4. chapter four

I woke up the next morning to a heavy banging on our hotel room door

"Urgh" I moaned

I stole a glance at a clock that was placed directly facing the bed I had slept in, it was 8:12am, which seemed way too early for a non-working morning

My eyes began to slowly re close, however I was immediately woken again by the loud knocking sound

"Who is that?" I heard Luke groan

"How am I supposed to know" I snapped

"CAN ONE OF YOU ANSWER THE DOOR" the individual from outside shouted

"Shit" I heard Luke whisper, he jumped up from his man made bed that was placed on the floor next to me

The knocking continued

"What's up?" I asked, too exhausted to even question the banging

"What if it's a fan-an interviewer-what if someone knows I've spent the night" Luke whimpered, seeming fearful of the possibilities with the knowledge of what the media could do with such a story, he attempted to be quiet, however the raspiness of his voice made the volume higher

"WERE NOT FUCKING FANS" I heard the now-familiar voice shout, the comment was followed by a wave of giggles.

Luke shot me a confused look from beside my bed

"It's Ashton and Georgie" I told him,

He stood to his feet and dragged himself towards the door, I didn't move, and instead cherished the bliss comfort and warmth the matress was offering, however I still heard the conversation taking place in the doorway of our hotel room

"Where's Apple?" Georgie questioned, leaving no time for Luke to reply "Are you guys coming down for breakfast?"

"I think this is way too early for us-" Luke said, speaking truthfully for me aswell

"Don't be such a pussy" Ash joked

"Yeah and tell Apple to get her ass out of bed aswell" Georgie added

Luke let out a small laugh,but I could tell it was only the kind of laugh you do to please the people surrounding you

"We'll be down in five" Luke said, on behalf of us both

"That's my boy" Ash giggled

The hotel door shut, leaving me and Luke alone again, he made his way towards the end of my bed

"I told them we'd be down in five" Luke said

"I heard" I murmered, as I further burried my face beneath the sheets that were covering my face

"We need to get ready!" Luke said, a slight enthusement ringing in his tone

"Speak for yourself" my sleepy voice and moody morning self spoke

All fell quiet amongst the hotel room, and much to my own happiness, I believed Luke was going to get ready and leave without me.

Suddenly I felt the duvets that were once covering my body, be rapidly torn away from me, leaving me completely exposed to the cold air that hit my legs as soon as the sheet was removed, Luke stood over me with a grin, before grabbing a nearby pillow and hitting me over the head with it

"WAKE UP" He screeched playfully

"OH MY GOD" I whined, holding my head in my hands to guard myself from any further attacks "THAT FUCKING HURT LUKE" I moaned

"ITS A BEAUTIFUL DAY" he sang, referencing one of the songs off my most recent album and completely ignoring my comment about the pain to my face

He swung open the curtains, revealing a vivid light that seemed to only be shining in the direction of my eyes

"Okay fine" I groaned "I'm up, I'm up"

"Good" he smirked


"-And then we had sex" Georgie muttered, She was leaning against the door of a toilet cubicle in the female bathroom, informing me on the happenings between herself and Ashton the previous night

"GEORGIE!" I giggled


"Okay thats enough information" I laughed, interrupting Georgie and preventing her from revealing any more of the previous nights antics

"Soooo what about you" Georgie started, raising one eyebrow

"What?" I answered

"Oh please- You mean too tell me that you shared a room with one of the hottest boys on the planet, and didn't even- take advantage?" She questioned

"As if you'd even ask" I uttered

"Your so sensible" She moaned, emphasising the word 'sensible' as if it was a bad trait to have

I smiled at the comment, knowing Georgie was only playing

"Come on then, Little miss boring." She said, as she guided me back out of the toilet and towards the table that seated Ashton, Luke and now Calum and Michael, who weren't there before we had given our good orders and went into the toilets.

As we approached the table, silence fell amongst the boys- as if they were talking about something they didn't want us to hear about.

My hair was thrown up into a bun, and I wore a pair of black leggings and an oversized hoodie, the table we were sat at was placed in a cornered off section of the hotel's restaurant, and the hotel had closed breakfast for all other guests, meaning we were completely protected from fans and photographers that may of otherwise attempted to meet and greet us.

"That hair though" Mikey laughed, poking fun at the messy bun that was seated on my head

"At least I still have hair" I snapped, poking my finger at a bald spot in his head as I walked past him and towards my seat at the table. The other boys laughed and mocked Mikey as i cleverly turned his joke around on himself

"Speaking of hair" Calum began talking "The girl i brought home last night had a right bush on her"

"cALUM!" Luke laughed, before bursting into fits of giggles

"Shut up Luke, your just laughing away the pain since you didn't get to see Apple's bush last night" Mikey mocked, as his cheeky and cocky grin made yet another appearance on his lips

Luke's face turned a bright shade of red, as he awkwardly laughed off Mikey's comment, I laughed too but mainly because I found the comment funny, rather than embarrassing


"Okay I'm going to go and get ready" I said, as i placed a scrunched up napkin onto the plate before me that now only held the remains of a very tasty breakfast

"Me too" Luke said, as he began standing up from his own seat at the table

"Ill meet you down here later Apple" Georgie muttered

I nodded and began making my exit from the hotels restaurant, and back to our room

"DONT GET A BONER LUKE" One of the boys cried innapropriatey across the empty room

Luke let out a small laugh "THAT DIDNT EVEN MAKE SENSE IN CONEXT" He said


I turned and saw that Luke was holding up his middle finger in the direction of the table, much to the amusement of the individuals seated at it.

