14. chapter fourteen

The pizza that I promised had been delivered, and I had changed out of the swimwear (at least that of it that had managed to remain on my body) and into a pair of comfy leggings and an oversized grey shirt, my hair was thrown into a bun, and delicate messy curls dangled from certain parts of the hair style, still a little wet from when I had been outside in the pool. I was now gathered around a marble island work top in the kitchen with Georgie and the boys surrounding me as we enjoyed the pepperoni delight Infront of us. The boys were in the middle of conversation, discussing their favourite films

"-but I still think teenage mutant ninja turtles was the best iv seen, that or the Lego movie" Michael informed us, as he tilted his head slightly, and allowed the pizza slice to enter his mouth

Ashton and Calum agreed with him via mumbling and nodding gestures "Amen to that" Ashton afterwards replied

"I've got to disagree with you there fellas" Luke argued, his Australian accent sounding broader than usual "mean girls wins every time"

Me and Georgie chuckled, me having to cover my mouth to hide the chewed up food that was inside it

"Amen to that" I laughed, after I swallowed, imitating Ashton's previous words in his accent, he seemed to have the strongest Australian accent out of the four, meaning the 'aye' in 'amen' was particularly easy to replicate

The boys mocked my attempt at the strong accent, and seemed to find it highly amusing as they poked fun at it for a good couple of minutes with Georgie, who was by this time searching through a small box of DVDs in a living area close to the kitchen.

I had also grown up in Sydney, just like the boys, however the constant travelling as part of my job meant that I was slowly developing mixtures of an English/American one

"Your loosing your roots" Luke joked, emphasising the fact that I could hardly even speak my own accent anymore

I giggled, reaching to pick up another piece of pizza from the box, before holding it infront of my lips as I took a quick inhale of the smell that invaded my nostrils so warmly

"Oh my god chuck this film out right now" Georgie suddenly squeeled, she was covering her eyes with one hand, and holding out a DVD with the other

I put down the slice of pizza and wiped the edges of my mouth with my finger, before strolling over to where she was positioned with an amused grin on my face, it taking me only a few steps to reach her, I took the dvd case from her grip, as she stared up at me from the floor with a puppy like expression wiped across her face

The boys were looking over to the scene confused

I examined the box that the disc was being held in, an inside gasp made me feel nauseous

"Yeah let's just throw this out" I agreed, holding in the fear I had from even touching the case of the DVD, it was embarrassing to still be this scared of a film at 19 years old, so I tried to seem calm to avoid suspicion and possible taunting, I began to head over to the bin, however was halted by Michael who gripped both of my shoulders, a piece of pizza dangling from his mouth, he took the case that held the DVD from my hands, before glaring at it and bursting into fits of laughter

"Wait are you serious? Your 19 years old and still scared of paranormal activity? I used to watch this at slumber parties" He laughed

"Yes I'm serious" I mumbled, trying to grab the DVD back from Michael's clutch and failing miserably due to his giant-like height, after hearing that me and Georgie wanted to throw away a scary film, the other boys also began to chuckle at the scene aswell

"I- we just don't like that kind of thing" I attempted to justify

"Little Apple and Georgie afraid of ghosty whosties?" Calum chirped in childishly

"We have had paranormal experiences! We have the right to be scared!" Georgie beamed

The boys soon hushed, and became intruiged into what Georgie was saying

"One time, at my old apartment, the taps would always turn on and off, and the lights used to switch themselves on-" Georgie began to justify our reasoning for being afraid, however was silenced by the playfull bellowing of laughter coming from the boys

"Aw babe!" Ashton chuckled, heading over to Georgie, and seating himself down on the floor next to her, acting like a security blanket after watching her get all cute and worked up thinking about the experience

"So a few dodgy electric and plumbing jobs and now your this scared of the paranormal?" Michael giggled

I blushed lightly, realising that we probably sounded like real wimps right now, but I remember how scared me and Georgie used to get, it was like a horror movie come to life.

