13. chapter thirteen


We arrived back at the house after our first offical 'fake date'. On the way home, I had checked twitter, and found that thousands of people were already talking about myself and Luke's apparent date, the photos from the paparazzi had been leaked in minutes, things had gone exactly to plan.

After a celebratory high five with Luke after we exited the car, I pulled open the front door of the home and trotted inside, excited to tell Georgie that me and Luke were pretty much friends now, however the home seemed empty

Luke soon followed my foot steps through the font door

"Where is everyone?" He asked

I pulled a confused look, and shrugged my shoulders before peering into one of the rooms that led off the hallway, the lounge area was also completely empty, but as I looked outside through a giant sized window on the opposite side of the room, I saw the other three boys and Georgie either swimming in the pool or sat beside it.

"Everyones out swimming!"I informed Luke, who was searching the kitchen for any sense of our room mates

"Yesss" He hissed merrilly, obviously seeming happy about the fact that we were going to be spending some time out by the pool side.

"So what are we waiting for? Come on lets get ready and head out there aswell!" He beamed happily, in a child like fashion, as he began running up the stairs towards his bedroom.


I had changed into my bikini, the 5 suitcases worth of packing came in handy, since if i wasn't as particular as I was, A bikini would of been an easy piece of clothing to miss out.

I looked in the mirror that was placed in the downstairs hallway of the home. My bikini was black, And had a short fringe dangling from the bra half of the swim suit, the bottom half was extreemlely stringy, making me feel exposed.

"Checking yourself out?" I heard Luke mock, as he ran downstairs. I locked eyes with him without even turning around through the powers of reflection, He wore a pair of plain yellow swimming trunks and had a towel slung around his neck, making it form a U shape as it dangled from his shoulders

I giggled, before turning around slowly

"Jesus" He murmered, his eyes scanning my body

"What?" I questioned, a small smirk hiding amongst my pouted lips as I became fully aware that the comment was said only because Luke liked what he saw.

He licked his lips, emphasisng a slurping sound

"Your disgusting" I laughed

"And your wet" He replied

I took the comment as some kind of dirty innuendo, however before I even had time to gasp, Luke had picked me up and I was lay across his shoulders, slowly realising what was to come

"LUKE, NO , PLEASE!" I laughed, attempting to struggle my way out of his grip

I heard him giggle, before pulling open the patio doors that led out to the pool side

All eyes locked on us, and I heard the other boys laugh and Georgie squeel as Luke got closer and closer to the waters edge

"DONT DO IT HEMMINGS" I shouted, as I saw Lukes toes dangelling off the waters edge

Luke was hysterically laughing, however took a small step back from the pool, and began to lower his back, allowing me to climb off his body. However, suddenly, Michael and Calum jumped from their seats, and pushed Luke with heavy power, meaning we both hit the cold pool water at full force.

I came up out from underwater, before slapping Luke's arm playfully

"I told you to put me down!" I scolded jokingly, as i slowly pushed the wet hair that was clinging to my face to behind my ears

Ashton and Georgie who were also in the pool were hysterically laughing, and Calum and Michael were sat down by the pool side in hysterics

"And as for you two little bitches!" I joked, aiming my eyes towards the laughing pair, before wading over towards their side of the pool and creating a splashing of waves to drench their bodies.

"I'm sorry I saw an oppertuni-" Calum began to speak as he shielded his face from the splashing water, however was soon interrupted by Mikey who had now pushed Cal into the pool aswell

"IM JUST KING" Michael yelled, as Calum hit the pool face, before cannon balling into the pool himself, and being wrestled underwater by Calum.

It was at this minute that I felt a wave of comfort overwhelm me, not mentally, but physically, I looked down at my bikini top, fearing the worse, since the depth of the water was at neck level, it made it hard for me to properly focus my eyes on what was below, however I soon discovered that probably due to the force of which I was thrown into the pool at, my bikini top was no longer 'fitting its purpose'.

I gasped quietly, before gathering my breats into the remaining material and holding it tight from behind my back, I remained in the pool, scanning the scene for Georgie, as I saw her located on the other side of pool side, I waded over to her, keeping as tight a hold on the back of my bikini top as possible.

