6. chapter six


The morning had slowly progressed, the small group of us enjoyed the pancakes that Georgie had made, and I exchanged a lot of awkward small talk with Luke, since Georgie and Ashton were mainly flirting in waves of conversation we were unable to join in with.

And as if recalling last nights events in a gossip type fashion to Ashton and Georgie after Luke had left wasn't enough, The situation still haunted me, I was no longer the squeaky clean individual that I prided myself on, and the fact that I had locked lips with someone with a reputation like Luke's, made me furious at myself.

Controlled by natural impulse, I picked up my mobile off the side table in Georgie's spare room, before rolling myself over on the bed so my stomach was against the sheets, mainly because I hated the ache I would usually get after minutes of holding the phone up infront of my face when lay on my back.

As i clicked the home button, I noticed the swarm of missed calls and text messages off my publicists and different known magazine editors, I assumed that the publicity from the movie premier I had attended was scraping in the right audience, meaning my publicists most likely would of been calling to congratulate me, and the magazines to book interviews.

However I wasn't in a working mood, My job was kind of 24/7, even when your not working-your working, I had a few weeks 'off' for promo, this was supposed to be a period of time that I yes-promoted my new album- but also got alot of free time- time to relax, so I deemed it okay to ignore the large number of alerts that grouped in my notification centre, and instead, logged into twitter.

As twitter loaded, I instantly clicked on the '@' button, which revealed all my mentions. It was at this point nausea filled my veins, and a pale complexion swallowed my face. I clicked on the collage of photos that was hoarding the screen, It was hard to do this, since every time I went to click on the picture, someone else tweeted it, meaning it was constantly disappearing and reappearing on my phones screen.

I eventually managed to click on the photo, which enlarged its size on my screen. I felt a weird emotion, sickness, worry, sadness and anger-all merged into one. The collage revealed a series of pictures, which featured me leaning in towards Luke, before pressing my lips against him, sat on the bathroom window sill the previous night, staring into his eyes.

Someone from the party must of taken photos, and leaked them, I knew the party was getting out of control, but there was a guest list-body guards, I thought the people there would of had a little more respect-especially since most were celebrities themselves, and as for the picture, how didn't we notice a person stood in the doorway? Their phone snapping a picture?

The thoughts were making me feel physically sick

The whole world knew about myself and Luke's 'affair' and as i clicked off the picture, i realised that people were also throwing other photos into the mix, such as photographs of us getting into the limousine together outside the movie premier and also hugging in the lobby of the hotel that we had only very recently stayed in, people were getting the complete wrong message, they thought me and Luke had been secretly dating for a while.

Before I had the chance to throw my phone at the wall in anger, I received yet another phone call from my publicist, Joanne.

Mentally preparing myself for the lecture I was most probably going to receive, I slowly and steadily swiped across the 'answer' bar then held my now very warm mobile phone to the side of my face

"Finally" I heard her mutter "Where do I start" She said "Have you been on twitter?- in say the last 8 hours?!"

"Yes" I replied, an apologetic ring lingering in my voice

"So you were ignoring me!" She said, the tone of her voice wasn't harsh, but almost playful, she knew how straining my job could be and understood that I sometimes ignored calls for some peace

Before I could even reply Jo began talking again

"We really need a meeting, can you get to R&J HQ in the next hour?" I heard her say, naming the Building where we regularly held publicity meetings

It was then it hit me, all those missed calls of my publicists and magazine editors trying to directly call me where infact all about my so called relationship

Publicity meetings were only ever scheduled for the same day in desperate measures- so the fact that Joanne was only giving me an hour to prepare worried me, and I knew she must of seriously needed me to be at the meeting- this kind of thing surely didn't reflect very well on my reputation-and that was the main thing in which Joanne was in charge of

"I'll be there" I answered, knowledgable that I was the one who got myself in this mess, so needed to be the one to help get myself out of it

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