New life

Bella is a 18 year old who has to move to Australia with her brother Ashton and live their life alone since their parents are dead, what happens when Ashton introduces Bella to his band mates



(Long chapter)


Today we're the first day of classes I got up and looked around I saw Tiffany on her phone and ready to go

"Bella hurry its 6:40 we gotta leave by 7"

"Okay" I walked into my bathroom did my natural makeup routine including my eyebrows, and did my bathroom routine, brushing teeth, deodorant, and fixing hair, I walked out of the bathroom and grabbed my things I put my phone, books, wallet, in my purse and grabbed the keys and walked out to the car. Classes went by pretty quick today but I love the school, Luke kept calling and calling so I just shut off my phone. School ended and I drove home alone since Tiffany was getting approved to get her own car ( I won't be talking about Tiffany a lot anymore) I got inside my room, and turned on my phone I had over 100 missed calls from Luke and here comes another one

INCOMING CALL: Luke Hemming's

B- Luke what do you want, was pulling your ear not enough

L- Bella come quick to the hospital 

B- why 

L- Ashton is hurt and is in a coma right now

I dropped my phone and ran outside to my car, I got in and drove to the hospital, I got to the hospital and ran in I saw Michael, cal, and Luke there sitting with tears in there eyes I walked over to Michael and sat next to him 

"Michael what happened?"

"People were speeding and hit us and Ashton since he was driving he hit his head hard, Calum broke his wrist, I just got a concussion, and Luke broke his hand."

"Omg, Ashton is in a coma" I burst out into tears and cried and cried, I looked through my purse and tried to find my phone, I got up and walked to the door but Luke stopped me

"Where are you going" he had asked, his eyes were all red and puffy from crying 

"I umm I dropped my phone inside my room and I want to call Tiffany and my family, and buy a ticket to New York and talk to my family and to some of Ashton's friends, and I'm gonna see if Tiffany or drew will come with me" I had said my eyes were red and puffy and I still cried

"Bella can I come with you?"


"Well to the place your staying and to New York"

"Your on your Luke I can't do that to you"

"After what happened since we had a show tomorrow he said we weren't ready for tour and he said maybe next 2 years since he has other clients"

"Fine" he ran to grab his phone and came back we walked to the car and I gave him my keys so he can drive, it was a quiet ride back to the apartment, once we got there he walked up and into my room with me I grabbed my phone and sat down and started to call, I called my family so they know I'm coming with Luke and I'll tell them when I get there what has happened, I called Tiffany 

T- hey what's wrong

B- umm well they were in a car crash again and Ashton is in a coma, cal broke his wrist, and Luke broke his hand, oh and Michael has a concussion I'm gonna call the school and tell them I can't be there for a week, and umm Luke is coming with me to New York so can you stay at the hospital after you get out of school and if anything happens make sure that you, cal, or Michael call me or Luke

T- yea of course I'll meet you at the hospital 

B- okay

I got up and before I walked to the door Luke said 

"Bella why can't things change between us I still love you, it will always be us"

"Luke I love you too but I can't, after cursing out Tiffany"

"Bella I have apologized to her so many times I'll show you the messages she also said she forgave me, please let's try this together"

"Luke I'm sorry" before I unlocked the door he grabbed me, turned me around and kissed me I kissed back not as a reflex it was because I loved him, we walked over to my bed without breaking the kiss, we fell onto the bed and got more passionate it stopped when someone knocked on the door.

"Yea who's there" I had said 

"It's me, drew I wanna talk to you about something"

"About what tell me the topic"

"I wanna talk about how I feel for you" Luke got up and walked into the bathroom I opened the bedroom door and he came in and sat down on tiffany bed 

"Drew umm this is weird"

"I like you Bella well love you and won't stop fighting for you I saw you break up with Luke"

"Drew that doesn't mean I ever stopped loving him we broke up because of long distance we couldn't deal with it anymore"

"Oh i feel stupid I'm gonna go now"

"Okay bye" I got up, closed the door once drew left and locked it I walked over to the bathroom and opened it and saw Luke sitting on floor on his phone

"Hey Luke what's wrong?"

"Is this the first time he has told you that he has loved you"

"No, when you were in a coma and you wanted to see me when you woke up I was on the phone with him and he said it and I hung up on him, I promise Luke you can even ask Tiffany" I sat down on the floor beside him and he moved over, the bathroom was pretty big so he moved away from me, I put my hands on my face and started to cry Luke didn't know until I started to sniffle he looked over at me and grabbed my hands

"I'm sorry Bella, I don't know what got into me" he grabbed my waist and pulled me into his lap I looked up and him while he wiped my tears

"Um we should get going" I said as tears still fell out of my eyes, we got up and I grabbed his hand we walked out and into the car, he grabbed my hand with his left hand and I smiled, once we got to the hospital and walked in we sat together and talked 

"Hey Luke?"

"What's wrong"

"Where is everyone?"

"I don't know let me call Michael and cal you call Tiffany" I did as he said, I called Tiffany and she didn't answer he called cal and he didn't answer he called Michael and he answered all I heard was Luke say okay 

"Bell lets go"

"Why? I'm here for Ashton" 

"He well is getting sent to Australia so he can get a full recovery there"

"What? I'm not staying in London if Ashton is going back to Australia I'll find a college in Australia it's only August"

"Bell come on, this is your dream school"

"I had an opportunity to go to an amazing school in Australia and I turned it down, it's a fashion school tiff and I turned it down, and they said they will hold our spots I'm gonna call them if tiff wants to stay that's on her, but then Luke we can be together"

"Okay Bella if this is what you want, I'll always support your decision"

"Really then let's break up"

"What the fuck bell no way"

"You said always, and I'm joking babe I love you" I started to laugh and he kissed me, I called the school and I got in, we left to my place to get my things, and called the photograph school the one I'm leaving to go to the fashion school, and they let me go, I returned the car and packed everything tiff and cal walked it 

"Bella where are you going?" Tiffany had asked 

"I'm going to that fashion school in Australia"

"Why did Luke force you?"

"What the hell Tiffany I'm right here" Luke had said 

"Sorry Luke, but why Bella"

"They are moving Ashton to Australia so he can recover there I told my family and told them I'm not going to New York anymore"

"Do you think they saved my spot because me and cal just got back together"

"I guess call them"

I packed my clothes, and bathroom essentials and was ready to leave Tiffany was packing too she called the school we were transferring too and then told the London school that she was leaving the school, we all left to the airport and waited for our flight to be called

'Airline 665 to Australia is now boarding' we all gave the ticket and walked in, we were in first class, Luke sat next to me and cal and tiff sat behind us, the flight was long but worth it

"Luke you awake?"

"Yea babe what's up?"

"Let's not fight anymore I hurts me to see us fight all the time" Luke looked at me straight into my eyes and said 

"It's hurt me too, I promise we won't fight anymore" we looked at each other and smiled, he came close to me but before he did anything he looked around and it was only us, and cal and Tiffany, but they moved all the way to the back seats, he kissed me and I kissed him back we stopped, I fell asleep on his shoulder 

'Attention everyone we landed and there will be a lady to escort you out' 

We all got up and got up we waited for our luggages, once we got it we walked out and saw Michael waiting in the car, well my car the black convertible we all got in and Michael started to drive cal sat in the passenger seat while Luke, tiff, and I sat in the back, Luke grabbed my hand and fell asleep so did I

*20 minutes later*

"Wake up love birds you guys are here, I'm gonna take a cab home" Michael had said, we woke up and I looked up and saw the beach houses I was still tired and in the clothes from yesterday, Luke carried me inside and took off my shoes, and jacket, I fell asleep quickly.

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