Luckilly Ashton had gotten out of the pool by this point, however he was seated on a sun lounger just metres away from Georgies positioning with Luke now sat beside him.

As i got close to Georgie, she playfully attempted to dunk my head underwater, however I shrieked and panicked, which prevented her from doing so

"Code red" I whispered, motioning my eyes down towards my bikini

Georgie shot me a confused look

"My bikini" I said a little louder

Georgie remained confused, and didn't seem to be understading my situation, however I didn't want to deal with the embarassement of the boys hearing.

I shook my head with annoyance at Georgie

"Urm Luke?" I said gently

He disconnected himself from the conversation he was having with Ashton and faced me

"Could i borrow your towel please?" I asked

"Sure" He replied, he rested the towel on the end of the sun lounger and continued his conversation with Ashton

"Uhm- could you pass it to me? I kind of need it now" I interrupted

Luke shot me a confused glance, about to hand me the towel

"Apple is your bikini top broken?" Georgie laughed loudly

I chucked my head backwards

The boys turned to me, seeming genuinley intruiged

"Yes" I murmered, still taking a tight hold of the back of the top, preventing any surprise showings

"In that case" Luke said misceivously, drawing his arm that was holding the towel away from me "You can come and get this towel yourself"

I blushed and Ashton let out a high pitched giggle

"Your so naughty Luke" He joked, making his voice slightly higher than usual, and flicking his wrist cheekilly

I smirked, before lifting one of my eyebrows at Luke.

He stood up, and dangled the towel from his hand, teasing me with its comfort, so it was nearly brushing against the floor of the tiles beneath it

"Fine" I answered cockilly, I wrapped my hand around one side of the snapped material, before grabbing the other side, all with one hand, before pulling myself up out of the water with the arm that was holding nothing. Once I was out, I charged towards the towel and wrapped it around me, my bikini top dropping to the floor instantly

"Impressive" Luke replied "And I wasn't talking about your ability to get out of the pool with one hand" He chuckled

"He's not lying, that side boob wasn't bad at all" Ashton laughed, soon being scolded my Georgie who didn't seem impressed with his comment

I giggled and nudged Luke, we had only just become friends, and the slight flirting made me feel a little uncomfortable, but I knew he was only playing, so shrugged off any awkwardness before seating myself down on a now empty sun lounger next to Ash.


Minutes had passed and I broke conversation with Ash to glimpse at Luke, who was squatted at the waters ledge, as he hugged his legs and talked to Calum, who was swimming Infront of him.

I slowly stuck out one of my legs, since Luke was only a few meters infront of me, and pushed my foot against his back, causing him to hit the pools surface with a splash

"PAYBACK HEMMINGS" I shouted, before joining in with the laughs that were filling the air

Luke swam up to the waters surface, and ruffled his hair, causing droplets of water to fly from every direction of his head

He laughed aswell, his face suddenly reading a cheeky grin, before speaking, "Dammit, Now I'm wet, I think I'm gonna need my towel" Luke said mischievously, a playfull grin ridden on his lips, as he swam back over to the edge of the water

Calum and Michael's hackle filled the air as Luke began climbing out of the pool.

I gasped, realising that Luke's towel was the only thing covering my naked chest.

"Im sorry!" I giggled, beginning to run away from a now charging Luke

"Sorry wont get me dry!" He laughed, chasing my wet footprints around the pools edge

"LUKE PLEASE!" I pleaded with a giggle as he caught up with my strides

He took a grip of the bottom of the towel

"Nows your chance to black mail mate!" Calum cried jokingly from the other side of the pool

Luke shot me an amused look

"Okay, I'll let go of this towel if..." He said, biting his lip as he thought for a few seconds "-If you order another one of those pepperoni pizzas from the other night" He continued

"Done" I laughed, delightfully surprised by Luke's answer since I originally thought it was going to include something much worse or harder to complete.

He let go of the towel and held out his hand, allowing me to shake it

"What did you get out of her?!" Michael asked from a distance, noticing that we had come to some kind of agreement

"Pizza" Luke replied

The boys burst into laughter

"Laaame" Calum mocked, as we made our way over back to the sun loungers, and I began ordering the promised pizza.

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