8. chapter eight


I arrived back at Georgie's apartment. Mainly because i had been staying at her house for over 4 weeks now, meaning most of my belongings were being kept there, and I deemed it relevant to pack up some cases of my stuff since I could be leaving to go to the 5sos household at any time, as soon as I had the call, I would be moving out, for a few months at the minimum.

I liked staying at Georgie's, it was nice to have someone around, living alone didn't really feel like it was working out for me, although I still had my own home, staying at my best friends apartment suited us both better.

I unlocked the front door and sneaked towards her spare room, The news of me moving into a house with the 4 boys had barely sunk into my own system yet, so I definitely didn't feel ready to spread the news to my room mate- even though I knew I should if I was going to be leaving as shortly as our publicists were making out.

I got on my hands and knees, pulling out a medium sized suitcase from beneath the bed, I wanted to get the packing over and done with, so i could focus on telling Georgie the news and enjoying my last few hours/days at Georgie's home. As I pulled the suitcase out, a large scraping sound echoed around the apartment, it's sound banging off the walls.

"Apple?" I heard Georgie call from the living room.

I could hear her footsteps trot out of the lounge as they slapped against the wooden floors beneath them, and headed towards 'my' room

I jumped up on my bed, laying my head against the pillow as I shoved the suitcase back under my bed. I was going to have to tell Georgie eventually, but I was determined to procrastinate the situation as long as possible, when I told Georgie, the whole situation would be more real and that was a reality I was not looking forward to

Georgie opened the door, before staring at my lay down body in the bed, I looked so unusual, just lay staring into space

"What are you doing" She chuckled

"Nothing, I'm just tired" I answered honestly

"And what was that noise? I thought you had to go to a meeting?" She replied A mischievous grin printed against her lips

I stuttered slightly "I dropped my phone, and I just got back"

Georgie's head tilted to the side, and she furrowed her eyebrows in a knowing fashion

"Who told you" I asked, I could read her like a book, and I knew from this that she knew.

"Ashton" She answered, as she planted herself on the double bed.

I wondered how Luke had managed to inform his room mates, and for one of his room mates to inform my room mate before I had even gotten home, I couldn't help but feel slightly angered, I felt like it was something I should of been able to tell Georgie in my own time, not something that should be blurted out by a boy she has known for just a few days.

"News gets around quick" I laughed harshly, as she looked at me sympathetically "sorry, I was going to tell you but-"

"I get it" Georgie chuckled, as nodded her head reassuringly

"I really don't want to go" I moaned

"I didn't think you would" She joked

I held down my head, wondering if the decision I made was a wrong one, I started to think of how I was basically lying to my fans, to Luke's fans, how I would be made out to be a game player if anything was ever found out, and how I was supposed to act like I was romantically involved with someone I hardly even appreciated as a friend

"Hey, don't worry" Georgie's voice soothes my thoughts, "Ash has told me I'm welcome whenever, so how about on your first night, I'll stay too, maybe it will help you feel more at home, and I guess I'll be seeing him more often, so I'm going to be at the house a lot- this could actually be fun!" she assured me, I felt enthusiastic now knowledgable that Georgie was going to be at the house aswell, however my heart sunk a little in hearing that she was committing to a known heartbreaker.

"Wait so you and Ashton are?" I used a motioning hand gesture to Finnish my sentence

"We're not together, but I really like him Apple, and honestly I think he likes me too" She said sweetly

I was confused on how she had managed to gain feelings for him so quickly, I guess I wasn't fully aware on how close the two had become

I watched as her eyes twinkled at the sheer thought of the boy and I instantly fell in awe, she deserved to be happy, and for the meanwhile that's what Ashton was making her, and so I somehow managed to accept the thought of the two

"Okay but if he breaks your heart-"

"Permission for you to kick his ass granted" Georgie giggled

I chuckled, before smiling at her "Thanks for letting me stay here these last few weeks" I said

She suddenly crawled over towards me on the bed, chucking her arms around my neck and tackling me to the floor in a violent hug, waves of laughter filled the air.

"Thankyou for staying" she chuckled

As we finally sat back up, I felt my phone vibrating against my left bum cheek and Jean pocket, as I looked at the unlocked screen, a simple, yet somehow ordering message from Joanne was printed among it

'Sorted it out with Kate and the boys, it would be great if you could move in tommorrow, Luke can pick you up at 6pm?'

I felt Georgie's eyes also wander across the screen, reading the message before us, it was like she could feel the dread that filled my veins as she suddenly asked "Do you want me to drive you to your house? Help you pick up some more stuff?"

She knew I had to take my mind off things and face up to them before I began overthinking, and I'm positive that her giving me a distraction- even if it was by returning home to Finnish packing for my move- was her way of doing this

"That would be fab" I told her

"Okay, let's finish up packing here then, and let me pack up my stuff too, then we will get going" she said, before leaving the room and heading to pack her own bags.

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