He then continued following me back to our hotel room.


We arrived back at the room, and Luke got ready in the bathroom, He had showered, clothed and had done his hair in the time it had taken me to choose an outfit, and put it on. I wore a pair of light denim boyfriend jeans, a skin tight black crop top and a pair of black vans.

Once Luke had exited the bathroom, I walked straight in, ready to participate in a morning ritual of hair and make up, usually I had teams of people making me look good, but since I had a couple of weeks of for 'promo' I was left to my own device on most days.

As soon as i entered the bathroom, I gasped.

The floor was drenched with water, shampoo and shower gell decorated the walls, and a numerous amount of towels lay wet across the floor

"What have you been doing in here?" I shrieked

"I tried to keep it tidy!" Luke said

"This is 'tidy' for you?" I asked, genuinley shocked on how much mess one 18 year old boy could make

"Pretty much" He laughed "I'll put my shoes on then clean it up okay?" Luke said, comforting my worries of any hotel employee having to clean up the mess

I began to brush my hair into a simple parting, then straightened the long lengths of it, making any curls that were still visible from the night before, disappear.

Luke had entered the bathroom, and had began the process of cleaning it up

I opened my make up bag, and began to cover my face in foundation and powder

I caught a gauping Luke in the mirror

"What? Have I missed a spot?" I interrogated

"No" Luke replied

"Then what are you looking at?" I laughed, feeling slightly insecure

"Nothing" Luke said before he continued to mop the floor with a towel he was gliding across the tiles with his feet. He suddenly came to a halt "Well actually, I was just intrigued- You really think that stuff makes you prettier?" He asked

"I guess" I answered "Why? Does it not?"

"No, I mean, yes, Yes by hiding that lil' freckle under your eye brow and that pimple on your forehead, you seem the tiniest more attractive" He said, pausing to lift his head, and stare into my eyes through the mirror "But i think you look pretty darn hot effortlessly"

"Thanks" I said, a smile reaching out from one side of my face to another Luke bit down on his bottom lip

"Your still going to wear it though, aren't you" He laughed

"Hell yeah!" I answered

Luke shook his head with an amused smile before continuing to mop the floor.

"By the way, your singing-in-the- shower-voice could of killed that spider if we had left it in the sink last night" I joked

Luke giggled

"Your bed-head and morning breath too" He fired back, causing me to burst into laughter

"Im kidding" I giggled, as i stood back from the mirror and took a final look at the makeup and hair I had now completed

"I'm not" He teased

"Really? I thought i was 'pretty darn hot effortlessly'" I joked

Luke gently laughed as i collected my toiletries and headed out the room.

There was only one thing left that I had been meaning to do

I collected a pillow that was lay upon the mattress before me, I held it at the corners, and pulled it up over my head, before I waited for Luke to exit the bathroom

"I'm so done with this" I heard Luke murmur, he exited the bathroom, and I batted down the pillow so it smashed down against his hair and the top of his head

I burst into heaps off laughter as I watched Luke's hair slowly flimp down out of the quiff it was previously sporting

"Payback" I eventually said, the laughs that were escaping my mouth making me feel as if I was in the middle of a core workout and making it hard for me to speak. I looked over at Luke, who was laughing as well

Once we had finally calmed down I composed myself, still attempting to hold onto the negative opinions that I had formed about any member from 5sos, and reminding myself of the rumours I had heard about them, which instantly lowered my mood.

My phone began to beep, notifying me of a message that had been sent to me, I pulled the phone from my pocket, my last view of the outside world being Luke, who was stood infront of a mirror attempting to replicate his hair's previous state

The message from Georgie read:

Were all waiting in the lobby x

I slid my phone back into my pocket, and gathered my belongings before packing them into my suitcase, Luke waited patiently at the hotel room entrance with the key card in one hand, and his bright yellow suitcase gripped in the other. I zipped up my own suitcase and whizzed through the opened door, before wheeling my luggage down the corridor and towards an elevator.


We gathered once again in the lobby, Georgie and Ashton had exchanged numbers, and were promising to see each other again, I gave Calum and Michael a civil hug goodbye, before Luke came over and threw his arms around my neck unexpectedly

As he pulled away he said

"Admit it"

"Admit what?" I asked

"That I'm not as bad as you thought" he replied, a grin ridden on his lips

I paused, thoughts spinning through my head

"Okay, your not as terrible as I thought" I replied in a joking tone, I guess I was telling the truth, Luke had been friendly towards me during our short time together, but I still wouldn't go to the extent of calling him a friend, or meeting up with him if I didn't have to

A security member came over and got us ready to leave the hotel

"Hey" Luke said, as I began to walk away from him, I turned my head "maybe next time we can share a bed" He teased, As he lifted one of his eyebrows

The boys burst into laughter and praised Luke on his ability to act like a dickhead, i smiled finding his comment funny and knowing he was-most probably-playing.

Me and Georgie exited the hotel first, as soon as the doors opened paparazzi began screaming, so loud in fact I could hardly even hear what they were saying, 5sos fans seemed disappointed that it wasn't the boys leaving, and seemed withdrawn and disconnected from the scene however, fans of my own were screaming, shouting and singing to attempt to get my attention. After Georgie and myself had taken pictures with a variety of young girls, we got inside a black van, which began to take us on our journey back to Georgie's house-where I spent most of my time.

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