3. chapter three

We reached the hotel, I was just happy to finally be back, watching Georgie and Ash be so 'passionate' towards each other during the uber ride back was genuinely revolting.

Myself, Luke and the sexual pair were stood in the lobby

"I don't want you to leave" Georgie whined, as she peppered Ashton's face in light kisses, leaving faint lipstick stains across his cheekbones

"Why would I leave?" Ash laughed

Georgie shot him a confused look, as i stood back, concerned with Ashton's reply

"This is our hotel too, dumb ass" Luke mocked

"Oh my God no way!" Georgie screeched, her face lit up and her eyes widened

My face dropped, I did not want to spend any more time with the boys than i had already had to, and Georgie's sudden new romance and love towards Ash made it that little but harder to avoid them.


I headed back to the room I shared with Georgie, leaving the other three i had arrived with in the lobby of the hotel.

I swiped my key card across the electronic lock placed on the door, a once red light appeared green and i entered the room

I couldn't help but feel slightly angered that Georgie had yet again left me for the night to spend time with some random boy. I threw my key card onto a nearby counter and let out a heavy huff of breath, before throwing myself onto the double bed that lay before me, and switching on the television, patiently waiting for Georgie's return.


A heavy knocking sounded at the door, I was pleasantly surprised, I had only been left alone for around 10 minutes, and Georgie was already back. I skipped towards the door, happy that I was going to be able to spend time with my best friend.

As i swung it open, I didn't see who i expected to be waiting on the other side

"Hi?" I said, the tone of my voice emphasising my confusion

"I need to spend the night here" Luke said, he was clenching onto a small suitcase that was sitting at his feet.

I laughed harshly, before attempting to shut the door in Luke's face

His arm shot through a small gap in the door which prevented me from closing it

"Apple, Please, Wait!" Luke pleaded,

I re opened the door, to reveal Luke's innocent facial expression

"Georgie is crashing in my room with Ash- So I don't have a room" He explained

This was so typical of Georgie and I wanted to be concerned that she was spending the night with a rumoured dick head like Ash, but I figured that this was a bigger situation

"What about Calum and Michael, can't you share a room with them?" I questioned

"They're still not back from the party, they could be hours- Its one of their only nights off, id be surprised if they were home by morning" Luke said

My morals were being tested, Yes there could be better people to share a room with, but this wasn't really Luke's fault, and I couldn't exactly just leave the boy to sleep in the corridors.

My face read an annoyed expression and i sighed heavily, before swinging the door wide open allowing Luke to enter the room.

"Thanks Apps" Luke said, a massive smile reading on his face

I stuck my tongue into my gums

"Wow, this room is so much nicer than mine" Luke said, planting down his small suitcase in the middle of the floor

"Wait, is there only a double bed in here?" Luke asked


Luke began to chuckle "This is the best day of my life"

"You are not sleeping in a bed with me" I sternly told Luke

"What?! Why? Where am I going to sleep?" He interrogated

"You can sleep on the floor, theres spare duvets and pillows in that closet" I told him, pointing out a cupboard that rested on the other side of the room.

"The floor?" Luke gasped

"Yes, Princess boy, the floor, its either that or you stay out on the corridor"

"Hey, that rhymed" Luke joked

I didn't reply, and instead began to gather my toiletries and head into the bathroom.

"I know!" I said, sarcastically acting amused by his comment "You know what else rhymes? No bed, dick head"

Luke let out a high pitched laugh, I hid my amusement, the line was supposed to be offensive.

