New life

Bella is a 18 year old who has to move to Australia with her brother Ashton and live their life alone since their parents are dead, what happens when Ashton introduces Bella to his band mates


12. enagment


"Hey babe wake up" Luke had whispered 

"Ugh why" 

"I'm taking you out beautiful that's why get ready" I jumped up and did my regular morning routine, and changed into this outfit........ I walked out of the bathroom to see Luke dressed in a nirvana shirt, black ripped jeans, and black vans I walked up to him and kissed him, he kissed me back our kiss got passionate and I bit his lip ring which cause him to moan, so I stopped the kiss before it got to far, he grabbed me by the waist which touched my bare back since it was a short crop top, I tried getting out of his grip but it was to strong 

"Babeeee come on, you don't want to be late ?"

"Babe it's fine I have to wait for cal and tiff to get ready too" Luke had said 

"Fine" I rolled my eyes at him and he looked at me with sadness in his eyes I looked at him and smiled and gave him a kiss but just a peck 

"Your such a tease bell" I laughed at him and he let me go so I called Selena 

B- hey Selena so Luke is taking me cal, and tiff out so I'm not gonna be at the hotel

S- yea it's fine I'm going out with Ashton he wants to talk to me 

B- well at least give a second chance, bye love you

S- love you too bye

And she laughed before I hung up Luke looked at me and rolled his eye I got up and walked to the kitchen part, I grabbed a water bottle and took a sip of it and walked over to Luke to give him some but he was on his phone ignoring me 

"What now Luke?"

"It's nothing" he said in a pissed off tone 

"If it's nothing, then talk to me, hug me, cuddle with me, kiss me"

He sat next to me and stayed on his phone I got and slammed the hotel door and walked out I saw tiff mad too I walked up to her and asked 

"What's wrong tiff?"

"He is shutting me out" 

"Tiff Luke is doing the same thing"

We both got up and walked into my suite, I saw Luke's phone thrown on the floor and him crying, tiff quickly ran into her suite 

"Luke what's wrong? I'm right here" he pulled me closer to him and hugged me and he said 

"They denied us, they aren't signing us or giving us the tour what am I gonna do when your off at college"

"Babe the college is in London, and I understand that's far but I'm still gonna come visit you"

"No your not gonna waste money to come back here"

"Babe I will do anything, waste anything if it means for me to come see you, babe I leave in 2 weeks let's cherish it together how about tonight we watch movies and cuddle?"

"Alright Bella you got yourself a deal, oh cal texted me their ready lets go" he grabbed me by the waist and held tight to me until we got to the car, tiff and I had to sit in the back while cal was in the passenger seat, and Luke drove I always think to myself how I Bella Irwin got a guy like Luke Hemming's, he pulled over in front of two beach houses, tiff and I jumped out of the car and Luke catches me and carries me to one house while cal carries Tiffany to the other house, Luke showed me a furnished house with two bedrooms, he walked me around and I got to choose which room I liked the best I choose this one (end of chapter) I choose a room with a personal bathroom, and walk-in closet that was full with my clothes and Luke's, this is where all my clothes went.

"Babe why would you put this all together, does cal, and tiff have the same"

"Babe I have loved you with all my heart and I want this to last forever if you let me, be your one and only and let us cherish our life together, I want to live you, I always have babe tonight us, cal, tiff, Selena, Ashton and Michael we are going out for dinner I bought all your clothes here and things from the hotel, please get dressed beautiful like you always do I'll get get my clothes and change in the other room I love you" I ran up to Luke and kissed him and said 

"I love you too"

I did my make up, and curled the tips of my hair, and got dressed into this beautiful dress..... I walked downstairs and Luke looked at me and his mouth dropped he grabbed my hand and walked me outside I was shocked he didn't say anything to me throughout the drive, or during dinner he was about to make a toast 

"Alright so I invited you guys here not only because we didn't get signed but because I want to propose a toast to my beautiful girlfriend, Bella Irwin when I first saw you I wanted to dump my girlfriend and come straight to you but boy I didn't something worse cheated on her for you not only because you are beautiful and unique but you were the most amazing girl I ever laid my eyes on, now I will always love and cherish every moment with you, even if I have 2 more weeks with you and then only see you on breaks and the summer, don't go falling in love with someone else because you already stole my heart, I have so many words to say to you but I should wrap this up since cal has a speech too, Bella I promise to protect, love, and cherish life with you" he got down on one knee and said " Bella Irwin will you marry me" I looked straight into his eyes and bent down I hugged him and said 

"YES of course I will" he kissed me and everyone clapped and cheered even other people in the restaurant, so the night went on cal proposed to Tiffany and we all went home 

"Hey Luke I'm gonna get undressed and into my pjs then we can cuddle in bed and watch movies together"

"Okay babe don't be admiring the closet and the bathroom too long" he chuckled and let go of my waist I ran into the bathroom to take my make up off, and brush my teeth I walked into the walk-in closet that was connected to the bathroom and took out a pair of pajamas I changed into and walked into the room 

"Took you long enough we are gonna watch longest ride" Luke had said I got under the blankets and hugged him I felt complete 

"Hey Luke pause the movie"

"Why Bella?"

"I have something to tell you it's gonna be really quick, I have everything I ever wanted the man of my dreams, and really that's it, I have you in my life and that's all that matter I love you so much babe, I will never forget you when I leave to college" he hugged me and kissed me and played the movie while we cuddled we both ended up falling asleep but I didn't care as along as I was with him

*** next chapter will be posted soon***

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