Tiffany asked 

"Yea of course I do" we walked to the house and unlocked the door and heard so much screaming 

"LUKE GET OFF OF CAL STOP" Ashton screamed. We ran into the living room and saw Luke hurting cal and Michael passed out on the floor while Ashton was screaming at Luke and helping Michael I ran over to Luke and pulled him off of cal, and Tiffany ran to cal and pulled him away 

"Luke what the hell, and you expect us to get back together YOUR ANGER IS OUT OF CONTROL!" 

"Bella I'm sorry I wasn't thinking what Michael was saying hurt me and Ashton why are you helping Michael you heard what he was saying about Bella"

"Because Luke I know how to control my anger. Get out of my house Luke your out of the band.... For Good" 

"Whatever Ashton fuck you" Luke walked out and left

NEW MESSAGE: Luke Hemmings

L: I'm sorry. So I won't cause anymore problems I'm moving to New York.

B: Go ahead Luke.....

After that I drove back to cal and Tiffany's place while tiff drove cal and Michael to the hospital and Ashton joined them. Once I got to their place I changed into joggers and a tank top I put my hair up into a bun. I went on snapchat to check all my messages and stories people have posted I've gotten a lot of snaps but because I have streaks. I went to the people who have added me and it was a lot of people it was like I became famous. I opened a link one of friends had sent me, I opened the link showing all my memories with Luke that the paparazzi had taken of us I looked at who posted it and it was TMZ I put the volume louder 

"Did Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford stop being friends over this young beauty. As we tried to find out who she was, Michael Clifford came in to talk about her two days ago in a interview. Here is what Michael had to say 'Bella Irwin is the prettiest girl I've ever seen. She is 18 and Luke is 20. Luke and Bella have been on and off for many months and when they broke up. Bella and I would have fun together since I was the only single one in the band. I fell in love with Bella once I found out she had cheated on Drew her Boyfriend for Luke. I got jealous cause Luke was never leaving her alone, so I told Luke that I liked Bella and he got mad. Really mad. Which caused us to have a big fight and he left the group and stopped being our friend. Bella Irwin is the cause in why we aren't friends anymore, and why he had left the band and that's all I have to say' Wow looks like Bella is the cause after all. Wonder what Luke and Michael fans will think about her. Tune in next time on TMZ"  I screamed I was furious with Michael had said I sent the link the cal, tiff, and Ashton. I can't believe this is happening. I fell asleep at 12 pm. Crying myself to sleep was the worst thing I could ever do.

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