I locked the bathroom door, and plopped my toiletries that included a variety of skin cleaners and make up removers, down next to the sink, mentally planning my night time routine. Suddenly a large black dot, caught my eye, I peered carefully into the sink

"HOLY SHIT" I screamed, I shot my arms into the air, and let out a high pitched squeal. I pulled open the bathroom door, and Luke stood waiting concerned on the other side

"WHATS WRONG?" He panicked


Luke peered over the sink

"OH MY GOD, THATS LIKE THE SIZE OF MY HAND" Luke screeched, slightly exaggerating the actual size of the spider



"SERIOUSLY? I THOUGHT THIS WAS A PRO OF HAVING BOYS AROUND"I shouted, adrenalin still pumping through my veins

"NO WAY, IM TERRIFIED OF THOSE THINGS" He shouted back "Apple, were seriously going to have to get rid of it, we cant just- leave it overnight"

"I agree" I said, pondering the options that were available to get rid of this spider. "Were going to have to get someone- an employee or something to get rid of it" I told Luke

"We cant call a hotel employee to remove a spider from our roo-"

"Alright, but if it gets out the sink- remember your sleeping on the floor so-" I interrupted

"Ill call reception" Luke said, not even allowing me to finnish my sentence.


"Hi, Im timothy" A hotel employee stood at the entrance of our hotel room "You called reception about the removal of a pest?" He asked

"Urm, Yeah, its in the sink, in the bathroom" I told him

Luke observed from the entrance of the bathroom, an embarrassed grin printed on his face

"The sink?" Timothy asked

Luke had bent the truth slightly whilst calling reception, this meant that Timothy was most probably expecting a creature larger than one commonly found in a sink. Are spiders even classed as 'pests'?

I led Timothy towards the bathroom, but refused to enter

I watched as he carefully leaned over the sink, An amused smile immediately came to his lips

"Urm, Is this the pest you'd like to be removed" He asked, His voice seemed strained, almost like he was about to burst into laughter at any minute

My face blushed as i nodded, and Luke seemed scarred, his big boy persona now lingering deep deep deep- deep inside of him

The employee cupped his hands and caught the creature between his two palms

"Enjoy the rest of your stay" He said, his face ridden with a smile

I closed the door behind the staff member

"how did hE DO THAT?" Luke belched

"I have no idea" I giggled

There was a slight pause

"You were way more scared than I was" Luke joked

"No way" I argued back

"You were too!" He protested

"ITS THE SIZE OF MY HAND" I shouted, impersonating Luke's previous actions. He nudged himself against me

"Whatever" Luke laughed

A wave of awkwardness filled the room

"We should probably go to sleep" I told him

"I agree" he said "One small problem though- I'm still without a place to sleep" He replied, with a slight laugh at the end of his sentence. He opened the cupboard that stored a variety of different bed essentials, blankets, duvets and pillows were presented before him. He turned to face me

"Can you help me?" He asked

"You're so incapable" I joked, A grin spreading across my face as i headed towards the cupboard that Luke was stood before

"Oh my god" He whispered

"What?" I asked

"Your being polite" He gasped "Apple Linton is being polite... to me!"

I hushed him

"Don't test me" I replied, the tone of my voice not completely clear on wether I was joking or not.


I lay in bed, to some extent, i was happy that Georgie was spending the night in Ashton's room as it meant I was able to have the double bed all to myself. Luke lay to the right of the mattress, on the floor of the hotel room, wrapped up in basically every blanket that was being stored in the cupboard.

I couldn't sleep, I peered over at Luke, who seemed to be in a heavy slumber, I watched carefully as he breathed in and out, trying to figure if he was Genuinely sleeping or not, I'm not sure what difference it would make if he was awake- I still probably wouldn't go out of my way to start a conversation with him. I'm not completely sure on why I disliked the band so much, it was mainly from what id heard, they were apparently really disrespectful towards girls and took many of them for advantage, using their fame and money to get them into sleeping with them- I had come to the conclusion that they were just the typical male celebrities that had let stardom get to their heads, and honestly I could just do without surrounding myself with such people.

"Quit staring at me" Luke hummed, his eyes still lightly closed

"I wasnt" I lied, tossing myself to the other side of the bed to avoid suspicion

"I can feel it when someones staring at me, Its like a gift" He said

I didn't answer

"You don't have to be embarrassed to have a crush on me" Luke mocked

Although what he said was-i hope- a joke, i still almost choked on my own saliva

"In your dreams" I replied

He let out a gentle laugh

"Who told you about those?" He joked

I rolled my eyes playfully, despite him not being able to see me since the room was in total darkness

"G'Nite Apple" I heard him murmer

"Night" I replied.

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