The boys exchanged some motioning stares amongst themselves, like they were speaking to eachother telepathically

"Well I guess this calls for a movie night!" Calum suddenly laughed, revealing what the looks they had exchanged were about, as he ran over to the couch

"W-w-w-what?" I stuttered quickly, watching Michael walk over towards the television amongst us, the DVD still planted in his grip

"You need to face your fears!" Luke answered for him, grabbing my wrist gently and pulling me over to the couch

"Guys" Georgie whined as they piled onto the sofa and Michael readied the DVD player for the showing of the movie

"I don't want too" I protested, standing out of view from the television, my eyebrows were folded upwards, causing small wrinkles to form on my forehead

"Tough" Luke replied in a fatherly tone, pulling me from the wrist again so that I was sandwiched between him and Michael on the couch, where I reluctantly stayed


The film opening music began, and despite it seeming pretty laid back and unfrightning, I couldn't help but flinch,which caused Calum and Luke to exchange grins with eachother whilst they thought I couldn't see.

It had only been playing for a few minutes, however, the boys seemed to be already teasing the entire concept of the film. Even though 3/4 had never seen it, Michael and Calum continued to label it as 'lame' and Luke seemed to be mocking small details like how weird it was for a couple to record themselves sleeping.


We were around about 1 hour into the film, things had gotten tense, and the only person who was still finding it amusing to mock the film was Michael, who continued to whisper 'I just heard something' or 'I think something just tapped me' into my ear as an attempt of scaring me. Myself and Luke were sharing a blanket, that had been resting on the back of the sofa, Our bodily positions had gotten sloppy during the film, and the fear that was pumping through my veins meant my head ended up pressed against his upper arm, and as I looked up, Luke had the blanket pulled up to his eyes, and his gaze not once leaving the television screen.


The film was coming to an end, and the room was silent, a night vision camera revealed a character from the film to be launched towards us in 3D

The couch almost moved with the amount of flinching that took place, and myself and Georgie's screams could be heard amongst the endless shuffling that was taking place

"FUCK" Calum and Michael cursed, Ashton smothered Georgie in a hug, allowing him to take out his fear physically, and Luke buried his head underneath the blanket

As the film drew to an end, Ashton rushed toward the light switch, brightening the room and breaking a little bit of the silence that the room was in a state of

"Why did you make us watch that?" Michael lectured at Calum, smashing a near by pillow over his head

"It's your fault! They were going to chuck it out untill you butted in!" Calum replied, a small grin printed on his face

"Did facing your fears work?" Luke asked in a broken off conversation from the rest of the group, a slight irony ridden in his voice as he realised that if anything, the film would have only made myself and Georgie's phobia worse

"Oh yeah, it really fucking helped, Thankyou so much for making me watch the story of a terrifying possessive spirit, I can see why you thought it might help the phobia" I answered sarcastically, lightly jabbing Luke's arm with my fist

"I'd reassure you but- i think I'm just as scared as you now" Luke answered, although he chuckled afterwards, his tone still led me to believe he had developed a small phobia of the paranormal

"Im so glad I don't have to sleep by myself tonight" Ashton said smugly, as his arms tightened around Georgie's body

"I want to share a room with someone too! Im not sleeping alone tonight!" Calum protested


"Yeah!" Luke and Calum cheered in sync.

Ashton and Georgie didn't seem too keen on the idea, and I'm sure they would of much preferred sleeping in the king size bed that they could of been sleeping in upstairs, however they eventually agreed to the idea, and stayed in their cosy position at the end of the couch, because if this, and a now provoked phobia of ghosts, I too decided to join in with the 'slumbur party' and stayed seated  on the couch between mikey and luke

"Let's get snacks and tell ghost stories" Michael beamed sarcastically, replicating the voice of a seven-year-old girl

"If I'm sleeping down here, we are going back to sleep now, I'm fucking exhausted" Ashton demanded, a slight grumpiness in his tone

There was a variety of moans and groans throughout the room since the boys didn't seem ready to go to sleep, however the time was around 1am, so, as the father of the group, Ashton eventually persuaded them now was the time to rest

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