5. chapter five


"Don't be so boring" Georgie whined, as she scooted closer to me on the couch

I sat snuggled under a blanket, in the living room of Georgie's large apartment, We had only arrived back from the hotel a few hours ago, yet Georgie's party animal self was shining as she continued to persuade me that throwing a party that night would be a good idea. It could of been considered bizarre to others that Georgie was begging me to throw a party in her own home, but we considered it my home too, especially since I had been practically living there for a few months now, infact the only time I had ever gone back to my previous home was to gather more of my belongings.

"Cant we just have a movie night? I kind of just want to relax" I begged

"Apple- your 19 years old, Spice up your life a little, enjoy yourself!" Georgie said, adding to her previous statements on why it was such a good idea to party tonight.

I stared her in the eyes , as she fluttered hers back at me, telepathically pleading for the final time

"Fine" I answered, giving in to her begging, I couldn't stand to go home and spend the night by myself, I hated being alone, and I guess Georgie was right to some extent- I had all my life to lounge around.

"Good girl" She praised, a cute smile making its way onto her face as she ripped her phone from the back pockets in her jeans and began to promote the party to the vast majority of our A and B lister friends


I heard the bouncer that was stood outside Georgie's apartment invite the first few guests inside, it was an easy task to get security for parties that are happening at celebrities homes- since trouble could be likely to start if anyone was let through the door.

As Georgie greeted the arriving guests in the kitchen. I finished curling the final strand of straight hair, before throwing on a pair of black heeled stilettos which perfectly complimented the long black dress with a slit in the left leg that i had chosen to wear.

I waltzed towards the kitchen, finding more guests than i had expected, A group of around 15 mixed gendered, somewhat-familiar individuals and Georgie were gathered around the granite topped island in the centre of the kitchen, downing shots that Georgie had covered the worktop in.

Music was being blurted from large speakers that Geo only brought out of her garage during the biggest of parties- and by my normally very accurate predictions-Tonight was going to be massive.

"Come on Apple" Georgie cheered, as she held up a shot glass filled with a purple substance, I hesitated, bearing in mind I could be such a lightweight. Without overthinking, and with the small crowd of people also now egging me on, I gripped the shot glass between my finger and thumb, and threw the liquid down my throat.

"Another!" Georgie protested merrily, an innocent giggle placed at the end of her sentence as she handed me another glass

I took it from her and again downed the shot, Before wiping the wet remains from the corners of my mouth.

Georgie turned the volume of the music even higher, and the door revealed yet another large group of guests

"Lets get this party started!" Georgie shouted, as she poured yet another one of the shots down her neck, and greeted the arriving guests.


People were everywhere, The kitchen was filled with a large number of teenagers and young adults in dangerously drunken states. My only source of balance was the counter I was leaning against, I felt alone, my vision was highly blurred and the music that was playing seemed faded and didn't seem to be fully registering as songs at all as the harmonies tickled my ear drums

I made my way through the crowd, and entered the living room were I expected to find some kind of peace, I was desperate to go to sleep, I felt so tired- too drunk, however unsurprisingly the room was full of partiers and I noticed that Ashton and Georgie were seated, slightly withdrawn from the party atmosphere in their own flirty chit-chat, the party had been going on for a couple of hours since guests arrived at a speedy pace, and I could vaguely remember dancing with Calum and Michael earlier in the night, I was pretty drunk by time I saw the boys and so their presence didn't negatively effect me too much.

Feeling a sudden rush of nausea which was most probably caused my my own drunken state, I turned around, and barged through a couple who were blocking the entrance of the lounge. I rushed towards the bathroom, and swung open the door.

A tall figure shot their head around, looking me in the face with a shocked and embarrassed expression as their body stood clumsily towered over the toilet Infront of them.

I heard them gasp but I was to pre occupied to take any notice, Not even being able to process the fact that I had just walked in on someone using the toilet. I slammed the door and ran towards the sink, before emptying my stomach through my mouth.

I heard the individual zip up their pants, and I felt pleasantly surprised that the person wasn't howling abuse at my sudden invasion of privacy-especially since this party seemed to be full of self centred and pretty arrogant people

I slowly turned around, ready to attempt to apologise to the individual, as I did so, I saw Luke staring in my direction, He wore a pair of skin tight black jeans, and a long sleeved, black, button up shirt that gripped tightly around his shoulder area, only emphasising the broadness of the particular body area , His hair was spiked into a quiff, and looked fluffier than I had ever previously seen it. His eyes were squinted a little,and his body was lightly swaying making me assume he was just as intoxicated as myself.

"Sorry for walking in on you" I apologised

"Its okay, I'm glad you did-well wait I'm not- I mean" Luke giggled, his eyes were slightly closed " it's cause iv been looking for you everywhere" He continued, as he took small steps towards me and the sink I was standing myself up on

I couldn't even properly hear him due to the wandering mind the intoxication was giving me, I recognised Luke, but I don't think I could fully process and feelings or emotions towards him, I knew him name and face, and my drunken state made it hard for me to understand much else.

"Im so drunk...Look what I did" I moaned, pointing into the sink at the remains of vomit that was still staining the sides of the bowl. I suddenly felt overwhelmed by emotion, and my face dropped

"Hey, It's okay baby" Luke uttered "Watch this" He said

He stumbled over to the sink, and ran the taps so that water poured from the nozzles, washing away the remains of vomit

"Good job" I praised Luke, I reached out my hand and petted his head and as i did so, I suddenly lost all sense of balance, nearly falling to the ground

"Hey hey hey" I heard Luke's voice panic, as he grabbed my arms on the way down, he had a surprisingly quick reaction time, despite the circumstances. He lifted me up off the ground slowly, and propped me onto the large window sill in Georgie's bathroom, I watched with my head pressed against the tiled wall, as Luke stumbled towards a cup of toothbrushes that were placed on a shelf above the sink. He reached for the closest two, and with a great struggle decorated the bristles with toothpaste, before heading back to me and perching himself next to me on the ledge

"Your breath is going to be all stinky because you were sick" he informed me "but it's okay, I was just sick, so mine is too" He said, handing me one of the two random toothbrushes

"I don't want to brush my teeth, I'm too tired" I whimpered "Will you do it for me?" I asked

"Ill brush yours, If you brush mine" He slurred

Before I knew It, I was scrubbing Luke's teeth sloppily, as he did the same. Toothpaste was running down his chin and he giggled, making my drunken self only feel amused aswell. I laughed, causing me to spit the mountains of toothpaste that had been foaming in my mouth out and onto the front of my dress

"Oh fuck" I laughed

Luke let out a high pitched giggle as he watched me attempt to scrub away the white stain from my dress.

Without any consultation or warning I felt Luke also scrubbing my dress with one of his fingers, the body heat from one of his hands was felt radiating against one of my breasts, making me aware that Luke was extremely close to my body. As he drew his finger away from the dress, his eyes caught with mine, and he smiled before bringing his lips towards my own.

"Noooop I don't like you" I huffed sensibly- and harshly- somehow managing to tightly grasp onto some self control as I pulled my head away, so that my lips were out of reach from Luke's therefore blocking the kiss he had attempted

"But your so pretty" Luke whined, His eyes were almost closed, and his body seemed so slouched, he could of fallen off the ledge of the window sill at any point, he may of been even drunker than myself, especially since he didn't even acknowledge my comment on me not liking him

Suddenly I heard my phone beep, I took it from a small, hidden pocket in my dress and brought it towards my eyes, focussing completely on the data infront of me, which silenced out the ramblings of a whining Luke that was still seated next to me.

I read the tweet notification that was pasted On the screen Infront of me

'Robbie Greenwater has announced engagement to Caitlin Montana' the tweet notification from a fan account I followed informed me

My heart sank a little, as I read the news on my most recent ex boyfriend becoming newly engaged. The alcohol in my veins made me feel jealous, I was the person that ended the relationship, however I felt so discouraged knowing that he had moved on, knowing he had found a new partner and was happy, knowing he was in love, something that I had been longing for since our split over one and a half years ago.

My thoughts were interrupted by Lukes muttering

"He's engaged?" Luke slurred

I nodded

"Are you upset?" He asked

"No" I answered

"Good" He replied, a cute grin appearing amongst his lips "Anyways, If he just allowed you to go, you deserve someone better" He assured me

"He didn't just allow me to go" I argued back, pausing to gulp the vomit that was building at the bottom of my throat  "He actually fought for me but-"

"Not hard enough" Luke interrupted

"I'd never give up that easily, if you were mine" He said, with slight pauses between his words and a slurred ring to the end of his sentence

He pulled up his head from its previous dangling state and leaned towards me, This time, I was so in awe that I didn't pull back, and instead puckered my lips and felt my untrustworthy and alcohol ridden subconscious assure me that everything was going to be okay.

Our lips met, and our tongues collided, He breathed out heavily from his nose, and the kiss intensified, The tips of one of his fingers gently glided along my skin in a circular motion, on a revealed patch of flesh that could be seen through the slit in my dress, I used one of my arms to push my body upwards, so I could reach Luke's face from our sitting stanz, however I used the other to gently tickle underneath his chin. Goosebumps covered my arms and my back stiffened as Luke pulled away from the kiss, and began to flirtatiously pull against my neck with his lips, most probably leaving little aligned hickies along my collarbone

Without the constant reminding of the rumours I had heard about Luke, I was able to fully commit myself to the kiss, it feeling so right even though somehow I knew it was so wrong, however I pulled away eventually, even though the warm sensation it was leaving me was delightful, I felt in my chest this wasn't right.

"I'm too drunk- no more- just want to sleep" I whispered, as Luke rubbed his lips together, which only smudged the lipstick stains i had left printed amongst them

He nodded softly, seeming to understand my comment

"Your lips are pink- because I have lipstick on- now you do too" I slurred, trying to make sense, but even I wasn't sure if I was

"It's okay" Luke said with a smile, his eyes still only slightly parted "because your lipstick stains are a work of art" he sang, continuing on to a rifty chorus

I was half asleep, and didn't really interpret his joke, instead I just balanced my chin against my upper chest, and assuming by the silence, I guessed Luke did the same

It was at this point my eyes were forced open again by a slight knocking on the bathroom door

"Hey? Is anyone in here" I heard an individual call

"Just- Sleeping" I called back

The door to the bathroom opened, and so did my right eye, leaving me to grin wildly when I saw Georgie now stood infront of me

"What are you two doing in here? Your just sitting on the window sill?" She giggled

"Georgieeeee" I chuckled out when she neared us

"Your such a lightweight" She laughed as she took my hand and helped me off the window sill.

The opened bathroom door seemed to also attract Ashton to the scene, who laughed and burst into fits of giggles when seeing Luke's body propped against the tiled wall whilst sleeping

"Duuuuude, what have you been drinking" I heard him chuckle as he shook Luke's body

Before I knew it I was being guided out of the room and was placed down in a familiar feeling bed- I could recognise my satin pillowcases, and fluffy under sheet, before feeling a subtle duvet be tugged up to my neck level

"Night Apple" Georgie said in a mothering tone, as she reached the door, her hand hovering over a light switch

I had already basically fallen asleep, however could still hear a quiet mumbling discussion that seemed to be taking part in the doorway I didn't take much notice, until I felt someone else be dumped onto my bed beside me

The dint the person caused forced my eyes open again, and I saw Luke, who was sloppily placed face down in the pillow next to me, however before I could even react, Ashton and Georgie who I assumed were making the mumbling a seconds before- probably discussing on wether or not to keep Luke in my room or not- had left the room and the lights were off, leaving us to fall asleep.

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